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Hart Legacy Out, Next Generation In
2.7.13 - Due to differences between business partners in the Hart Legacy Wrestling organization, the company no longer ceases to exist. However, out of the ashes comes Next Generation Wrestling. Non-wrestling partisans were they only losses with Hart Legacy Wrestling. Next Generation Wrestling has Teddy Hart, Kevin Nash, Konnan, Chasyn Rance, and others all working together. Many big things are on the horizon with the partnership of the above mentioned names for events and training in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Chasyn will be flying out to Canada on Thursday, February 21 with the inaugural NGW event being held the next night, Friday, February 22 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.




Central and South Florida Events this Weekend
2.3.13 - This weekend, Chasyn Rance will be competing in Deerfield Beach and Orlando, FL this Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday night, Chasyn returns to South Florida to take on Maxx Stardom for Future of Wrestling. These two have squared off in a 3-way, 4-way, and a 6-way over the last 15 months in FOW where Chasyn won the 3-way and 4-way but Maxx won the 6-way. There only one-on-one encounter took place back in 2008 where Chasyn won. Maxx is looking to redeem himself for that match and in FOW since he hasn't been doing so well since losing the FOW International Heavyweight Championship.
On Sunday, Chasyn will be competing for BELIEVE in Orlando at the Team Vision Dojo. Chasyn's match has yet to be announced buy maybe during this week. Chasyn will more than likely not be defending his championship.

Mister Saint Laurent Demands Chasyn Rance Be Awarded the FIP Florida Heritage Championship
2.2.13 - Last night, Chasyn and MSL kicked off the FIP iPPV as Lenny Leonard was in the ring announcing the championship matches that night. MSL announced the Uhaa Nation was not cleared to wrestle and Chasyn should be awarded the Championship. The letter MSL had was from January 31 but Leonard has one from February 1 at noon saying Uhaa was cleared to wrestle. Uhaa came out for the match, and Chasyn started it by launching his robe over Uhaa's head and going on the attack. The match went back and forth with Chasyn focusing on Uhaa's bad knee. In the end though, Uhaa was too much for Chasyn this night and picked up the win. Chasyn is claiming he wasn't prepared for the match as he didn't think Uhaa would be wrestling that night. We'll see what happens on the next FIP event to be held on March 15 which happens to be Chasyn's 30th birthday! If you want to check out this title match and the rest of the show, its available to watch online at WWN Live.

Chasyn Rance vs. Uhaa Nation - FIP Florida Heritage Championship - Tonight in Ybor City
2.1.13 - Tonight, FIP makes its long awaited return. Chasyn Rance along with his personal adviser, Mister Saint Laurent, will be taking on the FIP Florida Heritage Champion Uhaa Nation. This will be their first encounter in the ring and may also be Uhaa's first time in Florida. This will be a contrast in styles as Chasyn is a ground wrestler that can be very cocky and Uhaa is a jacked powerhouse that's a high flyer. Chasyn has almost 10 years of experience on Uhaa so that should definitely come into play. If you can't be there live in Ybor City tonight, you can watch the event on iPPV.

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends the USWA Junior Heavyweight Champions Beating Mike Cruz
1.27.13 - Last night, Chasyn Rance was victorious for the first time over Mike Cruz in singles competition. While they've squared off in other contests including tag team, three-way, and four-way with Chasyn being successful, Chasyn was coming into this match 0-2 against Mike Cruz in singles competition. The defending champion was able to pull out the win with some suspect measures but still pulled out the win and ended his losing streak against Mike Cruz. USWA plans to return in April so keep checking back.



Full Impact Pro Returns February 1, 2013 to Ybor City
1.17.13 - It's official, Full Impact Pro makes its long awaited return to Florida on Friday, February 1, 2013. Chasyn Rance will be accompanied in his match with his personal adviser, Mister Saint Laurent. Also on the card, FIP Florida Heritage Champion Uhaa Nation, FIP Tag Team Champions The Scene, Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis & Kory Chavis), Johnny Vandal, Tommy Taylor, Mike Cruz, A.R. Fox, Team Lucha, Maxwell Chicago, and many more! The event will take place at the same venue Shine Wrestling runs their events, The Orpheum. Its located at 1915 E 17th St, Ybor City, FL 33605.

Chasyn has a long history with FIP, first debuting on September 2, 2005 against the only triple crowd champion in FIP, Erick Stevens. Chasyn went on to form his own group, the YRR (Young, Rich, & Ready for Action). The group won the Florida Heritage and Tag Team Championships as well as competing in Ring of Honor (ROH). While mainly accompanied by many, many women to the ring, Chasyn eventually brought on Mister Saint Laurent. Chasyn's last appearance in FIP was on June 26, 2010 where he was accompanied by girlfriend and Shine Wrestling star, Santana Garrett. He picked up a win over Sugar Dunkerton.

Canada Booking Changed
1.17.13 - While Friday's event date hasn't changed, a few people are being held off until the February. There will be events in Calgary, Medicine Head, and Edmonton.

Chasyn Rance Returns to Canada this Weekend
1.15.13 - This weekend, Hart Legacy Wrestling has their inaugural event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Aside from Chasyn Rance being on the card, so is Kevin Nash, Konnan, Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters, IWGP Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith, Jr. (Harry Smith) & Lance Archer, Jack Evans, Sonjay Dutt,  El Generico, Trent Barreta, Teddy Hart, and many more! The first event will be held on Friday where Chasyn will be competing in a 3-way mixed tag team match and there may be a second event Saturday on iPPV.


Chasyn Rance Beats Lince Dorado to Retain the Florida Cruiserweight Championship
1.14.13 - In the main event of yesterday's BELIEVE event, Chasyn Rance pinned the "Purfect 10" Lince Dorado to retain the Florida Cruiserweight Championship. As Chasyn was setting up for the Chasyn Driver, Lince evaded it and was able to set up Chasyn for a springboard sunset flip. As Chasyn rocked backwards, he fought to keep himself up, ended up pulling of Lince's mask, and fell down into a cover. Chasyn quickly kick the mask back to Lince as he also raised his hands in victory and left. Commissioner Josh Rich announced at the following event, there'd be a number 1 contenders match for Chasyn's title featuring Lince Dorado vs. Aaron Epic vs. Gersom Sanchez vs. Santana Garret for Sunday, February 10, 2013.

Slammin' Ladies Results
1.13.13 - Yesterday, Chasyn Rance and the Shine Wrestling crew competed in exhibition matches. Chasyn wrestled former WWE Tough Enough contested Ivelisse the Huntress. Chasyn picked up the win with Santana as his referee. Many other matches were filming, and you can have your own match. Check out the website and place an order.


Sunday, January 13, 2012 - Orlando, FL
Sunday, January 13, 2012 @ 5:00pm / Doors open @ 4:30pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Cruiserweight Championship
CHASYN RANCE (champion) vs. "PURFECT 10" LINCE DORADO (challenger)




General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets are available at:

Schedule Updated
12.30.12 - 2013 is going to be a very big year. Already booked are many Florida events as well as an event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for Hart Legacy Wrestling. Other tours are in the works and this looks to be a very prosperous new year.

Results from the Past Days for Ring Warriors, Battling Bombshells, Future of Wrestling, Slammin Ladies
12.18.12 - Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were pretty busy for Chasyn. Saturday, former NWA affiliate Ring Warriors and Battling Bombshells put on event featuring all women and a man's battle royal. Chasyn survived the 20-man battle royal until the end where he was second to last eliminated by the winner Frank Sloan. Sunday, Chasyn took on one-half of the T.E.C.H. Squad in T.C. Reid. In a match that seemed as if Reid was not prepared for at all, Chasyn pinned him with a super kick. Monday was a full day of filming at Slammin' Ladies. Chasyn refereed a few matches and competed in a few matches. Chasyn's first match was a singles against Tough Enough's Ivelisse Velez in a losing effort. Chasyn then took on the Lovely Lacey and former TNA Impact Women's Knockout Champion Nikki Roxx where Chasyn beat both of the girls after multiple pile drivers. The last match saw Chasyn team with Chris Gray against Ivelisse and a partner that never showed up. For fifteen minutes, the two beat her up and probably had too much fun doing it. In the end, Chasyn pinned Ivelisse while Chris made the count. Book your very own unique match with the Slammin' Ladies crew.

Chasyn Rance Competes for Shot at NWA Ring Warriors & FOW Championship
12.11.12 - This Saturday in Hollywood, FL at the VFW Post 2500 Chasyn Rance will participate in an invitational over the top rope battle royal where the final two competitors square off in a one-on-one contest. The winner will get to choose which of an NWA Ring Warriors or FOW championship they would like to compete for. Currently, Bruce Santee is the NWA Ring Warriors Heavyweight Championship and Sean Allen is the FOW Heavyweight Champion. Also on the card, Santana Garrett will be taking on La Morena as well as 5 other women's matches including the NWA World Women's Championship on the line.

Chasyn Rance Wins Saturday at FOW and Announced New Wrestling School in Boca Raton
12.10.12 - Saturday night, Chasyn Rance defeated three other mainstays in FOW in Maxx Stardom, Joker, and Shawn Prime. In a four way that saw likes of strikes, flying, and blood, Chasyn came out on top pinning fellow former FOW International Heavyweight Champion Maxx Stardom with the Chasyn Driver. Also, it was announced that Chasyn Rance and I Believe in Wrestling will be opening up an additional wrestling school in Boca Raton in conjunction with FOW, NWA Ring Warriors, and Battling Bombshells. The school opens up this Thursday, December 13.

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends the Florida Cruiserweight Championship Against Josh Hess
12.4.12 - Sunday afternoon, BELIEVE had their first Sunday event and had a great turn out. The main event of the first half saw Josh Hess receive his first shot at the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship. In a match that went over 15 minutes, Hess looked to have almost won the championship. At one point, Chasyn went for a super kick but Hess put the referee in the way. Chasyn pulled the kick, moved the ref, and Hess low blowed Chasyn without the referee seeing. He followed up with a DDT and a pin that almost made it to 3. Hess put on his helmet, climbed to the top, and proceeded to miss a diving head butt. Chasyn followed it up with a super kick, the Chasyn Driver, and the final pinfall to retain his championship. Later in the night, Lince Dorado was announced by Commissioner Josh Rich that he'd receive the next title shot on Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 5pm for BELIEVE XLIX.


Sunday, December 2, 2012 - Orlando, FL
Sunday, December 2, 2012 @ 4:00pm / Doors open @ 3:30pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Heavyweight Championship
J.D. AMAZING (champion) vs. CHICO ADAMS (challenger)

Florida Cruiserweight Championship
CHASYN RANCE (champion) vs. JOSH HESS (challenger)



General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets are available at:

(Card Subject to Change)

The Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever Come Up Short in FOW
11.25.12 - Last night, Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett teamed up for the first time in Future of Wrestling, a company Chasyn first started with back in 1999. The duo faced Lince Dorado and Justine Silver in an intergender tag team match. All competitors competed against each other and the action went all over the place with everyone in the match diving to the floor, Chasyn springing off of Santana's back to the top ropes, and a shooting star press from Lince onto Chasyn for the final pinfall. FOW returns in December with multiple dates. Check back here and their website for more information.

Weekend Updates
11.18.12 - This past weekend, Chasyn Rance was in the Tampa area for the Shine, Slammin' Ladies, and NWA-FUW events. Chasyn participated in matches at Slammin' Ladies with Santana Garrett and Athena, and he was around to watch and help at the other events. Look for Chasyn to be back in the Tampa area more and compete in front of the live crowds. Keep checking the schedule.

Schedule Updated
11.11.12 - Click on the Schedule above to see dates for Chasyn including South, Central, West, and North Florida as well as Chile.

Josh Hess Pins Chasyn Rance and Demands Title Match
11.5.12 - The team of Biff Slater and Josh Hess picked up a win over Chasyn Rance and Chico Adams. Hess pinned Rance but after Biff Slater stuffed Chasyn in to the mat with a spear/spine buster type move. After the match, Josh proceeded to make tons of claims for the next BELIEVE event including a shot at Chasyn's championship. Chasyn actually cut him off before he finished his demands and said he'd more than welcome to try to beat him in a one-on-one match on Sunday, December 2 at 4pm.

Update for This Friday's I Believe in Wrestling Event
10.31.12 - Gorilla Hanley will not be appearing and will be replaced by Biff Slater. Biff is bigger, badder, and more experiences. Chasyn has faced Biff twice previously. Chasyn successfully defended the AWA World Tag Team Championship with Mister Saint Laurent against Biff and Bobby Fonta and also defeated Biff in a one-on-one match. Both these matches took place in mid-2010. Biff Slater should be looking to avenge those losses this Friday.


Unlikely Pairing at the BELIEVE Event November 2
10.27.12 - On Friday night, I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo. The event will feature seven matches with the featured match being for the Florida Heavyweight Championship as defending champion Ray Beez takes on the #1 contender J.D. Amazing. The Florida Cruiserweight Champion Chasyn Rance will not be defending his title as he just retained the title Thursday. While three other matches on the card will feature cruiserweights vying for a shot at the title, Chasyn will be in tag team action teaming with former rival Chico Adams. Chico joined the Team Vision Dojo after leaving the Funkin' Conservatory. While respectful most of the time, Chico can still have a big ego (not saying Chasyn doesn't). These two have fought in BELIEVE in a singles match for the heavyweight contendership, in a tag match for the AWA World Tag Team Championship, in BPW for the Belleview Heavyweight Championship, in UXW, in FOW, and Chico has even retired one of Chasyn's best friends, Mister Saint Laurent. However, these two will have to get along if they want to pick up the win on Friday as they take on the duo of Gorilla Hanley and Josh Hess. Hanley and Hess have been teaming for a couple of months now and look to show that they can be a dominant force on the Florida wrestling scene.


Chasyn Rance Defeats Maxwell Chicago and Dedicates his Match to Jeff Blatnick
10.26.12 - Last night, Chasyn Rance successfully defended the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Maxwell Chicago with his hired bodyguard, Johnny Fuggedaboutit. Fuggedaboutit was the best Chicago could get for his price range. In the end, Chasyn hit the Sensational Spike on Maxwell but Johnny put Maxwell's foot on the ropes. This prompted Chasyn to handle Johnny by diving on him over the top rope. As Chasyn came back in and set Maxwell up for a Super Kick, Johnny came in the ring and attacked Chasyn causing the disqualification. The two teamed up on Chasyn, but Chasyn was saved by Rob Weilert and former Nexus member, Michael Tarver. Chasyn dedicated this match to family friend, Jeff Blatnick, who tragically passed away the day before when going in for a simple procedure on his heart. Blatnick was an NCAA Division II heavyweight wrestling champion, 1984 Olympic gold medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling, former UFC commissioner, and a cancer survivor. Aside from his accomplishments, he was an overall great person and will be sadly missed.

Chasyn Rance Defends the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship this Thursday
10.20.12 - Just announced for this Thursday, the match that was supposed to take place at the last BELIEVE event, Chasyn Rance will put the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship on the line against top contender Maxwell Chicago. This is a special event to help raise money for the cross country and track team at Liberty High School 4250 Pleasant Hill Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746. Tickets start as low as $3. Doors open at 6:30pm and the event starts at 7pm.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Brandon Scherer to Retain the USCW Cruiserweight Championship
10.19.12 - Last night in the main event, Chasyn Rance successfully defended the championship against "Uncanny" Brandon Scherer following the Chasyn Driver. In a very good match that went back and forth with powerful as well as high flying moves, the crowd was appreciative but were pretty drained following the semi-main event of Santana Garrett successfully defending the Ladies Championship against Josh Hess. Josh too wanted to melt the Ladies title down if won. Either way, it didn't happen and it was a successful night for the Hottest Couple in Pro Wrestling Ever.

Chasyn Rance Defends the USCW Cruiserweight Championship Against Brandon Scherer this Thursday
10.14.12 - Thursday night, Chasyn Rance makes his way back to North Florida for United States Championship Wrestling to defend the Cruiserweight Championship against student Brandon Scherer. Also on the card, Santana Garrett will be defending the Ladies Championship. The event will be held at the Callahan Fair on US Highway 1 and starts at 7pm.



Chasyn Heads to Chile
10.13.12 - Chasyn and the rest of the Bad Boys of Wrestling head to Chile this December.

Belleview Pro Wrestling Results
10.8.12 - Saturday and Sunday saw the semi-finals and finals of the Belleview Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship tournament. Chasyn competed in both matches as Saturday saw Chasyn defeat J.D. Amazing after some shady tactics and a Chasyn Driver. On Sunday however, in the main event, Chico Adams was able to defeat Chasyn in the finals to become the champion. As Chico was being interviewed after the fight, Chasyn interrupted and demanded an immediate rematch. Chico said if he could beat this next person, Chasyn can have his rematch. Music hit and out came Santana Garrett. Santana got in the ring quick and the action started as she started to flyer all around the ring unable to be caught. Santana was able to hit a spinning X-Factor and her handspring moonsault for the pin. Santana Garrett won in 80 seconds.


Big Weekend in Belleview
10.6.12 - Tonight and tomorrow, Chasyn Rance will be competing for Belleview Pro Wrestling in Belleview, FL which is Santana Garrett's hometown. Chasyn has already advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament and will face J.D. Amazing tonight. After last night's scuffle, this one should start out hot. The winner of that match will face the winner of the Chico Adams/Leon Scott match on Sunday to crown the Belleview Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

Chasyn Rance Successfully Defends Florida Cruiserweight Title
10.6.12 - Last night, Chasyn was schedule to face Maxwell Chicago in Chasyn's 600th match and defend the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship. However, Maxwell cancelled earlier in the day stating travel issues. The Aaron Epic/Gersom Sanchez match was then slotted into the title match making it a 3-way elimination. Epic is a former Florida Cruiserweight Champion and Gersom Sanchez has one had one other professional wrestling match so far. The match turned out great as the three were trying their hardest to do all they could to win. From a crazy bicycle kick by Gersom to Epic's hard strikes to Chasyn's flying mafia kick and two Chasyn Drivers to finish off both other men. Your winner and still Florida Cruiserweight Champion, Chasyn Rance.

Chasyn Rance & The BBWF Crew Head to Chile
10.6.12 - Its been announced that Chasyn Rance will go on his second tour with the Bad Boys of Wrestling Federation in December as the crew heads to Chile. Chasyn will rejoin the crew of Kevin Nash, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, Billy Gunn, Rhino, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Scott Steiner, The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Angelina Love), Shawn Daivari, Krimson, and his own student & Scott Hall's son, Cody Hall. The tour will consist of four events but possibly six. The current four booked events will be held in Santiago, Coquimbo, Copiapo, and Antofagasta. Much more will be announced about these events in the near future including the combination of live monster trucks into the event to combine with the professional wrestlers. Chasyn Rance could be driving his own monster truck in Chile this December.

I Believe in Wrestling Tonight!
10.5.12 - I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo tonight at 8pm. Chasyn Rance will be defending the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Maxwell Chicago. This is the first time these two have been in the ring together for a match. There only interactions in the ring prior to this was Maxwell Chicago as Mister Saint Laurent's lackey from a couple years ago. Chasyn never paid him much mind. Prior to that, Maxwell used to ask for advice from Chasyn a lot but that was 7 to 8 years ago. Since then, Maxwell has gone on his own to become his own wrestler and looks to become the next Florida Cruiserweight Champion. Catch this match tonight and seven other matches at the Team Vision Dojo located at 6923 Narcoossee Road #620, Orlando, FL 32822.

USCW Results
10.5.12 - Last night, Chasyn Rance competed for USCW in Macclenny, FL where he currently holds the Cruiserweight Championship. However, he competed against heavyweight Tommy Bahama in Bahama's first match ever. Even without the title on the line, Chasyn was able to put away Bahama following a super kick. Bahama put up a good fight in this contest and could be someone to watch out for in the future. Also on the card, "Uncanny" Brandon Scherer and Gorilla Hanley competed as well as USCW Ladies Champion Santana Garrett. Santana started out the show announcing she's facing the Executioner and not knowing if the Executioner is male or female. In the main event, Santana fought with the Executioner who was male and looked a lot like the owner of this website. Santana was able to pick up the win as Chasyn likes to make his girlfriend look good. USCW returns in 2 weeks on October 18 to the Northeast Florida Fair in Callahan, FL. For more information, visit their website for all the updates and other future events.


Busy Week!
10.1.12 - Aside from an extra shoot tomorrow for Slammin' Ladies as well as training at the Team Vision Dojo tonight and Wednesday night, Chasyn has a very busy week. On Thursday, Chasyn heads to Macclenny, FL for USCW where he is the current Cruiserweight Champion and Santana is the current Women's Champion. Friday, I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando where Chasyn will be defending another championship, the SCW Florida Cruiserweight title against Maxwell Chicago in their first match of any kind ever. Saturday, Chasyn takes on J.D. Amazing in Belleview at Belleview Pro Wrestling in the semi-finals of the BPW Heavyweight Championship tournament. Sunday is up in the air as there may be an addition event in Belleview for the finals of the tournament. Check back here, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

New USWA Junior Heavyweight Champion, Chasyn Rance!
9.30.12 - On Friday night, Chasyn Rance became the first ever USWA Junior Heavyweight Champion by pinning Lince Dorado in a 3-way with Mike Cruz. This match saw the three best junior heavyweights in Florida today fight as hard as they could to become the champion. In the end, Lince hit his shooting star press on Cruz but was pinned by Chasyn with an Oklahoma roll. Your winner and new champion, Chasyn Rance. Also, Santana Garrett successfully defeated Leva Bates to retain her title. USWA returns to Jacksonville in the near future. Updates will be here and on their Facebook page.

Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett Head to Jacksonville this Friday
9.25.12 - United States Wrestling Alliance returns to Jacksonville, FL this Friday at the Armory. Chasyn will be in action competing for the USWA Junior Heavyweight Championship while Santana will be defending the USWA Women's Championship against Leva Bates. The event starts at 7pm.


Dagon of the Dead Steals One from Chasyn Rance
9.23.12 - Last night in Sanford, Chasyn Rance took on Dagon of the Dead in a very competitive and somewhat weird match up as Dagon of the Dead likes to bite. The two wrestlers went back and forth for a while, and Dagon eventually hit a DVD which has been known to put away his previous opponents. However, Chasyn was able to kick out. An irate Dagon went for a hammer that he brought to the ring but the referee took it away and as he was handing it off to security, Dagon tried to take advantage. Dagon picked up the SCW Cruiserweight belt and tried to hit Chasyn with it. Chasyn ducked out of the way and hit Dagon with a Super Kick. The referee went to make the count 1-2-but rang the bell. The referee disqualified Chasyn when he noticed the belt in the ring and assumed Chasyn used the belt. Chasyn tried to argue but the referee wouldn't hear it. Chasyn will try to amend this lose next SCW event.

SCW Returns to the Sanford Salvation Army Gym
9.15.12 - Southern Championship Wrestling returns to the Sanford Salvation Army Gymnasium 13 years after their first event ever that was held there. Its been a long run in SCW for Chasyn who has worked for them in 2001. In his very first singles match for SCW, Chasyn as the D.T.W. Ninja took on Dagon Briggs in a losing effort. Next Saturday, Chasyn will get a chance to avenge that loss from 11 years ago as he takes on Dagon who is now going by Dagon of the Dead. Chasyn is the current SCW Cruiserweight Champion but will be wrestling Dagon for the next SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship match at the following SCW event. Also on this card, Santana Garrett will be defending the SCW Women's Championship against the former champion Leva Bates. Team Vision Dojo students, J.D. Amazing and "Uncanny" Brandon Scherer will be in tag team against as well as Tim Zbyszko will be in singles action. The event starts at 7:30pm and tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for children. After party will be held at Ker's WingHouse.

Great Tour of Aruba Concludes
9.11.12 - Chasyn Rance made it back safe from 5 days over in Aruba. Night 1, there was a press conference at the Holiday Inn Beach Resort featuring all of the wrestlers. Night 2, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper had a Piper's Pit / comedy hour where everyone on tour was a guest. The event was held at the Joe Laviest Ball Park in the ring where the following two night events took place. Night 3, kicked off with Chasyn taking on his student, Cody Hall, who is over a foot taller than Chasyn and outweighs him by 100 lb. The two went back and forth and this was Cody's longest match to date. Eventually, Cody was able to beat his trainer with the Razor's Edge and a pinfall. Later that night, Chasyn interrupted Jerry "The King" Lawler on Piper's Pit for being disrespectful as he exited before. The majority of the incident is included in this video to the right. When the full footage is available, it will be posted. Night 4, Chasyn got his rematch with Cody. Chasyn jumped Cody from the beginning and they continued to fight until another Razor's Edge prevailed. Also on the events, X-Pac won the Caribbean Championships while Billy Gunn won the Aruba Championship. The tour was a huge success and the Bad Boys of Wrestling Federation / Caribbean Wrestling Bash will return to the Caribbean real soon.




Chasyn Rance Heads to Aruba
9.5.12 - Tomorrow, Chasyn leaves for Aruba! The Caribbean Wrestling Bash sanctioned by the Bad Boys of Wrestling Federation brings pro wrestling to Aruba for the first time in a quarter of a century. Along with Chasyn, former 6-time world heavyweight champion, Kevin Nash will be on the three day tour plus Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, the "War Machine" Rhino, the "King" Jerry Lawler, Scott Hall's son Cody Hall, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, Shawn Daivari, a couple locals, and the "Beautiful People" Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Friday night, the crew will be doing a meet-and-greet and there will also be stand up comedy originally scheduled for "Rowdy" Roddy Piper but Piper will not be joining us. Saturday and Sunday, there will be two wrestling events. All of these events will be taking place at the Joe Laveist Ball Park. All the wrestlers will be staying at the Holiday Inn Beach Resort. For any more information on this event, call +297-5934135 or visit the website:

Kirby Mack Pulls a No-Show
9.2.12 - Yesterday, "Krazy K" Kirby Mack announced on Twitter that he was too good for Orlando and would not be attending the event. True reasons are undisclosed. However, Chasyn was still wanting to defend his championship. Jayson Falcone came out to step up to the challenge. The two fought but Chasyn controlled the majority of the match. At one point, Falcone appeared to have possibly won after he blocked a top rope hurricanrana and hit Chasyn with a missile drop kick. But, Chasyn was able to kick out over a pin attempt and hit Falcone with a super kick and the Chasyn Driver for the win. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Friday, October 5, 2012.

Chasyn Appears Go To Go for Saturday
8.29.12 - From Chasyn's Twitter and Facebook: Neck & back isn't feeling too bad today. Will be @TeamVisionDojo tonight but not doing anything physical. Need to be my best this #Saturday!

Car Accident
8.28.12 - This morning, Chasyn was hit twice by a Ford Explorer. The driver said he dropped his wallet and went to pick it up. In the process, slammed into Chasyn and then hit him again somehow. Chasyn is feeling pretty sore but its the day after is the concern. Will update tomorrow. Saturday's match is currently in jeopardy.

Chasyn Rance vs. Kirby Mack - Florida Cruiserweight Champ vs. World Light Heavyweight Champ
8.22.12 - The AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Kirby Mack and the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Champion have been feuding with each other since 2004. Both are top wrestlers that have competed for the best companies in the world including WWE, TNA, ROH, and many more as well as many other companies they have individually worked for. There are only so many that can call themselves the best and this match will determine who the best light heavyweight / cruiserweight / junior heavyweight in the world.

Belleview Pro Wrestling Postponed
8.20.12 - Belleview Pro Wrestling was scheduled to return this Saturday, August 25 but will be postponed due to zoning issues with the building. The building will be inspected or a new venue will be announced. Stay tuned. - Create Your Own Match
8.15.12 - Chasyn will be heading over to Slammin' Ladies today as well as Saturday with Santana Garrett. Slammin' Ladies give s you the opportunity to pair up your favorite female wrestlers against each other or against your favorite male wrestlers. Singles, tags, or a variety of different options if your mind is open to it and its not in the gutter. Check out the website and order your very own custom exhibition match for the future.

Chasyn Rance Defeats J.D. Amazing at Future of Wrestling
8.12.12 - Last night, Chasyn Rance faced J.D. Amazing in his FOW debut and a preview of their tournament match in two weeks. J.D. is much bigger than Chasyn and was able to throw him around throughout the match. In the end, Chasyn moved the referee into J.D.'s way, when J.D. moved the referee away, he turned right back into a super kick and a quick pin.

Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett Return to FOW Tomorrow in Deerfield Beach
8.10.12 - Tomorrow night, Chasyn Rance steps back in the FOW ring as does Santana Garrett. Chasyn will be taking on one of his students, J.D. Amazing. J.D. has always steps up in the past and wants to be one of the best heavyweights. What better way then facing his trainer and former Florida Heavyweight Champion. This is also a warm up match as the two will be facing off in the semi-finals of the Belleview Heavyweight Championship tournament in 2 weeks. Also on this card, Santana will be facing Christina Von Eerie and La Rosa Negra for the Battling Bombshells Championship.

BELIEVE and CWF Results from this Past Weekend
8.6.12 - The long weekend is over, and Chasyn is starting to move around well again. It was a crazy and busy weekend featuring events from I Believe in Wrestling and the Continental Wrestling Federation, a new company making big waves in Florida with tons of talent and a main event that featured former TNA Wrestler Sonjay Dutt vs. former WWE Wrestler John Morrison.

Night 1, Chasyn Rance successfully defending the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against "Uncanny" Brandon Scherer. Last time these two fought, Chasyn was on the losing end but redeemed himself Friday night. He pinned Scherer following the Chasyn Driver along with other moves that looked like Brandon should have been in the hospital.

Night 2, CWF made their way to the Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex, BELIEVE's old home. With an amazing setup, Chasyn defeated Lince Dorado, Mike Cruz, and Rocky Santiago in a 4-way when Rance pinned Santiago following the Chasyn Driver. In this match, Santana Garrett accompanied her boyfriend to the ring for moral support.

After the match was over, the "Hottest Couple in Wrestling Ever" made their way to the locker room only to be stopped by "Krazy K" Kirby Mack. Mack challenged Chasyn to for another shot at the AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship; a title Chasyn has been chasing after for over 5 years.

During the match, Kirby had enough and tried to leave with his title. Santana tried to stop him and received a pie face in the process. Chasyn went after Kirby but soon after, Kirby was able to steal the win.

Post match, Kirby tried to hit Chasyn with the title only to received two simultaneous Super Kicks from Santana and Chasyn. Santana hit her moonsault, Chasyn made the three count, and the two celebrated with Santana as "the champion". Chasyn threw the belt back down and the two left. Chasyn will be squaring off with Kirby Mack again with both their titles on the line on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at the Team Vision Dojo.


I Believe in Wrestling Returns Tonight!
8.3.12 - BELIEVE returns tonight with a huge card! In the main event, "Krazy K" Kirby Mack returns to defend the AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship against the "Purfect 10" Lince Dorado, Chasyn Rance will defend the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship against "Uncanny" Brandon Scherer, Santana Garrett will face Mercedes Justine, and much, much more! Event starts tonight at 8pm at the Team Vision Dojo - 6923 Narcoossee Rd #620, Orlando, FL 32822.



