Personal Info
Name: Chasyn Rance
Date of Birth: March 15, 1983
Weight: 175 lb
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Resides: Orlando, FL
Hometown: North Miami Beach, FL
Nationality: British, Polish, Russian, & Romanian
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None

Professional Info
Pro Debut: June 25, 1999 - Miramar, FL
Trained by: Rusty Brooks - starting on December 19, 1998
Training Assistants: Billy Fives, The Warlord, Soulman Alex G., & Rocky Johnson
Also wrestled as: El Lobo, The D.T.W. Ninja, Parts Unknown, The Spirit Kid, The Executioner, & The Neon Ninja
Additional Wrestling Training:
 - New Japan Pro Wrestling's Inoki Dojo in Santa Monica, CA
 - Dr. Death Steve Williams Training Seminar (Williams' Assistant)
 - Spent the Summer of 2004 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Training with the Hart Family
 - Extensive personal training with Jamie Noble
 - Personal on going guidance & training with the "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko since 2006
 - Personal on going guidance & training with Scott Hall since 2009
 - Head trainer at the Team Vision Dojo (click here for video, photos, and info)
Martial Arts Background:
 - 1st Degree Black Belt in Fred Villari's Shaolin Kempo Karate
 - Trained by 7th Degree Black Belt Michael Kaplan - starting at age 6
Finishing Maneuvers: Chasyn Driver, Emerald Flosion, Super Kick, & Sugar Hold
Toughest Opponents: Roderick Strong, Kirby Mack, Sean Davis, The Sheik, Uhaa Nation
Allies: Larry Zbyszko, Scott Hall, Mister Saint Laurent, Kenny King, So Cal Val, Becky Bayless

Movie: Fight Club
Restaurant: Benihana's
Sport (other than wrestling): Martial Arts
Cartoon Character: Rafael
TV Show: Modern Family
Band: The Beatles
Actor: Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, & Johnny Depp
Actress: Natalie Portman & Catherine Zeta Jones
Holiday: Valentine's Day
Way to Relax: