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News Feed on Twitter
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Chasyn Rance & Josh Hess vs. Santana Garrett & Gabriel Black this Satuday in Orlando
1.26.15 - This Saturday, BELIEVE will be in the Team Vision Dojo and one of the featured matches consists of Chasyn Rance and Josh Hess taking on Santana Garrett and Gabriel Black. This is going to be another one you're not going to want to miss!

Chasyn Rance with Su Yung vs. Lince Dorado Results
1.25.15 - No championships were on the line in this match for Athletic Fun Wrestling! However, this was the main event and arguably the two best in the state. They went back and forth in this contest and led to some pretty nasty marks. In the end, Lince Dorado dove off the top rope and rolled into a Boston Crab on Rance ultimately making him submit. Su Yung, who was running things, sent out other wrestlers to attack Dorado and ended in with the "monsters" retreating. It was a fun night of athletic wrestling for all those who came. Be on the lookout for more events from this new company!

Special Event at the Team Vision Dojo: Athletic Fun Wrestling!
1.22.15 - This Saturday, the Athletic Fun Wrestling takes over the Team Vision Dojo! Don't miss out on this new, exciting company and all it will bring the the fans! Facebook Event Page

Chasyn Rance Defeats Gabriel Black
1.19.15 - A packed night at the Team Vision Dojo and a surprise of events as this match became brutal and brought out a couple of broads. During the match, the referee caught a boot from Chasyn which led to Lizzie Parris, Black's fiance, hitting the ring to let Black know that if she doesn't want him out there, its his problem. She said that after she low blowed him. An appreciated pat by Chasyn led to a hug and could have been more, but Santana, Chasyn's girl, appeared. However, Josh Hess came out to attack Santana, Black then caught Hess with a pump kick, and Rance hit Black with a super kick and pinned him for a 3-count. As Lizzie stood in the ring of carnage, Mister Saint Laurent entered and set up a match between Chasyn & Hess against Black and Santana for the next event, Saturday, January 31 in Orlando at the Team Vision Dojo!

I Believe in Wrestling Returns this Saturday and Every Two Weeks!
1.13.15 - This Saturday, February 17, Chasyn Rance competed for I Believe in Wrestling taking on Gabriel Black. At the last BELIEVE event, the two were exchanging pinfalls and the referee rang the bell. Black said he'd take on Rance in a rematch and it's happening this Saturday in Orlando!

Chasyn Rance Continues Reign as the Florida Heritage Champion
1.11.15 - Friday night, Gran Akuma did not attend the FIP event and Chasyn wanted to be declared as the winner. However, Bolt Brady came out claiming to have gotten the shot at the title. As Chasyn somewhat accepted the challenge, he had the MSL Universe of Josh Hess and Deimos jump Brady. A referee came out to stop the onslaught and this lead to a heated match between the two. It can be viewed on the WWN Live for those that missed it. The next night, Maxwell Chicago pleaded to MSL about another title defense and it was set that Chicago could only get the shot if he went through Hess and Deimos in a gauntlet. After pulling out victories over both men, this led to the title defense. However, it did not fair well for Chicago as he lost to the Chasyn Driver as did Brady the night before. Both matches and entire event can be ordered. FIP returns to the Orpheum on Saturday, February 20, 2015 for more of the best live professional wrestling in Florida!

Chasyn Rance Defeats Miguel Mason & Competes in Tag Team Challenge Match
1.4.15 - Earlier tonight at the Team Vision Dojo, there was another special student event hosted by Orlando Pro Wrestling, a subsidiary of I Believe in Wrestling, where Chasyn took on student Miguel Mason. Mason has had a handful of matches but this was his toughest and longest as Chasyn took him through the ringer. In the end, it was an Emerald Flosion, which Chasyn used to call the Sensational Spike, to pick up the win. Later, Chasyn had a team to face Aaron Epic's team, as trainers of the school collided where the loser had to dawn the winner's shirt for the rest of the month. Chasyn & Epic picked between the other winners of the night to be on their team and the team of Epic, Gabriel Black, & Josh Parker were triumphant over Chasyn's team with Joey Mayberry and Tyranus. This was a special student event and another will be announced in the near future. In the meantime, get prepared for the next BELIEVE show on Saturday, January 17 and this coming weekend, FIP and EVOLVE in Ybor City and Winter Park. Come live or order on iPPV and watch live!

Happy New Year!
1.1.15 - Hope everyone had a happy new year! Chasyn Rance, Santana Garrett, and others celebrated bringing in the new year at the Team Vision Headquarters. As in the years past, be on the looked out for a lot of great things coming in 2015!

Chasyn Rance vs. Gran Akuma - FIP Florida Heritage Championship
12.31.14 - It was made official last week that Gran Akuma will get his rematch for the FIP Florida Heritage Championship on Friday, January 9, 2015 at the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. Akuma lost the title to Lince Dorado at the Orpheum on March 14, 2014 but Dorado lost it to Rance a little over two months later. Now, Akuma will have to beat Chasyn to reclaim the title and that match will happen when FIP presents KICKOFF! 2015. Watch it in person at the Orpheum or you can order it on the WWN Network for a very low price. This will be a big event you wouldn't want to miss!

Last Event of the Year Results
12.28.14 - Last night at I Believe in Wrestling marked the 30th event of the 2014 year. It was a packed house and they watched a great match open the show as Chasyn Rance faced off with Gabriel Black. In the end, they were exchanging pinfalls and the referee counted Chasyn to the mat. It seemed as if he kicked out prior to the three but its in the record booked. Chasyn flipped out after the match and kicked Black right in the jaw. Chasyn was taken to the back and Black said if he wanted to do it again, he'll be back here on January 17, 2015. At the end of the night, it was announced that the rematch will happen at the next BELIEVE event, Saturday, January 17 in Orlando!

I Believe in Wrestling this Saturday in Orlando!
12.21.14 - BELIEVE returns to the Team Vision Dojo this Saturday, December 27 at 8pm with doors opening at 7:30pm. Chasyn Rance is scheduled to face Gabriel Black who will be accompanied by Lizzie Parris. This strange duo always seem to be at odds but still able to pick up victories together. We'll see if Black can keep up with Rance this Saturday in Orlando!

Chasyn Rance Ends Up a Bloody Mess
12.14.14 - Who would have thought that Epic would have gotten his revenge using a pair of pliers to the lower region to make Chasyn scream "I Quit!" Prior to that, Rance was a bloody mess after Epic throw a chair that cracked open his head. Blood started to pour everywhere, but Chasyn still was able to control a good portion of the match. However, Epic came out on top after Rance couldn't take a second of that pain. After the match, Chasyn was cleaned up and received a few stitches. He'll be ready to wrestle at the next I Believe in Wrestling event on Saturday, December 27 for the final event of the year!

Chasyn Rance vs. Aaron Epic - I Quit Match
12.7.14 - This Saturday, these two that have paralleled each other's career will wrestle in a hellacious bought as there are no pinfalls, no count outs, nothing except for making your opponent say "I Quit!" Everything inside the Team Vision Dojo could be used and who knows what the fans will bring! Don't miss it this Saturday, December 13 in the main event of I Believe in Wrestling!

Shine Wrestling this Friday in Ybor City
12.1.14 - Shine Wrestling returns to the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. Chasyn Rance and others that are a part of the World Wrestling Network (WWN) family will be there to support the best female wrestlers on the independent scene today. Check it out live or on iPPV.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Aaron Epic in a No Holds Barred Fight
11.30.14 - Chasyn did it again and pulled out the win with a legal low blow. These two beat the hell out of each other, and Epic potentially had the match won. Referee Garry Moerer pleaded with Epic for a second to not use a fist wrapped in a chain to Chasyn's face. This infuriated Epic, and he challenged Rance to an I Quit match where he can't steal a cheap victory. So, Saturday, December 13, these two will go at it again and this time, there will be a definitive winner as one will admit defeat by saying "I Quit!"

Chasyn Rance vs. Aaron Epic - No Holds Barred - Saturday, November 29 at 8pm in Orlando, FL
11.23.14 - This Saturday, check out I Believe in Wrestling in Orlando, FL where Chasyn Rance will fight Aaron Epic in a No Holds Barred match! These two have been trying to be on top of Florida for the past 12+ years and its been a constant struggle between the two and we'll see how they hash it out this Saturday night!

Chasyn Rance Defeats Aaron Epic Last Night
11.16.14 - The BELIEVE evening started out with Chasyn requesting some time to apologize for overreacting at the last event and brought Epic the the ring. They shook hands and went their separate ways until the main event. What was very back and forth and fair, turned south when Chasyn used an opportunity to steal the win with a low blow without the referee seeing. Chasyn won, but Epic challenged Rance to a No Holds Barred match and that will happen in less than two weeks at the Team Vision Dojo, on Saturday, November 29!

Chasyn Rance Retains the FIP Florida Heritage Championship
11.9.14 - This past Friday, Chasyn Rance successfully defended the Full Impact Pro Florida Heritage Championship by defeating Gabriel Black following the Chasyn Driver. Black held his own but was no match in the end. Still your Florida Heritage Champion, after his 18th title defense, Chasyn Rance!

Chasyn Rance vs. Gabriel Black for Orlando Pro Wrestling
11.2.14 - This Friday, Orlando Pro Wrestling returns for an event at the Team Vision Dojo. For this special event, Chasyn Rance will be defending the FIP Florida Heritage Championship and his opponent will be Gabriel Black. Black has shown that he can hand with the best of them, and we'll see how he fairs this Friday!

Chasyn Rance vs. Aaron Epic on November 15 in Orlando
10.29.14 - Don't forget, in two weeks on Saturday, November 15, two of Florida's finest from that past 10+ years continue their feud at the Team Vision Dojo for I Believe in Wrestling! You don't want to miss this match!

Chasyn Rance Defeats Gabriel Black to Retain the FIP Florida Heritage Championship
10.24.14 - This website continues to be updated but for quick results, be sure to follow Chasyn on Twitter @ChasynRance and on hif Facebook fan page.

BELIEVE 87 Results
10.20.14 - They could have been the best tag team to come out of Florida in years! Chasyn Rance and Aaron Epic jelled so well but the tag team experience of Mike Patrick and Leo Brien, the Dirty Damn Outlaws, were able to beat the duo and cause a problem. Epic collided into Rance thanks to Leo Brien which led to the loss. Chasyn lost it on Epic after the match and while Epic said it was an accident, the two will face off at the next event on Saturday, November 15!

The Winning Ways Continue with Two Big Wins in Callahan for Chasyn Rance
10.17.14 - In the opening match of the evening, Chasyn Rance got the crowd on their feet with his match and ended it in a big way with the Chasyn Driver on Mayberry. While Ashleigh Lynn Ford did what she could with a distraction or two, it was not enough to put help Mayberry win the USCW Cruiserweight Championship. As Chasyn was in the back letting Santana know he'd make sure to watch her match if Mayberry tried anything, DJ Chino interrupted the host and challenge Chasyn to come out and defend his title. Mr. B, the People's Referee and majority owner of USCW, asked Chasyn if he'd defend again tonight and opted to make it a no disqualifications match. These two fought all throughout the audience and as Chino looked to end the match, he tossed Chasyn back in, climbed to the top rope, and as he jumped off, he ate a super kick by Chasyn. While this should have been the end, Chasyn wanted to finish him off with a second Chasyn Driver of the night. Your winner and still champion Chasyn Rance. After that match, Santana Garrett went on to successfully defend the USCW Women's title against Ashleigh Lynn Ford. Chasyn watched from the side to make sure Joey Mayberry didn't interfere, but referee Mr. B was all over that situation. USCW returns next month. Visit their website for more information.

I Believe in Wrestling Returns this Saturday in Orlando
10.14.14 - In your main event, teaming for the second time ever and first time in over 12 years, Chasyn Rance and Aaron Epic take on the Dirty Damn Outlaws of Mike Patrick and Leo Brien managed by Justin Michaels. Last time Chasyn tagged with Epic, Epic left him high and dry but over the years, they've patched it up and have always had a friendly, but serious competition going on. With only a few months of age apart and only a couple years more experience on Chasyn's end, still Epic has been doing this for 13 years, this could be a team of the best overall wrestlers in Florida today. See if they can stick together and pick up a win over Michaels' team this Saturday at the Team Vision Dojo.

USCW Returns to Callahan this Thursday
10.12.14 - After defeating the team of Joey Mayberry and Ashleigh Lynn Ford with Santana Garrett last event, both Chasyn and Santana will be defending titles against the two individually. Chasyn has an undefeated streak at the Callahan fair which includes a team win with Santana over Gorgeous Gary and Malia Hosaka in 2011, a win over Brandon Scherer in a Cruiserweight title defense in 2012, and a win as the Spirit Kid, Chasyn's at times masked character, over Frank Burbank in 2013. Check out the fair this year as it is always great and packed!

From Slammin' Ladies to Muddy Slammers
10.9.14 - This weekend, Chasyn Rance, Santana Garrett, and more than 20 of the Shine Wrestling roster will be competing in the Monster Challenge Mud Run. This will be the second mud run Chasyn and Santana have done and both with Slammin' Ladies. Pictures will be up following the event and the following day, Chasyn and the girls will be filming exhibition matches at the Slam Shack. To book your own match between Chasyn and the rest of the girls, visit the following websites for more information.

Yamamoto Defeats Chasyn Rance
10.5.14 - Two friends went at it last night and gave all they had. Chasyn, a 15 year veteran who's traveled all over, took on Yamamoto, 12 year veteran; 6 with New Japan and 6 with WWE, and they went at it! What started off as a clean wrestling match got a little more physical as time went on. What could have been either man's night, Yamamoto was able to get out of the Chasyn Driver and as Chasyn went for the Sensational Spike, his back couldn't take it, and went for another maneuver only to be reversed and on the receiving end of the LRK. Yamamoto, your winner, and the defending champion in BELIEVE. After the match, Mike Patrick and Leo Brien ran in to attack the tired men but was saved by none other than Aaron Epic! While out of character, Epic challenged his former partners to a tag match. Mister Saint Laurent came into the ring to make it official that on Saturday, October 18, Chasyn Rance and Aaron Epic will take on the Dirty Damn Outlaws of Mike Patrick and Leo Brien with Justin Michaels in their corner.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Santana Garrett to Retain the FIP Florida Heritage Championship
9.30.14 - This past Saturday night, Riot Pro Wrestling returned to Titusville. During the event, Chasyn Rance made an open challenge to anyone in the back and it was accepted by none other than TNA iMPACT Knockout Santana Garrett! While Chasyn played around for a little bit, Santana took it right to him. Chasyn was able to overcome Santana for a little while until Santana was able to make a big comeback and looked to have the title win. After a flying head scissors with near a series of rotations, a dizzy Santana tried to get back on Chasyn just to have her legs swept from under her and Chasyn pinned her using the ropes without the referee's knowledge. After the match, Chasyn told Santana she did well, slapped her on the butt, only to receive a super kick for the gesture. Riot Pro Wrestling returns to the Gibson Youth Center on Saturday, November 22 at 7:30pm.

Chasyn Rance Gets Revenge on Alex Pourteau and Sets Up a Big Match with Yamamoto
9.27.14 - Last night, Chasyn took on Justin Michaels' team again, this time of Mike Patrick & Leo Brien. An unlikely partner was selected as Chasyn's partner in Gabriel Black. While this may not have been Chasyn's first, second, or third choice, he went with who was on the roster, didn't have a scheduled match, and where he could still get his hands on Michaels' guys. Another match where Chasyn had it one but thanks to the distraction of Justin Michaels, Mike Patrick and Leo Brien were able to deliver a double Alabama Slam to Gabriel Black for the win. As Michaels was talking on the mic after the match, an upset Chasyn dove onto everyone on the floor as they coward to the back. In the main event, Yamamoto defeated Alex Pourteau with a roll up which followed by Pourteau attacking Yamamoto. Chasyn made the save going after Pourteau and Michaels. As they retreated, Yamamoto thanks Chasyn but said, "One Florida should have one champion." It was soon made official that Chasyn Rance and Yamamoto will wrestle next week, Saturday, October 4, and the winner of the match will be able to continue to defend their title in BELIEVE.

Chasyn Rance to Defend the FIP Florida Heritage Championship Saturday in Titusville
9.24.14 - The night after BELIEVE, RIOT returns to Titusville, FL where Chasyn Rance will be defending the FIP Florida Heritage Championship. No official announcement has been made on who he will wrestle but be sure to check it out this Saturday at the Gibson Youth Center.

Alex Pourteau Defeats Chasyn Rance
9.22.14 - These two have no faced off in over 6 years when Chasyn was last on the winning end. Friday night, Chasyn tagged with his student Rhett Giddins for the first time against the pairing of Justin Michaels' team of Alex Pourteau and Mike Patrick. This was a hard fought match that the crowd went crazy over especially for Chasyn. In the end, with a little help from Michaels, Pourteau almost power bombed Chasyn through the ring to pick up the win for his team. While Pourteau went on to challenge Yamamoto for the Florida Heavyweight Championship and not Chasyn's Heritage Championship, Chasyn will look to extract some revenge next week when BELIEVE returns on Friday, September 26.

Chasyn Rance & Rhett Giddins vs. Alex Pourteau & Mike Patrick with Justin Michaels
9.12.14 - Next week, Saturday, September 19, Chasyn Rance teams with Rhett Giddins for the first time, and they'll take on former WWF, WCW, World Class, Global, and world traveled wrestler Alex Pourteau and Mike Patrick managed by Justin Michaels. Rance and Michaels have been at it for some time now and Rance has recently squared off with Patrick. This will be his first time facing Pourteau since his victory over Pourteau more than six year ago. Check it out live in Orlando!

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends the FIP Florida Heritage Championship
9.7.14 - In his 16th defense of the title, Chasyn successfully defeated "Sweet Thang" Willie Brown. In the early minutes of the match, it appeared to have to come to a stop as Brown landed on Chasyn's previously repaired ankle and a change the plate and screws broke. When it was realized that wasn't the case, Chasyn berated Brown and the two went at it. In the end however, it was the Chasyn Driver that put Willie Brown away for the final pin fall. Still your champion, Chasyn Rance. BELIEVE returns on Friday, September 19 at 8pm.

The MSL Universe Stands Tall at the End of the Night
9.7.14 - Order it on iPPV now to see an excellent event. While the title may be misleading, the MSL Universe did come out on top. However, Chasyn Rance, Josh Hess, & Deimos lost to Maxwell Chicago, Rhett Giddins, & Jody Kristofferson in the tournament. At the end of the night, Mason Ryan, Shaun Ricker, and Michael Tarver laid out everyone in the main event and being revealed as the newest members of the MSL Universe. While it hasn't been shown the whole group together, there was footage of Chasyn Rance leaving in his Mercedes on a date while giving Deimos the rest of the night off and blowing off Josh Hess with no Mister Saint Laurent in site. We'll see what happens when FIP returns in the near future. For more information on FIP, visit their website: For info on ordering this iPPV as well as other World Wrestling Network iPPVs, visit their website at:

FIP Six-Person Tag Team Tournament this Friday on iPPV with Special Pricing
9.1.14 - Full Impact Pro has been featuring highly on events for their three-on-three tag team matches billed as 6-man showcase matches. This Friday, as one of the more tenured wrestler on the roster and the current Florida Heritage Champion, his team competes to show that no one ever beats the Team of Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent. The MSL Universe will consist of Chasyn Rance, Josh Hess, and Deimos seconded by Mister Saint Laurent. As the smartest and most veteran team of the entire pack, the MSLU holds a distinct advantage over this entire tournament and plans to go through three teams to win the whole thing. If you can't be there live, you can watch in on your computer on WWN Live. Click the following link to sign up:


Team Chasyn vs. Team Tana - Jesus "Ricardo" Rodriguez Competes in his First Match since WWE
9.1.14 - It was a crazy night for everyone that was at the I Believe in Wrestling event last night! As for the third in the series, Team Chasyn of himself, recently asked for his release from the WWE Jesus "Ricardo" Rodriguez and Tristan Keali'i, originally scheduled to be Shaul Guerrero. They faced Team Tana  consisting of herself, Sweet Thang Willie, and Maxwell Chicago, subbing for Jason Cade. Part 1: Part 2: BELIEVE returns on Saturday, September 6 for a bonus event in place of the orginally scheduled FIP Orlando event.

  I Believe in Wrestling Returns this Sunday
8.25.14 - The third installment of Team Chasyn vs. Team Tana happens this Sunday as Team Tana, consisting of Santana Garrett, Jason Cade, and Sweet Thang Willie, will take on Team Chasyn, Chasyn Rance, Jesus Rodriguez, and a partner yet to be announced. Also on the card, Florida Heavyweight Champion Yamamoto defends against former champion Lince Dorado with former WWE and WCW wrestler Alex Pourteau as the special guest referee. Pourteau is also a trainer at the I Believe in Wrestling School. Also, check out the best up-and-comers in the entire state this Sunday, August 31 at 6pm.

Southern Championship Wrestling this Friday in Sanford
8.24.14 - SCW returns to Sanford, FL this Friday, August 29. Chasyn Rance is the reigning 5-time SCW Cruiserweight Champion and will be in action. This is a charity event benefiting the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Visit the SCW website for more information.

Chasyn Rance Defeats iMPACT Knockout Santana Garrett
8.20.14 - The Couples Cup winners went at it last night in a hard fought match where it looked like Santana controlled most of the match. Chasyn did control a good portion but as Santana made her comeback, she had him rocking. Santana used a flying head scissors that had so many rotations, that they both could barely stand after. Chasyn was able to sneak in a pin there and retain his title. After the match, WWN Ambassador Trevin Adams reminded the two of their pending third team series match. Chasyn announced one more of his partners, who was in the audience, formerly known as Ricardo, he introduced Jesus Rodriguez. Santana was in shock and the former WWE wrestler, manager, and announcer will make his BELIEVE debut on Sunday, August 31, 2014.

Slammin' Ladies Returns this Weekend
8.19.14 - This weekend, Chasyn will be competing in exhibition matches for Slammin' Ladies. These are matches that fans can pick who they want to face each other. This set up filming is closed but you can pick your favorite matches for the next set of tapings by going to their website and sending them an e-mail.

Tomorrow - Chasyn vs. Santana Plus Roderick Strong at BELIEVE
8.18.14 - Quick reminder, BELIEVE returns to the Team Vision Dojo tomorrow at 8pm. Chasyn defends the Florida Heritage title against Santana plus Roderick Strong on the event, Florida Heavyweight Champion Yamamoto, and much more!

2014 Couples Cup - Chasyn Wrestles his 700th Match
8.17.14 - While they'll be wrestling for one of Chasyn's most prestigious titles he's ever won this Tuesday, today was different as he and Santana team in the Couple Cup tournament. In the opening match, the Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever, Chasyn & Santana, defeated Joey Mayberry and Ashleigh Lynn Ford when Santan pinned Mayberry after the Shining Star Press. In the finals and the main event of the show, Chasyn and Santana won the Couples Cup after Rance pinned Mike Reed following the Chasyn Driver and Santana pinned Cherry Layne following the Shining Star Press simultaneously. The two celebrated with special referee, Power 95.3's Obie from the Obie and Lil Shawn Morning Show as well as with the special guest bell ringer Estee. Next year, the Couples Cup returns but this Tuesday, the couples will square off for the Florida Heritage Championship at the Team Vision Dojo.

Team Tana Defeats Team Chasyn
8.17.14 - Chasyn picked Josh Hess and Oso Panda but it didn't do him an favors as his team lost when Chasyn was pinned by Santana. In a match that went about 33 minutes, Chasyn went for the Chasyn Driver on Sweet Thang Willie but he was able to escape it. Chasyn didn't see Santana tag herself in and as Chasyn tried to stay on Sweet Thang, Santana got his attention as she delivered a top rope cross body block pin for the win. WWN Ambassador asked Santana about having a third match at the next event at the Team Vision Dojo this Tuesday. Cade and Sweet Thang said they were not going to be here, so Santana said she wanted to challenge for the FIP Florida Heritage title. Chasyn came out to protest that she can't appear on FIP iPPV events due to her TNA Impact contract. She said she'd wrestle dark matches. The match is set for this Tuesday. However, there is a special charity event this morning at 10:30am on the southwest corner of Alafaya Trail and Colonial Dr.


Team Chasyn vs. Team Tana II this Saturday in Orlando
8.11.14 - Santana challenged Chasyn to a re-match. Chasyn accepted but wanted all new partners. Chasyn hasn't said who his partners are yet but be sure he'll pick a winning team for this Saturday, August 16 at 8pm at the Team Vision Dojo.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Maxwell Chicago to Retain the FIP Florida Heritage Championship
8.10.14 - Even with the new venue, the fans were still solidly behind Maxwell Chicago. However, it didn't help as Chasyn was able to defeat Chicago with the Chasyn Driver. The match that went on for a while and has MSL, Deimos, and Josh Hess even poke their noses in at one point or another, it was still Chasyn with his finish and the win. Chasyn was interviewed by Heather Lynn after where Chasyn stated he is the best in Florida and quite possibly one of the best in the world. MSL told everyone how Chasyn is a role model to children all over the world. Maxwell Chicago was interviewed after he woke back up and said he'd do anything to win the Florida Heritage title even if he had to go through every member of the MSL Universe. FIP returns September 5 to the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Trevor Lee to Retain the FIP Florida Heritage Championship at EVOLVE 31
8.9.14 - Chasyn Rance and new independent standout Trevor Lee opened the EVOLVE event. While Lee showed why he's a new standout, he also showed why he's new. Chasyn Rance was able to defeat Lee in about four minutes with the Chasyn Driver and will defend tonight against Maxwell Chicago. This was Chasyn's return to EVOLVE after over a year absence.

  Chasyn to Defend Florida Heritage Title Against Maxwell Chicago
8.6.14 - Full Impact Pro makes its debut at the Northwest Community Center in Orlando, FL. Chasyn Rance will be defending the FIP Florida Heritage Championship in a third singles match against Chicago. Last year, Chicago scored a win over Rance at an EVOLVE event and last month Rance beat Chicago in BELIEVE. Maxwell Chicago has been gaining lots of steam lately in FIP as the fans have really rallied behind him. However, Chasyn has the backing of Mister Saint Laurent, Josh Hess, and the newly recruited bodyguard for Chasyn, Deimos. While most love Chasyn, he does have his detractors and Deimos in the answer.

Team Chasyn vs. Team Tana
8.4.14 - What looked to be another 6-person tag team match with Chasyn, Santana, and another partner, Commissioner Josh Rich thought he'd shake things up a bit. He told Chasyn and Santana to pick their teams out of the four extra wrestlers on the event to face each other and the winner gets bragging rights. They flipped a coin and Chasyn won. He picked Brandon Scherer, Santana picked Sweet Thang Willie, Chasyn picked Russell Payne, and Santana picked Jason Cade. In the actual match, things got a little out of hand as Scherer tripped up Santana bad which upset Chasyn. At the very end of the match, Scherer pinned Cade with a DVD. Both men were not legal and it caused some confusion. Then Chasyn and Brandon got into it and Brandon had to be taken away. The remaining wrestlers shook hands. BELIEVE returns to 2 weeks on Saturday, August 16 at 8pm.

BELIEVE Returns this Sunday!
7.30.14 - While there was an event tonight, there will be another one this Sunday! Chasyn's match has yet to be announced but we will hope to have an update soon on his opponent.

Chasyn Rance & Santana Team with Yoshi Tatsu known now as Yamamoto
7.30.14 - As Mike Patrick came to the ring at the Team Vision Dojo for I Believe in Wrestling yesterday, he was accompanied by his new manager Justin Michaels who vowed to win the title. Chasyn brought out "Brittany" Santana Garrett to be in his corner. Towards the end of the match, Chasyn set for the Chasyn Driver. Michaels distracted the referee as Leo Brien tried to interfer. Santana was held back by Michaels as Patrick and Brien beat down on Rance. Finally, former WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu makes the save and challenged the three of them to a six-person tag team match. Brien accepts and the match was on. In the end, Santana put down Michaels with a super kick; Yoshi, now going by his last name Yamamoto, knocked out Patrick with his new finish, the Go To Bed; and Rance ended Brien with the Chasyn Driver. The three pinned all their opponents and the referee counted the fall. After the match, Yamamoto was interviewed and said how happy he was to be here and he'll be back this Sunday, August 3 at 6pm.

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends the FIP Florida Heritage Title Against Russell Payne
7.27.14 - Last night in Titusville for Riot Pro Wrestling, Chasyn Rance successfully defended his Full Impact Pro title against the hometown boy Russell Payne with a super kick. Payne held his own, but Rance was able to overcome. Later in the evening, Payne's team did pick up a win over Rance's team in a 6-man tag. All the participants are listed in the results section as is every professional match Chasyn has ever had. RIOT plans to return in the next two months. Check back for more details.

Chasyn Rance to Defend the FIP Title Against Mike Patrick
7.23.14 - On Tuesday, Chasyn will be defending the FIP Florida Heritage title against Mike Patrick at the Team Vision Dojo for I Believe in Wrestling. These two have faced off before but it was over 10 years ago! Patrick is a former FIP wrestler and is looking to make a comeback. If he can get past Chasyn, the Florida Heritage Championship is his ticket to a spot on Full Impact Pro.

Chasyn Rance & Santana Victorious Plus Champions Defense
7.21.14 - This past Saturday, Chasyn and Santana/Brittany beat Joey Mayberry and the debuting Ashleigh Lynn Ford. The end came after Santana flew across the ring drop kicking Ford on the floor, and Chasyn diving onto Mayberry right before the Chasyn Driver for the win. After the match, DJ Chino attacked Chasyn and challenged him to a match for his USCW Cruiserweight title. Chasyn accepted but Chino left. Later in the evening, the two squared off and the results were similar to earlier as Chasyn defeated Chino with the Chasyn Driver. USCW plans to return monthly so stay tuned for more information.

Chasyn Rance & "Brittany" Santana Garrett to Team this Saturday
7.14.14 - Returning to Jacksonville and USCW, the Cruiserweight and Women's Champion will be teaming against the Red Necks. This is part of the annual fair and free to the public. Visit their website for more information.

Chasyn Rance Still FIP Florida Heritage Champion - 10 Defenses
7.14.14 - Defenses 9 and 10 are in the book as Chasyn Rance successfully defeated both Lince Dorado and Maxwell Chicago. The first night in Ybor City, there were a few people that had a hand in helping Chasyn with the win, apparently provoked by Mister Saint Laurent where, along with Josh Hess following them around, Deimos has been recruited into the MSL Universe. With that win, Chasyn went on to defeat Maxwell Chicago in the main event of the BELIEVE event with the Chasyn Driver. More events are coming up soon including a few out side of central Florida and a special Tuesday, July 29, 2014 BELIEVE event at the Team Vision Dojo.

  Rance-Dorado IX Friday & Chicago-Rance II Saturday
7.8.14 - Lince Dorado is not happy since losing the title on a non-FIP event and not being able to challenge at the Florida Rumble. This Friday, in Ybor City, Dorado will be challenging Rance for the title and this should be one of, if not the, best match on the event. It can be seem live or on iPPV at If Rance is successful, he'll be defending the title against Maxwell Chicago in Orlando at the I Believe in Wrestling event.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Tristan Keali'i
7.7.14 - Hope everyone has a Happy Independents Day weekend. Chasyn spent it on the beach with Santana and a few female wrestlers much like the previous weekend. They were back in action yesterday and in a very competitive match, Chasyn was still victorious in their match. Prior to the match, Keali'i showed a meaner side that hasn't been seen. He was upset over the previous match but it was still the same result in this one. Your winner and still Florida Heritage Champion, Chasyn Rance.

Chasyn Rance vs. Tristan Keali'i II
6.28.14 - Set for Sunday, July 6, 2014, Chasyn and Tristan will go at it again for the Florida Heritage Championship. It will be a special Independents Day weekend event and should be a great event.

Chasyn Rance Still Champion After 4 Title Defenses
6.26.14 - With 4 sections to this event, Chasyn fought in every part. First, successfully defended the title against Jason Cade; then, a successful defense over Chico Adams; third, a win over Josh Hess; and finally, a title unification match that didn't end to will. While Chasyn has three successful defenses, he and Rhett Giddins, the SCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, put both titles on the line in the main event. However, Joey Mayberry, Josh Hess, and a bunch of others tried ruining the matches. Everyone entered the ring and started brawling which led to a battle royal. Rhett won the battle royal last eliminating Rance, but both competitors still hold their titles. Overall, it was a very successful event with thousands of people attending and a special keynote speech by former United States President George W. Bush.

Chasyn Cleared! Able to Participate on 15 Year Anniversary
6.25.14 - Chasyn has been cleared and off to the BELIEVE WrestleBowl event. Today marks Chasyn's 15th year since his very first professional wrestling match. He'll be busy today as the event is in four sections and himself and Rhett Giddins will be defending their titles multiples times.

BELIEVE Presents WrestleBowl!
6.24.14 - Tomorrow, I Believe in Wrestling has a special event at the Orange County Convention Center. Chasyn is scheduled to defend his title if he clears all tests tomorrow. This is a special event for all to watch and tickets must be purchased through the Bowl Expo.

Chasyn Rance Still Champion but Forced out of the FIP Event
6.23.14 - While successful over Cooter with the Chasyn Driver in their match, Chasyn suffered a concussion during a spill to the floor. Dr. James Scott evaluated Chasyn and deemed Chasyn unable to compete the following night. Chasyn was not stripped of the title and if clears a test Wednesday morning, he'll be able to compete on that night's event.

BELIEVE & FIP this Saturday & Sunday
6.18.14 - Saturday, BELIEVE returns to the Team Vision Dojo where Chasyn Rance will put the Florida Heritage title on the line against Earl Cooter. If that's not tough enough, if successful, he'll be defending the title Sunday at the JCC in Maitland, FL against the Florida Rumble winner. Cooter holds a tag win over Rance and no he says he'll do it one-on-one. If Cooter wins, Chasyn will end up as a participant in the Rumble and have to face close to 20 other wrestlers to regain a shot at the title.

Chasyn Rance Successfully Retains Over Tim Zbyszko
6.15.14 - In a spectacular wrestling match, where these two never left the center of the ring, it was Chasyn again the victor using a hold Tim Zbyszko's father, the Living Legend Larry Zbyszko, would use in victory at times, the dreaded Sugar Hold. Tim tapped out, but the two had a great match. Tim should still see his way onto the FIP roster sooner or later.

Tim Zbyszko Challenges Chasyn Rance for this Saturday
6.9.14 - Similar to a couple years ago, Zbyszko challenges Rance and this time for the Florida Heritage title. After his match at BELIEVE, Zbyszko went on to talk about his accomplishments and how this title would be perfect for him and his guaranteed spot on the FIP roster. The match will take place this Saturday, June 14, 2014.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Tristan Keali'i
6.9.14 - Maxwell Chicago was unable to make the event due to illness, and WWN Ambassador Trevin Adams announced the winner between Wayne VanDyke and Tristan Keali'i would face Rance. While Keali'i won, an upset VanDyke cracked a dumbbell over Keali'i's head. The Rance/Keali'i match still happened but it was short. These two shall face again in the near future on better circumstances.


Chasyn Rance vs. Maxwell Chicago - FIP Florida Heritage Championship
6.5.14 - 1 year since their only other one-on-one match, Chasyn defends the Florida Heritage Championship against the man that beat him at EVOLVE 22 Maxwell Chicago. This should be a great contest between two of the best in the state.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling Results & Other Cauliflower Alley Club News
6.4.14 - On the Sunday night event, Chasyn challenged for the Tri-Force Championship challenging champion the Vintage Dragon and, as these are always contested as three-way matches, former TNA X Division Champion Johnny Devine was also in the contest. The Vintage Dragon managed to come out on top but the crowd was only chanting "Chiseled" after the match. The next night in the battle royal, an overzealous fan pulled Chasyn's shirt almost off his neck as the match was first starting to accidentally eliminate him. Also on the card, the winner of the Future Legends Award, Santana Garrett, was in a three-way match with La Rosa Negra and the #1 ranked female wrestler in the world, Cheerleader Melissa. Santana was the victor! Next year, CAC is back to their April schedule, and Chasyn, Santana, and many others will be there.

Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever, Santana "Brittany" Garrett & Chasyn Rance Head to Las Vegas
5.30.14 - Chasyn and Santana will be heading to Las Vegas for the 49th annual Cauliflower Alley Club banquet. Both will be participating in the wrestling events taking place that week, and Santana is up for an award. Always a great time at these events and a lot of business opportunities to make.

Chasyn Rance is the 2014 Florida J Cup Winner & New FIP Florida Heritage Champion
5.26.14 - Last night, Chasyn outlasted all the other competitors to win the Florida J Cup which was presented by Jerrelle Clark. Rance beat Josh Hess, Aaron Epic, and in the finals, defeated Lince Dorado, all while defending the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship and winning the FIP Florida Heritage Championship from Lince Dorado. What a tournament is was and next year should be just as good!

  2014 Florida J Cup
5.19.14 - This Sunday marks the return of the Florida J Cup. In the past, an attempt was made to have a prestigious tournament. However, the top two junior heavyweights in the state were not in the tournament; Jerrelle Clark was in the tournament but Chasyn Rance was not. Next weekend, the two best junior heavyweights in Florida, Chasyn Rance and Lince Dorado, along with other top junior heavyweights from the state, if not the total top 8, Rich Swann, Aaron Epic, Maxwell Chicago, Josh Hess, Tristan Keali'i, and Jonny Vandal, will compete in the one night tournament to crown the Florida J Cup winner. The trophy will be presented by the previous winner, "Mr. 630" Jerrelle Clark. Also on the card, TNA Knockout Brittany a.k.a. Santana Garrett will take on the "Death Machine" Jessicka Havok and there will be a #1 contender over the top rope battle royal to see who will face the "Freak" Rhett Giddins at the next event.

This event has been the most talked about BELIEVE event in recent history. To pre-order your ticket, visit the website to make sure that you don't miss out!

Chasyn Rance Returns to Georgia
5.19.14 - After taking 2 weeks off to heal an injury from FIP, Chasyn returned to Georgia this past weekend for Southern Championship Wrestling's debut in Georgia. With many onlookers ready for the main event featuring Matt Hardy and Hurricane Helms, Chasyn Rance opened the event with an incredible win of Leo Brien, a man that is nearly twice the size of Chasyn. After a bit of a beating, Chasyn made a comeback and couldn't be stopped. After a missile drop kick, followed by a suicide dive, and then the Chasyn Driver, Brien was not kicking out. Your winner, Chasyn Rance!

Cruiserweight Title Defense, Florida J-Cup, & Josh Hess' Biggest Win
5.4.14 - What a weekend! Mister Saint Laurent proclaimed that Chasyn Rance must wrestle at FIP and told Earl Cooter and Zane Riley to pick between the two. As Cooter challenged the AWA World Tag Team Champions, MSL refused but Josh Hess stepped in to try to win over MSL. In the match, Hess was pinned and made Chasyn and MSL none to happy. The next day, Chasyn Rance has a successful Florida Cruiserweight title defense over Blake Edward Belakus but later that night, Chasyn was not so lucky. Chasyn beat Hess around the ring and after Hess fired up, Chasyn took his head off with a super kick. However, without following up quickly, Hess was able to small package Chasyn for the 1-2-3. An irate Chasyn went after Hess so much that he tried to suicide dive on Hess and died. Not really but did go crashing into the rail and floor. Chasyn will be getting checked out today. BELIEVE returns 5/25 with the Florida J-Cup at the Team Vision Dojo and FIP returns 6/22 to the JCC in Maitland. More info on both events soon.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Aaron Solo
4.27.14 - Live professional wrestling returns to the Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex promoted by Inspire Pro Wrestling. Chasyn Rance successfully defeated Aaron Solo to retain the Florida Cruiserweight Championship. There was a point later in the match where Mister Saint Laurent put Chasyn's foot on the rope. If MSL didn't help, would we have possibly seen a new champion? Et Hanaaseh Ein Lehashiv. Chasyn will defend the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Blake Edward Belakus this coming Saturday at 3pm at the Team Vision Dojo for I Believe in Wrestling.

Chasyn Rance Retains the Florida Cruiserweight Championship
4.14.14 - Chasyn Rance is still your champion as he pinned both Hess and Cade in their 3-way elimination match. The video is available on Chasyn's YouTube channel at Hess and Cade teamed up on Rance the entire match. After it was over, they argued by WWN Ambassador Trevin Adams settled them down and said he'd help take care of them in their wrestling careers. Tristan Keali'i defeated Aaron Epic that night to become the new #1 contender for the title. We'll see when it is scheduled and Commissioner Josh Rich should make the announcement soon. BELIEVE will return on Saturday, May 3 at 3pm (prior to FIP that evening) and Sunday, May 25 @ 6pm. These two events will celebrate the 6 year anniversary of I Believe in Wrestling!

Chasyn Rance Defends Florida Cruiserweight Title in 3-Way Match
4.7.14 - This coming Sunday at 6pm, Chasyn Rance puts the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship on the line in a 3-way, which he suggested after being pinned by Hess and Cade at the last event in the tag match with Santana Garrett, now known as Brittany in TNA iMPACT Wrestling. Both Hess and Cade have competed for this title, the most prestigious Cruiserweight / Junior Heavyweight / Light Heavyweight Championship in the state. The championship mainly focuses on SCW and the entire state but it also has ties to many other championships including the SECW, Sunray, NRW, TNT, DCW, USCW, USCW, RIOT, Belleview, CQPW, and event a few Georgia and other Southern titles. While this title remains the constant, it is consistently fought over. Chasyn, a 5-time champion, Santana, former champion, Lince Dorado, former champion, Aaron Epic, 2-time champion, Josh Rich, Nooie Lee, Jeff Peterson, and Hess and Cade both want to add their name to that list. Find out if they can this Sunday as I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo. These events have the die hard fans of Florida come out to support the best pro wrestlers in the state. Other matches include the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of Florida being defended, Santana in action, plus four more matches. Doors open at 5:45pm, tickets are $10, and its this Sunday, April 13, 2014.

Chasyn Rance to Compete for Inspire Pro Wrestling
4.3.14 - Inspire Pro Wrestling, a company that has emerged from working with BELIEVE and FIP, will run their first event this weekend, prior to WWE WrestleMania XXX at Ker's WingHouse on Semoran Rd and University Blvd. This is a preview for the event Chasyn will be competing on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex. Chasyn is currently scheduled to compete against Aaron Solo, a new wrestler to the area that was trained by Lance Storm. Should be an interesting contest between these two, Rance who has been a staple in Florida for more than 10 years and Solo who is trying to make a name for himself. Be there as doors open at 7pm in Downtown Orlando.


American Fine Wine Event
3.30.14 - This coming Friday night is the American Fine Wine Competitions 7th annual Charity Wine Gala. The event is $310 a plate and black tie optional. In the past, Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett have appeared as Wine Angles and on stage personalities. The event is hosted by Shari Gherman and if you or someone else you may know would like a ticket, there's a limited amount remaining.

Josh Hess Costs Chasyn Rance his Birthday Match
3.17.14 - Saturday night, Chasyn Rance celebrates his 31st birthday which included a match against Blake Edward Belakus. Accompanied to the ring by Mister Saint Laurent, MSL helped Chasyn but would not assist in Chasyn's flying mafia kick. This brought out Josh Hess to assist. Hess has been trying to join Chasyn and MSL in FIP while also trying to capture the Florida Cruiserweight Championship in BELIEVE. Hess helped tonight but would not leave the ring with a continued celebration to even asking Chasyn for a hug. Hess received it in the form of an Emerald Flosion, what Chasyn has referred to as the Sensational Spike. Chasyn went back to Belakus to finish him off with the Chasyn Driver, but the time spend with Hess allowed Belakus to recover, low blow Chasyn, and hit his modified burning hammer. Chasyn was not happy and the fans were confused as how the Birthday Boy could lose. Chasyn has already petitioned a rematch with Belakus. FIP returns the first week of may. Visit their website and the schedule on this page. Also, this match is available on in-demand iPPV


BELIEVE 67 Match
3.11.14 - Sunday night at the Team Vision Dojo, I Believe in Wrestling hosted their 67th event featuring the Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever, Santana Garrett and Chasyn Rance, against Josh Hess and Jason Cade. In the end, a match was set up for the following event at the Team Vision Dojo (6923 Narcoossee Rd #620, Orlando, FL 32822) on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 6:00pm. That will be the last event at the Team Vision Dojo before returning to the Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex (363 N Parramore Ave, Orlando, FL 32801) on Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 8:00pm.

March Schedule Including Chasyn's 31st Birthday at FIP!

3.4.14 - Much like last year, Chasyn's birthday falls on an FIP event and he always seems to work his hardest; last year picking up a win over Corey Hollis. Leading up to the 31st birthday, Chasyn will be teaming with the "Great" Santana Garrett. They'll be taking on the team of Josh Hess and Jason Cade at the Team Vision Dojo for I Believe in Wrestling on Sunday, March 9. On March 14, FIP returns to the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. Chasyn compete on the last FIP event and his last appearance was a hair vs. mask match in which he lost to Lince Dorado. What's in store for Chasyn's return? Saturday, March 15, FIP will be in Orlando at the Downtown Recreation Complex. If you can't be at the FIP events live, you can stream them live online at:

Weekend Results
3.3.14 - A busy week is over that saw Chasyn Rance face Jimmy Jacobs for the first time. They fought in Quincy, MA on Friday in what was a losing effort on Rance's part. Chasyn went for a top rope moonsault but missed. This lead to Jacobs' spearing Chasyn and picking up the win. After the match, Jonny Fairplay came into the ring to present Chasyn with an award. Unsure of the exact award as Chasyn reported he heard something about being called a tool and went after Fairplay only to be sidestepped. Prior to the event, Chasyn participated in exhibition matches against top wrestlers across the country for downloadable buys. Flying back from Boston, Chasyn wrestled former NWA Women's World Champion MsChif in another downloadable match for Slammin' Ladies. A scheduled match with Malia Osaka was postponed as Chasyn had to rush to SCW. Chasyn then proceeded to successfully defend the Florida Cruiserweight Championship over Joey Mayberry at the Sanford Civic Center.

This Weekend, Chasyn Fights in Florida and Massachusetts
2.25.14 - This will be a busy week for Chasyn as he flies out to Boston on Wednesday for a few appearance including a big event on Friday in Quincy, MA. After that event, Chasyn flies back for Slammin' Ladies on Saturday day proceeded by a title defense over in Sanford, FL for Southern Championship Wrestling!

Belleview Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett - New BPW Tag Team Champions!
2.24.14 - After their brutal fight Friday, they the Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever won the Belleview Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship from Joey Mayberry and Mike Young. In the end, Chasyn dove on both Mayberry and Young on the outside. Chasyn tossed Mayberry back in to which Santana put him in the Muta Lock forcing Mayberry to tap out. You're new tag team champions, Santana and Chasyn Rance!

Belleview Pro Wrestling Returns Tomorrow
2.22.14 - Its been a year since the last event and we're looking forward to this return.  This is a privately funded event where tickets have been released to the public through the backers of the event. Will report on the event on Monday.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Santana Garrett
2.22.14 - For the first time in their singles match history, Chasyn Rance has pinned Santana Garrett. After these two used everything against each other including a few tricks by Chasyn, in the end it was Chasyn as the victor after delivering a devastating Tombstone Piledriver to Santana. After the match as Chasyn was helping Santana, Josh Hess and Jason Cade came out to demand a better chance to fight for the Cruiserweight title. While Commissioner Josh Rich set up a tag team match for the next event, it didn't stop them from almost getting inside the ring only for Santana to stop Cade dead in his tracks leading to a hightailing Hess out the door. BELIEVE returns on Sunday, March 9, 2014.

  Friday, February 21, 2014 - Orlando, FL
Friday, February 21, 2014 @ 8:00pm / Doors open @ 7:45pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Heavyweight Championship - No Disqualifications
LINCE DORADO (champion) vs. HERCULES GOMEZ (challenger)

Florida Cruiserweight Championship - Championship can change hands via Count Out or DQ
CHASYN RANCE (champion) vs. SANTANA GARRETT (challenger)

#1 Contendership for the Cruiserweight Title

Intergender Tag Team Match


General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets at:

Chasyn Rance Retains Title after Count Out Loss to Santana Garrett
2.17.14 - Yesterday at the Team Vision Dojo, Santana Garrett received her rematch for the Florida Cruiserweight Championship. In the back and forth match, it was eventually a superkick that sent Chasyn flying into a guardrail and could not make the count back into the ring. Whether this was intentional or not, Commissioner Josh Rich ordered a return match for this Friday where the title can changes hands via count out or disqualification.

Sunday, February 16, 2014 - Orlando, FL
Sunday, February 16, 2014 @ 6:00pm / Doors open @ 5:45pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Heavyweight Championship
LINCE DORADO (champion) vs. JESSE NEAL (challenger)

Florida Cruiserweight Championship
CHASYN RANCE (champion) vs. SANTANA GARRETT (challenger)





General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets at:

Chasyn Rance Defeats Jesse Neal
2.9.14 - Chasyn Rance pins Jesse Neal! For the first time in their many encounters, Chasyn Rance came out on top in this one. With a little assistants from Chasyn's personal adviser ringside who is always very loud and distracting, Neal's attention was diverted enough where Chasyn was able to pin Neal with a backslide variation using his legs. This is a big victory for Chasyn and a good lead in to his next title defense next Sunday, February 16 against Santana Garrett!

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends the Florida Cruiserweight Championship
1.18.14 - In his 5th reign as champion, Chasyn Rance successfully defending the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Kafka in a 13 minutes match following the Chasyn Driver. Chasyn also accompanied Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer to the ring for their match with Rhett Giddins. Chasyn called off the match when Rhett had them both like rag dolls. BELIEVE returns on Saturday, February 8 to the Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex and on Sunday, February 16 to the Team Vision Dojo.


Two Big Events Coming Up in Orlando!
1.9.14 - On Friday, January 17, BELIEVE returns to the Team Vision Dojo for a live event that will be featured on Swedish television as Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer will be wrestling on. Also, Chasyn Rance will be defending his newly won Florida Cruiserweight Championship title against Kafka. Also on the card, Lince Dorado will be defending the Florida Heavyweight Championship and more. Then, I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex for a huge event on Saturday, February 8. Chasyn will not be defending his title, if still champion, as his next defense will be against the last champion and the person who last beat Chasyn for the title, Santana Garrett. Chasyn will be taking on Jesse Neal. Neal, a former TNA Impact star and former U.S. Navy officer, has a few unanswered wins over Chasyn. Chasyn will be looking to avenge those loses. Aside from this match, there will be plenty more action plus live performances from a couple of bands. Tickets for the event are $12 for adults, $8 for kids, and anyone under 5 gets in free. The event is located at 363 N Parramore Ave, Orlando, FL 32801. Doors open at 7:15pm with the event starting at 8:00pm. For more information, call 407-334-2200 or visit the website at:


Chasyn Rance Wins the Florida Cruiserweight Championship last Pinning the Heavyweight Champion
1.6.14 - Last night at the Team Vision Dojo, Chasyn Rance won the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship for the fifth time. The match was Chasyn vs. Santana Garrett vs. Josh Hess vs. Jason Cade. However, Cade never showed up and in the main event, the SCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, Lince Dorado, who competed earlier and missed his last Cruiserweight title shot, took his spot. Hess was eliminated first by everyone. Chasyn and Lince fought for a while before Lince tagged Santana. Santana rocked Chasyn around but a reversal of a hurricanrana eliminated the then champion. Later, Chasyn finished off Lince Dorado with the Chasyn Driver. After the match, Chasyn asked Commissioner Josh Rich for him to find the right time to fight for the Heavyweight title. I Believe in Wrestling returns on Friday, January 17 at 6pm for a special filming of a reality show in Sweden. Tickets are being paid for by Elk Entertainment.

  Chasyn Rance Competes for the Florida Cruiserweight Championship
1.4.14 - Chasyn Rance will be one of four competitors competing for the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship. Originally scheduled for a gauntlet, the match was changed to this format. Current champion, Santana Garrett won the title from Chasyn back in September. This is Chasyn's first shot at the title since losing it. If Chasyn wins the title, he'll be the first and only five-time Florida Cruiserweight Champion. Doors for this event tomorrow open at 4:45pm.

Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett Defeat Gabriel Black & Lizzie Parris
12.21.13 - Last night, the Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever, Chasyn and Santana, defeated Gabriel Black and Lizzie Parris in a 13 minute match. While Chasyn and Santana shined with their wrestling abilities, Lizzie did her best in the ring to try to take advantage of Chasyn and not in the wrestling kind of way. Check out the match to see everything from the match at the Team Vision Dojo. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Dojo on Sunday, January 5 at 5:00pm. Santana will be defending the Florida Cruiserweight Championship in a gauntlet that Chasyn will be participating in.

Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett to Team this Friday at BELIEVE
12.18.13 - For the second BELIEVE event of the month, Chasyn and Santana will team up to take on Gabriel Black and Lizzie Parris. Lizzie attempted to help her boyfriend win the Florida Cruiserweight Championship last event unsuccessfully. After the match was over, Lizzie tried to keep it going. The two couples will square off this Friday at the Team Vision Dojo. Doors open at 7:00pm for this 7:30pm event.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Jason Cade
12.9.13 - Yesterday at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando for I Believe in Wrestling, Chasyn Rance and Jason Cade fought all over the Dojo in what turned into a no disqualification match. In the end, Chasyn hit a flying mafia kick off of a chair onto a sitting Jason Cade on the top rope. Rance followed it up with the Chasyn Driver onto a chair. That should have sent a nice message to Cade. Later in the night, Santana successfully defended the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Gabriel Black. After the match, Lizzie Parris tried to get her boyfriend Gabriel to attack Santana. This lead to Chasyn making the save. Chasyn challenged the two to an inter-gender tag team match at the next BELIEVE event in less than two weeks. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Friday, December 20 at 7:30pm.

Big FIP and BELIEVE Weekend
12.2.13 - This coming weekend is big for Florida wrestling as FIP returns Friday and Saturday to Orlando and Ybor City respectfully and then back to Orlando for BELIEVE on Sunday. Chasyn has already stated that after having his head shaved, he will not be wrestling on the FIP events until his hair grows back. However on Sunday, Chasyn has a score to settle with Jason Cade after his vicious beating on Santana after his disqualification loss from the last event. Check out all the events you can live or online. - -

Chasyn Rance and Lince Dorado Team Up
11.24.13 - Chasyn started his night off in Palm Bay with a win over Andrew Steele following the Chasyn Driver. Chasyn announced that J.D. Amazing wasn't there tonight to get a title shot and challenged Rhett Giddins. Rhett and Josh Hess attacked Chasyn who was saved by Lince Dorado. This set up a tag for later in the night. As Chasyn was about to pin Rhett, Hess grabbed the ref and tried to hit him. The referee blocked it and his Hess. Chasyn handled Hess as Lince hit a Shining Star Press to pick up the win. Lince then challenged Rhett for the title at the next event. Chasyn didn't seem too happy that he kind of got shunned for the title match but was still happy to pick up two wins last night. RIOT returns to Palm Bay on Saturday, January 25, 2014.

Chasyn Rance Returns to New Jersey
11.22.13 - On February 21 and 22, Chasyn and Santana will be competed in New Jersey for Jersey Championship Wrestling. More details will be released when the dates get closer but it looks as if Chasyn is lobbying for a championship match against the Jersey Heavyweight Champion Damien Darling.

Chasyn Rance Returns to Palm Bay this Saturday
11.18.13 - This Saturday, Riot Pro Wrestling returns to the Palm Bay Hotel & Conference Center. Chasyn Rance will be in action but has yet to have his opponent named. Check back for updates or just come out to the event. Doors open at 7:00pm.

Chasyn Rance Made His Return Last Night
11.18.13 - After suffering two concussions on back to back weekends last month, Chasyn made his return to the ring last night at the I Believe in Wrestling event. In the opening match, Santana Garrett defending the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Jason Cade. After a few minutes of being upstaged by Santana, Cade became relentless and got himself disqualified after brutally attacking Santana and getting physical with the referee. Chasyn made the save and chased Cade as Cade took off in his car. Last on the event, Chasyn had a rematch from his last match with Rhett Giddins. After 10 minutes of action, Rhett was able to put Chasyn away with an F-5. Fans cheered Rhett and also cheered Chasyn for his efforts. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Sunday, December 8, 2013. Also, FIP will make their return the Friday and Saturday nights before. Chasyn has not been announced for FIP yet as he has just been cleared. Chasyn will be facing Jason Cade at the next BELIEVE event in a Grudge Match!

Chasyn Rance Makes it to the Finals of the RIOT Heavyweight Championship Tournament
10.22.13 - J.D. Amazing was stripped of the championship and there was an 8-man one-night tournament for the title. In the opening round, Chasyn Rance defeated Josh Hess when he made him tap to the Sugar Hold. In the semi-finals, Chasyn defeated Irish Jack with the Chasyn Driver. Immediately after the match, the new ambassador of Riot Pro Wrestling for WWN Live Trevin Adams started the finals with Chasyn squaring off with Rhett Giddins. Hess accompanied Rhett and the two went at it with Rhett controlling the majority of the match. Hess tried to interfere but was smacked for his efforts. Shortly after that, Chasyn was able to put Rhett down with a super kick. Chasyn went to the top rope only to be pulled down by Hess. Chasyn started lighting up Hess as Rhett went to spear Chasyn. Chasyn pulled Hess in the way and the two partners fell to the floor. Chasyn hit a tope on them both and set Rhett up for the Chasyn Driver. 1-2-Hess pulled the referee out and clotheslined him on the floor. Hess used the title belt to whack Chasyn and had Rhett cover him. As another referee came out, Chasyn just barely kicked out before 3. Hess took care of that referee then. Hess had Rhett hold Chasyn up as he went to hit him with the belt again, only to have Chasyn ducked while Rhett took the shot. Chasyn proceeded to super kick Hess and followed up with the Chasyn Driver. Chasyn went to cover Rhett as Trevin Adams came in to make the count, 1-2-he stopped, gave Chasyn's the shoulder shrug, and as Chasyn confronted him, Adams kicked Chasyn very low. Rhett proceeded to give Chasyn an F5 onto the title belt and Adams made the count. Your new champion Rhett Giddins. As Rhett and Hess left the ring, Chasyn made his way to his feet and reciprocated the favor to Adams by kicking him low as well. Riot Pro Wrestling returns on Saturday, November 23, 2013. Also, after receiving the F5 onto the belt and from last weekend's war with Lince Dorado, Chasyn was advised to take the next night off at BELIEVE. Concussions aren't anything to mess with and probably shouldn't have wrestled at RIOT. Will update soon on Chasyn's condition. The BELIEVE event still went well, and BELIEVE returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Sunday, November 17, 2013.

I Believe in Wrestling Returns this Sunday to the Team Vision Dojo
10.18.13 - Sunday, Chasyn Rance fresh off losing the Florida Cruiserweight Championship will participate in a 3-way elimination featuring Jason Cade and Blake Archer. Champion Santana Garrett will be at Shimmer Women's Athlete and cannot defend. Check out this match and plenty more at the Team Vision Dojo on Sunday at 5pm.

WWN Live Buys Riot Pro Wrestling - Event Tomorrow Night
10.18.13 - For 48 hours, Riot Pro Wrestling closed due to financial issues. However, WWN Live opened the doors back up and it hasn't missed a beat. A special announcement will be made tomorrow night regarding the position the company will be taking.

The Spirit Kid Defeats Frank Burbank
10.18.13 - Last night, Chasyn as the Spirit Kid opened the event with a colorful win over Frank Burbank following a bunch of highflying maneuvers finished off with a tope and a springboard cross body block for the win. Frank Burbank admitted after the match that he has a lot more to learn. Other students did very well on the show including Lizzie Parris' debut in a loss to Santana Garrett. USCW will return to the north Florida area soon. Visit their website for details.

Chasyn to Dawn the Mask Again
10.16.13 - Tomorrow night, USCW returns to the Callahan Fairgrounds. Chasyn Rance is the current USCW Cruiserweight Champion but has no main contenders. His last defense was a win over Lince Dorado, Josh Hess, and Jayson Falcone. To please the fans and maybe make a joke out of nemesis Lince Dorado, Chasyn will not be defending the title and will be wrestling as the Spirit Kid. He'll taking on new trainee Frank Burbank. This should be a good lesson for the new student. Check this out as well as the rest of the action including Santana Garrett defending the Women's title and the rest of the Team Vision Dojo students as they stack the card.

Full Impact Pro Results
10.15.13 - This past Friday and Saturday, FIP ran their live iPPV events in Ybor City and Orlando. Night 1 in Ybor City, Chasyn Rance wrestled his and Mister Saint Laurent's handpicked opponent, Josh Hess, as Mr. Touchdown did not show up and in Chasyn's contract, a no-show can be subbed by Chasyn and MSL's choice. Picking student, Josh Hess, to show Lince Dorado what will happen the next night. Come the next night, Chasyn and Lince Dorado fought for over 22 minutes in the main event at the Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex. It was crazy and unique with everything that was used in the match. It can be viewed on iPPV now! FIP returns in early December to both Orlando and Ybor City. IF you missed these past shows, get them on WWN Live.


Ybor & Orlando
10.4.13 - Next weekend, Full Impact Pro returns to Ybor City on Friday, October 11, 2013 and makes their long awaited return to Orlando on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Friday, Chasyn is scheduled to wrestle Mr. Touchdown. Last event, Mr. Touchdown was one of the wrestlers who help Lince Dorado after Chasyn Rance assaulted him again. While Chasyn is prepared for that match, his main focus is Saturday in Orlando. Chasyn puts his hair on the line against Lince Dorado's mask in an Anything Goes match! Their one-on-one record is 3-3. While there's no championship on the line, this has to be their biggest match. They've both reached a boiling point and it all ends next Saturday in Orlando.


Santana Garrett Ends Chasyn Rance's 14 Month Reign as Florida Cruiserweight Champion
9.23.13 - After defeating him for one title, Santana then defeated Chasyn for the most prestigious cruiserweight title in the state of Florida. Sanctioned by Southern Championship Wrestling and the longest active cruiserweight title in Florida with over 13 years of history, Santana ended Chasyn's 14 month reign yesterday at the I Believe in Wrestling event at the Team Vision Dojo. It was the main event of the evening and in the highly anticipated one-on-one match, Santana prevailed after hitting Chasyn with his own finish, the Chasyn Driver, followed by her Shining Star Press. This is the first time a female has held the title and it also makes Santana a double champion as she also holds the SCW sanctioned Florida Women's Championship. After Santana defeated Chasyn, the fans jumped out of their seats in adulation. This ended Chasyn's 4th reign as Florida Cruiserweight Champion after holding the title this time for 14 month and 1 day. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Sunday, October 20, 2013.

Santana Garrett Wins Gauntlet Games
9.22.13 - Last night, Santana Garrett was victorious in Gauntlet Games. With the luck of the draw at #8, Santana prevailed over the other 7 competitors. Chasyn drew #7 and came in with a flurry. Jayson Falcone has already been eliminated, and Chasyn then quickly added Ash Maybrook followed by Jason Cade to that list. After a bit of a scuffle, everyone was on the outside and Chasyn dove over the top rope onto everyone. Then, the bell rang and out came #8, Santana Garrett. Santana, like Wonder Woman, entered the ring only to fly threw the ropes onto everyone. Gabriel Black and Willie Brown were counted out while Chasyn and Josh Hess made it back into the ring. Hess tried to team up with both Chasyn and Santana to no avail. Hess went after Chasyn, who evaded him. He turned into a super kick from Santana, followed by a Chasyn Driver by Chasyn, and finally the Shining Star Press by Santana to eliminate Hess. It came down to Chasyn and Santana to see who would win Gauntlet Games and leave at the RIOT Cruiserweight Champion. Santana held her own and was able to reverse a back body drop with a back roll followed by a hurricanrana for the three-count. Santana won and earned the right to challenge for the Florida Cruiserweight Championship tonight at I Believe in Wrestling. Riot Pro Wrestling returns on Saturday,

October 19, 2013 to the Palm Bay Hotel & Conference Center.

Chasyn to Defend RIOT Cruiserweight Championship in Gauntlet Games & Florida CW Title Next Night
9.13.13 - Chasyn Rance has been out of state for a while working with wine companies in Napa Valley and other parts of wine country. Back to business, Chasyn is set to defend both the RIOT Cruiserweight Championship on Saturday, September 21 in Palm Bay, FL and the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Champions on Sunday, September 22 in Orlando, FL. On Saturday, Riot Pro Wrestling returns to the Palm Bay Hotel & Conference Center. Chasyn puts his title on the line in an 8-person match called Gauntlet Games. The first two competitors will compete for 5 minutes followed by a new competitor every 90 seconds. It could all depend on the luck of the draw. The next night for I Believe in Wrestling, Commissioner Josh Rich will announce who won or did the best that should challenge for the Florida Cruiserweight title. Check back the morning of the event to see who won the Gauntlet Games and who Chasyn will defend against at BELIEVE. &

Chasyn Rance Defeats Wayne VanDyke
8.26.13 - Last night, Chasyn Rance successfully defended the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Wayne VanDyke. IN a match that went almost 20 minutes, VanDyke appeared to have the belt won when he used one of his weights to take out Chasyn. However, he was able to get a foot on the rope. VanDyke went for the muscle buster but couldn't get Rance up. Rance was able to launch VanDyke over the top rope, hit him with an enziguiri, and followed up with the Chasyn Driver. I Believe in Wrestling returns on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 5pm.

Chasyn Rance to Defend Florida Cruiserweight Champions Tonight Against Wayne VanDyke
8.25.13 - Tonight at the Team Vision Dojo for I Believe in Wrestling, Chasyn Rance will face Wayne VanDyke in their first one-on-one encounter. VanDyke started training with Chasyn back in 2009 and last month, earned the right to challenge for the Florida Cruiserweight Championship. VanDyke opted out of last night's Palm Bay event to prepare himself for today's title defense. This should be a good contest between the near 15 year pro Rance against the still fairly new but definitely now established "One in a Million" Wayne VanDyke.

Chasyn Rance Ranks #399 in the PWI 500
8.20.13 - After being left off the past two years after a rough patch, Chasyn Rance returns to the famed PWI 500 coming in at #399. More info will be posted later in the PWI 500 section of this website under Results. John Cena tops the list at #1 and making the list for the first time at #499 is one of Chasyn's students at the Team Vision Dojo, son of the "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko, Tim Zbyszko. Keep checking back as more names will be announced from the list. Chasyn sends out a special thank you to Pro Wrestling Illustrated for recognizing his accomplishments in the world of professional wrestling.

Chasyn Rance Delivers Two Chasyn Drivers on a Chair to Lince Dorado Last Night at FIP
8.10.13 -Last night, Chasyn Rance and Lince Dorado squared off in their second match in FIP. The first match two events ago, Chasyn defeated Lince after delivering a Chasyn Driver onto a chair that the referee didn't see. Last event, the two of them throughout the night got into it. Last night, Dorado was able to spoke the victory with a Shooting Star Press despite Mister Saint Laurent's efforts to interfere. After the match however, MSL slipped Chasyn a steel chair that he used to take out Lince's knee followed by two Chasyn Drivers onto the chair. As Chasyn went to as insult to injury by demask Dorado, a few wrestlers came out from the back to make the save. This appears to not be the end of their feud. Full Impact Pro returns to the Orpheum on Friday, October 11. To watch last night's event and all the other matches and/or past events held by WWN Live, visit their website.

RIOT Event Moved - Chasyn Unable to Defend
8.8.13 - A mix up at the building caused the Riot Pro Wrestling event to be moved to August 24. That was the originally date and the building never made the change to fit it. Unfortunately, Chasyn Rance will not be able to attend the event due to prior commitments. The event still looks to be a great one and any fans in the area should definitely check it out.

FIP - August 9 - Ybor City, FL RIOT - August 17 - Palm Bay, FL BELIEVE - August 25 - Orlando, FL

Chasyn Rance Retains the Florida Cruiserweight Title
7.22.13 - While Chasyn retained the title, it may be deceiving because he did not win the match. In the end, Santana went for the Shining Star Press but Chasyn rolled in. Santana landed on her feet and immediately delivered a German Suplex to Chasyn pinning him for the 3-count. As James Scott announced Santana as the new champion, the referee Pez Merriweather waved it off saying he counted both shoulders down. Chasyn quickly left the ring with the title. Chasyn will defend the title next week in Coral Gables on an event featuring Kevin Nash and Hurricane Helms. Chasyn is scheduled to face Wayne VanDyke at the next I Believe in Wrestling event on Sunday, August 25, 2013 if Chasyn is still champion. Between those matches, Chasyn returned to FIP on Friday, August 9, 2013 with Mister Saint Laurent taking on Lince Dorado in a grudge match. These two have been constantly fighting over the top cruiserweight spot in the state and more recently in FIP over world title opportunities.

Chasyn Rance Retains the RIOT Cruiserweight Title - Onto Florida Cruiserweight Title Defense
7.21.13 - More details will be posted later but quickly, Chasyn Rance successfully defended the Riot Pro Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship last night against Jason Cade. Today at the Team Vision Dojo, Chasyn will defend the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship against the #1 contender, Santana Garrett! Doors open at 4:45pm and the event starts at 5pm.

Sunday, July 21, 2012 - Orlando, FL
Sunday, July 21, 2012 @ 5:00pm / Doors open @ 4:45pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Heavyweight Championship
Q.T. MARSHALL (champion) vs. JESSE NEAL (challenger)

Florida Cruiserweight Championship
CHASYN RANCE (champion) vs. SANTANA GARRETT (challenger)

#1 Contendership for Florida Cruiserweight Championship


General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets at:

Chasyn To Defends Saturday in Palm Bay & in Sunday in Orlando
7.19.13 - This weekend, Chasyn Rance will defend the RIOT Cruiserweight Championship against Jason Cade in Palm Bay. This will be his third defense. Sunday, Chasyn will once again defend the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Santana Garrett in a singles match. Last month, she almost had the title won in the 3-way but fell short as a disgruntled Jayson Falcone interfered after he was eliminated. This will be tough for Chasyn defending two titles in two nights. If he loses Saturday night, will it affect him Sunday? Will it be hurt his confidence if Santana can become the new Florida Cruiserweight Champion? Find out this weekend in Palm Bay and Orlando, FL!

Chasyn Rance w/ Mister Saint Laurent vs. Lince Dorado at the Next FIP Event
7.14.13 - It was just announced that Chasyn Rance, with Mister Saint Laurent in his corner, will be taking on the "Purfect 10" Lince Dorado again at the next Full Impact Pro event on Friday, August 9. These two have competed quite a bit over the state but the sportsmanship has gone out the window with these two while trying to compete for a top spot in wrestling while in FIP, the biggest company in Florida with ties all over the world. At this past event, the two kept getting involved in each other's business as the night went on. Will this be the match to settle the score? Find out Friday, August 9 in Ybor City at the Orpheum. If you can't be there live, you can watch it live on iPPV.

Women's Wrestling this Weekend
7.9.13 - This is a very big weekend for women's wrestling in Florida. Santana Garrett will be competing in the tournament to crown the first ever Shine Champion on their 1 year anniversary show. Santana potentially has 3 matches this Friday night and can be seen live on iPPV. While Chasyn will not be competing Friday on the all women's event, he will however compete in exhibition matches for Slammin' Ladies this weekend. You can customize your own matches featuring Chasyn and the best women in professional wrestling today. Check out the website for all the details.

Full Impact Pro Results
7.6.13 - Last night, FIP kicked off with a sit in by Mister Saint Laurent for Chasyn not receiving a shot at the Zero-1 International Junior Heavyweight Championship. Kenneth Cameron came out to start their scheduled match. In a back and forth match, Chasyn almost finished him off with the Chasyn Driver onto the chair ala beating Lince Dorado last event. Dorado came out to make the save allowing Cameron to beat a distracted Chasyn. later, Chasyn attacked Dorado after his loss in the title match. Gresham made the save. In the main event between Jon Davis and Trent Barreta, after the disqualification finish, Chasyn attacked Barreta, and Davis and he continued a beating until Dorado made the save. Chasyn, Jon Davis, and MSL retreated with the FIP World Heavyweight title. FIP returns on Friday, August 9, 2013 at the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. You can watch this event online now!

  Chasyn Rance vs. Kenneth Cameron this Friday
7.1.13 - It was announced this past Friday that Chasyn Rance, accompanied by Mister Saint Laurent, will be taking on former WWE developmental wrestler Kenneth Cameron. Cameron, who is close to a foot taller than Chasyn, was released from the WWE after beating up a police officer. While Cameron may appear to be a little crazy, Chasyn still has the skills to take the big man down. Cameron is from England with a background in British wrestling, while Chasyn is from British decent and has competed there multiple times. While looking forward to the match, both Chasyn and Mister Saint Laurent are a little perplexed as to why Lince Dorado will be facing Jonathan Gresham for the Zero-1 International Junior Heavyweight Championship since Chasyn pinned Lince last event. MSL has expressed his displeasure on YouTube. We'll see how this plays out this Friday in Ybor City at the Orpheum. If you can't be there in person, watch it on iPPV.

Website Update
6.26.13 - The website received a small update on all the pages. Results now give a little bit more information. The training section has been vastly updated. Also, check out to see the latest video posted by Mister Saint Laurent regarding the upcoming FIP event on Friday, July 5, 2013.

14 Years Ago Today...
6.25.13 - 14 years ago today, June 25, 1999, Chasyn Rance made his official in ring debut in Miramar, FL. Wrestling as El Lobo, a masked martial arts luchador, Chasyn hid his very young 16 year old face to be taken more serious. Chasyn faced off against Jon Elias and Flex Magnum, two assistant trainers at Rusty Brooks' School of Hard Knocks. Elias won the three-way but in the night's main event, it was El Lobo announced as the winner of the 18 man over the top rope battle royal featuring Rusty Brooks, Bobby Rogers, and many more. Today, Chasyn continues to pursue his dream of a professional wrestler. In his 14 years, Chasyn has competed in the WWE, TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, EVOLVE, Major League Wrestling, traveled to many different countries, ran multiple wrestling schools, multiple wrestling promotions, made many great friends in the legends of the squared circle, trained many top up-and-coming wrestlers, and has been dating one of the hottest female wrestlers ever, Santana Garrett, for the past 3+ years. Not too shabby in this very rough business. Chasyn has no plans of leaving the business as, even with set backs here and there, he continues to make a difference, make money, and have a great time living life with a big smile on his face.

Chasyn Rance Pins Santana Garrett to Retain the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship
6.24.13 - Yesterday at the Team Vision Dojo, I Believe in Wrestling returned for BELIEVE 54. In the scheduled main event, Chasyn Rance defended the championship against Santana Garrett and Jayson Falcone. About five to six minutes into the match, Chasyn got tired of Falcone and asked Santana to please go to the original plan of eliminating Falcone. They teamed up with Santana hitting Falcone with an enziguiri, Chasyn with a flying mafia kick off of Santana's back to a Falcone sitting on the top rope, a Chasyn Driver, followed by the Shining Star Press. Falcone has no chance in this. After Falcone was eliminated, Santana quickly rolled Chasyn up for almost a 3-count. The two continued for a little over four minutes before Santana seemly had it won. As Santana went for the Shining Star Press, Falcone started to finally get up. Falcone held onto Santana's wrists near the ropes and she attempted her Shining Star Press. This allowed Chasyn to roll up Santana and score the pinfall to the confused Santana. Commissioner Josh Rich congratulated Chasyn but let him know he'd have to face Santana next month one-on-one without any interference. An argumentative Chasyn Rance took off after getting no where with Josh Rich. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Sunday, July 21, 2013.

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends the RIOT Cruiserweight Championship Against Blake Archer
6.23.13 - Last night, Chasyn Rance was scheduled to face Johnny Vandal and the Dirty White Boy in a tag team match teaming with Gabriel Black. However, Johnny Vandal was injured wrestling Lince Dorado at EVOLVE 21 and no one else with travel with the Dirty White Boy. Chasyn willingly defended the RIOT Cruiserweight Championship against one of his many students, Blake Archer. This was Archer's second match but first one-on-one encounter. A match that went over 15 minutes ended when Chasyn used an old school shooter hold called the Sugar Hold taught to him by the "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko. After the match, Chasyn congratulated Blake on doing so well, raised his hands, but made the mistake of turning his back. In true pro wrestling fashion, emotions took over and Blake hit Chasyn from behind then promptly stuck him with the title belt. Archer left the ring as Gabriel Black and a couple of referees were coming out to make the save. Chasyn was carried out and did not participate in the main event lumberjack match. However, prior to the main, Jason Cade won his tag team match and challenged Chasyn for the next event on Saturday, July 20, 2013.


Sunday, June 23, 2012 - Orlando, FL
Sunday, June 23, 2012 @ 5:00pm / Doors open @ 4:45pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Cruiserweight Championship - Three-Way Elimination Match
CHASYN RANCE (champion) vs. SANTANA (challenger) vs. JAYSON FALCONE (challenger)

#1 Contender's Match for the Florida Heavyweight Championship





General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets at:

Chasyn Rance in Tag Team Action this Saturday in Palm Bay
6.18.13 - This Saturday is the return of Riot Pro Wrestling at the Palm Bay Hotel and Conference Center. RIOT Cruiserweight Champion Chasyn Rance will be tagging with Gabriel Black taking on Johnny Vandal and Dirty White Boy.

    Chasyn Rance Beats Chico Adams
6.9.13 - Last night, Southern Championship Wrestling returned to the Sanford Salvation Army Gymnasium. The event featured 7 big matches featuring all the championships in the second half including Chasyn's defense and Santana Garrett's Women's Championship defense. As Three Knights and a Rose finished up their set at intermission, Chasyn and Chico Adams prepared to go to war inside the squared circle. As the entered the ring and began to tie up, Chico showed off his strength and his loud mouth to Chasyn only to be shut up with a huge slap that left his ear ringing. The two continued to go to war in a near 10 minute fight, Chasyn was able to pull off the decisive on Adams following a flying roundhouse kick aimed at Chico's head but landed across his face and the Chasyn Driver to keep Adams down. Chasyn celebrated with the championship before leaving the ring and a prone Chico Adams on the floor. The next match saw Santana successfully defend her championship. SCW returns to the Sanford Salvation Army Gymnasium on Saturday, July 27, 2013. If Chasyn retains his championship at BELIEVE 54 in two weeks, he'll be defending the championship again in Sanford.
Title Defense this Saturday
6.4.13 - This Saturday in Sanford, FL, Chasyn Rance will be putting the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Bobby "Chico" Adams. Chasyn is the current 4-time Florida Cruiserweight Champion and will be taking on one of his heavyweight challengers. These two know each other pretty well as Chasyn is Adams' trainer. While Chasyn knows a lot more in the ring, Adams does have the size and strength advantage. They've competed in 4 separate singles matches with both of them picking up 2 wins. This will beat the tie breaker and the winner will walk out as the championship.

Pro Wrestling Training in Orlando
6.4.13 - New students are signing up constantly at the Team Vision Dojo to pursue a dream of becoming a pro wrestler, manager/valet, referee, or manager. If you ever wanted to become a professional wrestler, why wait? Sign up at the Team Vision Dojo. Come in for a consultation and check out a day of training. E-mail


Chasyn Rance Goes 2-1 for EVOLVE in Florida
6.3.13 - Thursday kicked off in Orlando with Chasyn tagging with Santana Garrett, taking on Derek Ryze and Justine Silver. This was a mixed tag rules match where guys can only wrestle guys and same for the girls. In the end, Chasyn hit a flying mafia kick to Ryze on the top rope using Santana as a launching pad and finished off Ryze with the Chasyn Driver. On Saturday night in Jacksonville, Chasyn took part in a 6-way scramble match involving Maxwell Chicago, J.D. Amazing, Jack LeDuc, Beastly Brody, and Aron Agony. Chasyn started off the match with Agony and its how it ended as well. Amazing and LeDuc knocked each other out of the ring. Chasyn hit Maxwell with a super kick, Brody with a mafia kick, and Agony with the Chasyn Driver for the pinfall on Agony. Sunday night in Ybor City, it was one-on-one with Maxwell Chicago. Both tried to out cheat each other. In the end, Chasyn was caught pinning Chicago with his feet on the ropes for leverage. The referee admonished Chasyn while Chicago then rolled Chasyn up with his feet on the ropes as well. The referee never saw it and the fans claimed it never happened. Chasyn walked about from his EVOLVE debut weekend with a good showing and a decent record of 2-1.

Chasyn Rance Debuts for Evolve Wrestling
5.28.13 - This Thursday, Chasyn Rance will debut for EVOLVE Wrestling. EVOLVE is the top independent wrestling company in the country. They made their way to Orlando this Thursday, and Chasyn will open the event at 7pm. The event takes place at the Florida National Guard Armory.

Santana Garrett Pins Chasyn Rance in Tag Team Match
5.27.13 - Yesterday in the semi-main event of the I Believe in Wrestling event, Santana Garrett pinned Chasyn Rance following the Shining Star Press. After the match, Commissioner Josh Rich awarded Santana the next title match against Chasyn on June 23 at the Team Vision Dojo. Jayson Falcone protested stating his inadvertent missile drop kick that hit Chasyn led to the pinfall. Rich announced that it'd be a three-way on the BELIEVE 54 event.

  Sunday, May 26, 2012 - Orlando, FL
Sunday, May 26, 2012 @ 5:00pm / Doors open @ 4:30pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Heavyweight Championship - Street Fight
J.D. AMAZING (champion) vs. "GOD'S GIFT" Q.T. MARSHALL (challenger)

Florida Cruiserweight Champion CHASYN RANCE & MAXWELL CHICAGO





General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets at:

Chasyn Rance Awarded & Successfully Defends Riot Championship
5.26.13 - Last night, Chasyn Rance was awarded the RPW Cruiserweight Championship and successfully defended it against Josh Hess. Later that night, Chasyn saved Gabriel Black from a beat down setting up a tag team match next month, June 22, 2013.

Check Out the Schedule for All Upcoming Live Events
5.17.13 - Chasyn has been busy with many behind the scenes projects. It has caused his wrestling schedule to be cut down a bit. You can still see Chasyn all over the states and other parts of the world. Keep up with his dates by checking out the Schedule above and also follow Chasyn on Twitter and like him on Facebook.

Chasyn Rance vs. Josh Hess for the Florida Cruiserweight Championship at Riot Pro Wrestling
5.8.13 - Riot Pro Wrestling has their first event in just over two weeks at the Palm Bay Hotel and Conference Center in Palm Bay, FL. Chasyn Rance will be defending the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Josh Hess. Also on the card, J.D. Amazing defends the Florida Heavyweight Championship against Jack LeDuc, Santana Garrett defends the Florida Women's Championship, and much more. Tickets range from $12, $8, and FREE for kids 6 and under.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Lince Dorado, Josh Hess, and Jayson Falcone to Retain Cruiserweight Title
5.8.13 - Chasyn's three-way with Hess and Falcone that turned into a one-on-one match with Dorado eventually became a four-way for the USCW Cruiserweight Championship. Last night in the main event, these four went at it. Luckily, the fans stayed after the great semi-main event that saw Santana Garrett retain the Women's title over Justine Silver. Rance, Dorado, Hess, and Falcone started the match as a four-way tag but things eventually broke down and the tower of doom was seem for the first time on the USCW television broadcast. Everyone fought until the end when Chasyn hit Falcone with the Chasyn Driver for the win. Your winner and still Cruiserweight Champion, Chasyn Rance. USCW returns for the Fourth of July special event currently scheduled for July 6, 2013. Please note that this date is not finalized and is subject to change. Please check back here and on their website.

Shake Up in May
5.6.13 - Starting with tomorrow's USCW event, Chasyn will now be defending the championship against the "Purfect 10" Lince Dorado. Also, the Riot Pro Wrestling event in Palm Bay starting in June will now start in May with May 25 being the inaugural event. Chasyn will defend the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Josh Hess. Check out the Schedule section of the website for more info.

Chasyn Rance Defends the USCW Cruiserweight Championship in Jacksonville
4.29.13 - On Tuesday, May 7, Chasyn Rance will be defending the USCW Cruiserweight Championship in a three-way with Josh Hess and Jayson Falcone. Chasyn first won the title back in 2004, stripped in 2007, but reinstated as the champion in 2012 thus continuing his reign. As the current 9 year champion, he'll take on two of his students where Chasyn doesn't need to be pinned to lose the title. This will be the first three-way for the championship. Also on the card, Santana Garrett will defend the USCW Ladies' Championship against Justine Silver. Check out this great event and a great fair on May 7, 2013.

Jesse Neal Cuts Chasyn Rance's Hair in the Main Event of I Believe in Wrestling
4.29.13 - Last night at the Team Vision Dojo for the I Believe in Wrestling event, the Florida Cruiserweight Champion Chasyn Rance stood in the ring as Lince Dorado's music hit waiting to start the main event title match and hair vs. mask. However, no Lince. Chasyn got on the mic knowing Lince wasn't there and stated that he took him out of action at FIP this past Friday with a Chasyn Driver onto a chair. Chasyn knew Commissioner Josh Rich would not let him out of there without putting his hair on the line and challenged anyone in the back. Out came Jesse Neal to a huge pop from the crowd that had no idea he was there. The two went at it but in the end, Jesse won with a spear. As Chasyn tried to leave, Q.T. Marshall, Tim Zbyszko, and Gabriel Black carried Chasyn back to the ring where they partially cut his hair. Chasyn's hair is so poorly cut in many spots that its going to take a lot of work to fix it at the salon. Look for pictures soon. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Sunday, May 26, 2013.

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends SCW Cruiserweight Championship
4.28.13 - Last night and one night before the big defense against Lince Dorado, his hair, and Chasyn's mask, Chasyn successfully defended the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship against newcomer Jason Cade. It seemed like Chasyn has Cade early in the match, but Jason Sensation kept trying to run interference. Sensation was privy to Chasyn's flying body when he wasn't paying attention. Chasyn finished off Cade with the Sensational Spike, a variation of the Emerald Flowsion, and Sensation who tried to come in the ring at the end received the Chasyn Driver. Unlike last month in SCW when fans booed Chasyn against Stevie Richards, they were solidly behind him here. SCW returns to the Sanford Salvation Army Gymnasium on Saturday, June 8, 2013.

Chasyn Rance Walks Out of the FIP Main Event with the FIP World Heavyweight Champions Belt
4.27.13 - While the subject may seem deceiving, it is. Chasyn fought Lince Dorado last night and was victorious following a Chasyn Driver onto a chair that Mister Saint Laurent strategically placed there while having the referee distracted with another chair. In the main event, Jon Davis was defending that championship against Homicide. Mister Saint Laurent also manages Jon Davis' career and had a discussion with the referee that allowed Chasyn to run interference helping Davis retain the title. Homicide got his revenge hitting both Chasyn and Jon Davis with a chair. While Davis retreated, Chasyn wasn't as lucky as he received a Cop Killa. Homicide threw the belt onto Chasyn and told him to return it to Davis. Homicide is out for revenge. Side note, USWA in Jacksonville ran an event last night and both Davis and Rance were informed they were stripped of the Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight championships respectfully. If you missed Full Impact Pro last night at the Orpheum in Ybor City or online on iPPV, it is available to watch now!

Chasyn Rance vs. Lince Dorado in Ybor City and Orlando
4.23.13 - It was announced late last night that Tampa area fans will get to see a sneak preview of the hair vs. mask championship match as Chasyn Rance will be facing Lince Dorado in Ybor City in FIP. These are the two best cruiserweights in Florida and this is a match you can't miss and can be seen on iPPV.


Last Week of April 2013
4.22.13 - FIP, SCW, and BELIEVE all return this weekend! Friday, Chasyn, who last competed for FIP on his 30th birthday, is coming off of a win and with Mister Saint Laurent in his corner, he's planning on keeping the streak alive in Ybor City. Saturday, Chasyn will be defending the SCW Cruiserweight Championship against Jay Cade. Chasyn agreed to this match assuming this will be a night of in Sanford. Sunday, if still champion, he'll be defending in Orlando against Lince Dorado with the added stipulation, hair vs. mask!

Week's Results
4.21.13 - Santana had a great showing at the Cauliflower Alley Club being the sole survivor in the 5-on-5 women's elimination match. Chasyn helped couch her for the match and later opted out of the main event's over the top rope battle royal. The rest of the event went really well. Everyone loved Santana! Slammin' Ladies saw Santana wrestle 10 matches while Chasyn had 3 against Su Yung, Evie, and a tag against Shazza McKenzie and Jessie McKay. Off to South Florida, Chasyn accepted an open challenge by Aron Agony in a losing effort during the Battling Bombshells event that was taking more time to start than it should have. Chasyn wrestled unprepared in jeans, barefoot. Later that night, Chasyn, Aron, and 5 others competed for the newly established FOW National Junior Heavyweight Championship where the match was stolen by Derek Drexl. Chasyn injured his ankle in this match and after it ended, Aron tried to help Chasyn out. Not wanting any help and feeling it was an insult, Chasyn tried to attach Aron only to receive his second and third shooting star press of the night. The these events have future dates coming up so check out the Schedule section.

Cauliflower Alley Club, Slammin' Ladies, Shine, Battling Bombshells, & FOW All this Week
4.12.13 - On Sunday night, Chasyn takes off for Las Vegas where he'll meet up with Santana Monday morning who is coming back from Shimmer Women Athletes, for the 48th annual banquet of the Cauliflower Alley Club. Chasyn is a lifetime member of the CAC since 2008. Upon returning back to Florida, the Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever will take off right away to head to the Tampa area for Slammin' Ladies where they'll film customized matches Friday morning as well as Saturday morning. Friday night, Santana will be wrestling for Shine Wrestling. After Slammin' Ladies Saturday morning, the duo will take off for South Florida where Santana will be wrestling on Battling Bombshells and Chasyn will be wrestling on the Future of Wrestling event. Visit the Schedule section of this website for all events.

Pro Wrestling Xtreme Cancelled
4.10.13 - PWX had to cancel their event and will have a new date soon. Keep checking back.

Chasyn Rance Competing Saturday, April 13 in Orlando for PWX
3.31.13 - Pro Wrestling Xtreme returns to the Florida National Guard Armory on Saturday, April 13, 2013. Chasyn's opponent has yet to be named but in one of the main event, Chasyn's student at the Team Vision Dojo, Bobby "Chico" Adams will be challenging Steve Corino for the PWX Heavyweight Championship. Last event, Adams pinned Corino with a crucifix; a move taught properly along with many other pinning holds that can beat the best.

Chasyn Rance w/ Mister Saint Laurent Defeats Corey Hollis at FIP and Turns 30!
3.18.13 - Friday night, Chasyn Rance competed against a rising star in Corey Hollis. The two of them did everything they could to beat the other. In the end, a little help from Mister Saint Laurent and using the referee's back as a launching pad led to Chasyn's victory. The match can be viewed at WWN Live.

Chasyn Rance's 30th Birthday and 621st Match
3.14.13 - Taken from: - Tomorrow, marks my 30th years on this earth and my 621st match in professional wrestling. Join the festivities in Ybor City with me, Santana, the FIP crew, and anyone else that shows up.

Chasyn Rance Retains the Florida Cruiserweight Championship
3.11.13 - Yesterday's main event featured the current 4-time SCW Florida Cruiserweight Champion, Chasyn Rance, defending against the former champion, the "Purfect 10" Lince Dorado. This was a rematch from 2 months prior where Chasyn won with a supposed accidental demasking. In this match that the fans were on the edge of their seats for except when they had to move as the two spilled to the floor at one point, they fought tooth and nail. Near the end, Lince hit Chasyn with the shooting star press but Chasyn put him foot on the rope after the pin. The referee restarted the match and Chasyn almost pulled off a sneaky upset. They exchanged pins until Chasyn ripped off Lince's mask against but was disqualified. While Chasyn retained the title, Commissioner Josh Rich set up another match on Sunday, April 28 where if Chasyn gets disqualified, he'll also lose the title. Additional, Lince's mask will be on the line and so will Chasyn's hair!

Chasyn Received a Shot at the Extreme Rising Heavyweight Championship Last Night in the Main Event
3.10.13 - Last night, SCW started their tournament to crown a new SCW Southern Heavyweight Champion. The main event was set as the SCW Cruiserweight Champion Chasyn Rance taking on a former champion in WWE, ECW, NWA, and more including the current Extreme Rising Heavyweight Champion Stevie Richards. Aside from this being the final tournament of the night, Richards voluntarily put the Extreme Rising Heavyweight Championship after the two exchanged some words over Twitter. In the actual match, Chasyn took it to Stevie as hard as he could and almost knocked him out with a Misawa type of enziguiri. However, Richards was able to lock on the Koji Clutch that he calls the Stevie Stretch. Advancing in the tournament and still champion, Stevie Richards. However, its a safe bet that Stevie won't forget the beating Chasyn put on him last night. SCW returns on Saturday, April 27.

Chasyn Rance w/ Mister Saint Laurent vs. Corey Hollis Announced for FIP Next Friday
3.10.13 - Full Impact Pro has announced their card for Friday, March 15. Chasyn Rance, accompanied by Mister Saint Laurent, will be taking on Corey Hollis for the first time. Hollis is fairly new but was up for Rookie of the Year in 2010 for Pro Wrestling Illustrated as well as ranked the past 2 years in the PWI 500. This is Chasyn's 30th birthday and is not going to take anything lightly in this match to where he could possibly be embarrassed. Chasyn will prove his loss to Uhaa Nation was actually an upset and will be coming after that championship.

March Schedule Including Chasyn's 30th Birthday at FIP!

2.27.13 - While March isn't too busy as far as live wrestling events Chasyn is taking part of, the saying quality over quantity definitely comes into play here. First, Chasyn will be competing against former ECW World Heavyweight and WWF World Hardcore Champion, Stevie Richards in the first round the SCW Southern Heavyweight Championship tournament on Saturday, March 9 in Sanford, FL. The following night, Chasyn will be to defending the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship in the main event of the I Believe in Wrestling event in Orlando, FL against former champion the "Purfect 10" Lince Dorado. Undoubtedly, both Chasyn and Lince are the two best cruiserweights in Florida. This will also be Chasyn's last match in his 20s. On Friday, March 15, Chasyn will turn 30 years old and will be competing for Full Impact Pro in Ybor City, FL. This will be an iPPV event that can be views at After and possibly during the event, Chasyn and everyone will be celebrating his 30th birthday which works out well as this event will be at one of the hottest bars in Ybor City, the Orpheum. Another side note on FIP, Chasyn has been on the FIP roster longer than any other competitor currently there and has his eyes set on FIP gold now more than ever.

Chasyn Rance Misses Next Generation Wrestling
2.24.13 - Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chasyn Rance was unable to attend the NGW event this past Friday. It is with great sadness that he missed this event and hope to have the situation resolved before the next event on Friday, April 12, 2013. Chasyn did make it to Calgary and spoke with Teddy Hart and his father. Check back in the future here, Facebook fan page, and Twitter to see updates.

Next Generation Wrestling this Friday in Calgary
2.19.13 - Chasyn is preparing for his return to Calgary, Alberta, Canada after an 8 1/2 year absence. The event will be featured on iPPV the following evening. Check their Twitter account for continual updates on the live event.

Belleview Pro Wrestling Results
2.18.13 - Belleview Pro Wrestling returned yesterday with a small card. In the opener, Santana Garrett beat Jayson Falcone to win the Belleview Cruiserweight Championship. In the second match, Chico Adams retained the Belleview Heavyweight Championship over Wiseman Pierce. In the main event, Chasyn Rance beat Alan Stratton pretty quickly. Chasyn grabbed the mic and said that was there to have a real match and he loves being champion. He proceeded to call out Santana to defend her newly one title. Santana accepted and flipped around to give her an early advantage. Chasyn eventually took over but as they two were exchanging pinfalls, Jayson Falcone came out to protest. Chasyn and Santana both threw Falcone into the ring, Chasyn hit him with a super kick, and Santana followed up with the Shining Star Press. As Chasyn taunted a prone Falcone, Santana rolled up Chasyn for a 3-count. Santana celebrated while Chasyn was in shock. More Belleview events will be announced in the near future so keep checking back.

Belleview Pro Wrestling Returns this Sunday
2.12.13 - This Sunday, pro wrestling returns to Belleview, FL. Chasyn Rance, Santana Garrett, and many others will be back in the South Marion County area. For more information on this event and ticket availability, e-mail

Chasyn Rance Beats Chico Adams - Defends Against Lince Dorado on March 10, 2013
2.11.13 - Sunday afternoon, Commissioner Josh Rich opened the BELIEVE event talking to the fans about tonight and last month's event. While discussing how Chasyn took of Lince's mask last event, Chasyn came out to confront Josh saying it was an accident. Rich told Chasyn's he'd be watching him and even though he's supposed to wrestle later, just to do it now. Out came Chico Adams and the two wrestled for nearly 15 minutes where Chasyn was able to score the pinfall when Chico landed crotch first on Chasyn's leg. Chasyn claimed it was an accident and left the ring. Later that night in the main event, Lince Dorado won a four-way contenders match for Chasyn's Florida Cruiserweight Championship. After the match, Chasyn tried to shake Lince's hand, but Lince walked off. Next month, the two will face off again for the championship, and Josh Rich said he'd be keeping a close watch on Chasyn Rance.

Chasyn Rance Beats Maxx Stardom
2.11.13 - Saturday night, Chasyn squared off one-on-one with Maxx Stardom for an FOW event. Last event, these two faced off in a four-way that Chasyn by pinning Stardom. The finish Saturday night was no different until the final 3-count. A mastodon of a woman that had been jaw jacking with Chasyn during the match, pulled the referee out right after the Chasyn Driver and the 3-count. She made her way into the ring where Chasyn tried to yank her by the hair only to pull off a wig. She jumping on top of him and then splashed him on the mat. She celebrated with a barely conscious Maxx Stardom before being escorted out. Unsure of the actual decision where Chasyn won via pinfall or if the referee decided to disqualify Stardom as two different reports have been going around. Either way, your winner, Chasyn Rance. FOW returns to Deerfield Beach on April 20, 2013.

Chasyn Rance vs. Chico Adams this Sunday in Orlando
2.8.13 - While Chasyn first has to go through Maxx Stardom tomorrow night, its just been announced that Chasyn will be facing Chico Adams on Sunday in Orlando for I Believe in Wrestling. Check out the Schedule as well as just below for more information on both of these events.

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