Pro Wrestling Xtreme Results
7.29.12 - Last night at Pro Wrestling Xtreme in Orlando, FL, Chasyn Rance was booked in a three-way elimination. The three best cruiserweight in Florida squared off in this elimination contest where Chasyn pinned Cruz but fell victim to a successful shooting star press. Check out the video.

Chasyn Rance was scheduled to defend the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Mike Cruz this Friday at I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo. However, Mike Cruz pulled out of the match; sighting a work schedule conflict and not knowing it was Friday. But, Cruz is scheduled to wrestle on Saturday at CWF as is Chasyn Rance, Lince Dorado, and Rocky Santiago. Cruz mentioned his last minute cancellation shortly after Chasyn pinned him in the three-way following the Chasyn Driver. Speculation can say Cruz may not want to face Chasyn in a singles match, but we may never know the truth. Chasyn will now square off against student Uncanny Brandon Scherer who last time they faced each other, Scherer got the victory. So, this Friday night, Chasyn will defend the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Uncanny Brandon Scherer.

Belleview Pro Wrestling Featured in the Voice
7.24.12 - From last week's Belleview Pro Wrestling event, the Voice covered the entire event, top to bottom. To the right, you can click on the image to see the front cover of Section B to the paper that runs throughout all of South Marion County. It discusses the Team Vision Dojo run by Chasyn, Scott Hall, and Larry Zbyszko; information on Cody Hall's debut; Santana Garrett's big match with Christina Von Eerie with Santana's little brother in her corner; the heavyweight championship tournament; and lots more. Belleview Pro Wrestling returns to the Belleview Pro Wrestling Arena on Saturday, August 25, 2012. Chasyn Rance will square off against J.D. Amazing and Chico Adams will face Leon Scott. Both of those are tournament semi-final matches.


Pro Wrestling Xtreme This Saturday
7.24.12 - This Saturday, PWX returns to the Florida National Guard Armory in Orlando, FL. Its always a show like no other when the "Masked Maniac" Frank Goodman is running it. Last event, Chasyn defeated Tim Zbyszko who happens to be getting a shot at the PWX US Championship. Chasyn is scheduled for a 10-man gauntlet match where he is unsure what the winner gets aside from a bigger pay off. Whether competing in this type of match is also for bragging rights, the return of the Xtreme title, or any other number of things, Chasyn still plans on winning it. However, there's a chance the match could change. Originally, some of the competitors included Lince Dorado, Mike Cruz, and Kirby Mack. However, they are now competing in a 3-way. Check back here for a possible update but may not have the answers until before the big event starts. Also on the card, Marty Jannetty, Demolition, Head Bangers, 2 Cold Scorpio, Steve Corino, New Jack, and many more!





2 New SCW Champions Crowned
7.23.12 - Saturday night, two new champions in Florida were crowned. Chasyn won the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship for the fourth time beating the previous record of three times by himself. Chasyn is also the first two-time champion. Chasyn defeated Lince Dorado after Dorado botched up a Shooting Star Press, and Chasyn finished him off with the Chasyn Driver. Also, Santana Garrett defeated Leva Bates to win the SCW Florida Women's Championship. This is her first reign and believe it is also the first time the title has changed hands. Believe Leva won the championship in a match with Lexie Fyfe two years ago to crown the first champion.

Chasyn will be bringing the Florida Cruiserweight Championship back to the Team Vision Dojo for I Believe in Wrestling on Friday, August 3, 2012 at 8pm. Chasyn will be defending the championship against Mike Cruz who currently holds two unanswered singles victories over Chasyn.

SCW Returns Saturday to Altamonte Springs - Rance vs. Dorado
7.16.12 - This coming Saturday, SCW returns to the Eastmonte Civic Center in Altamonte Springs, FL. This will be there annual event that features 6 big matches and an over the top rope battle royal. Chasyn Rance will be competing against the current SCW Cruiserweight Champion, Lince Dorado. 10 years ago, Chasyn first became the SCW Cruiserweight Champion at the Civic Center. Also competing, Santana will face the SCW Women's Champion, Leva. Leva first won the title years back by defeating Lexie Fyfe. This will be Santana's first shot at the championship.

Show time is 7:30 p.m. and doors open at 6:45 p.m.

Tickets are $8 for Ages under 12 and $10 for Adults in advance and $12 Adults at the door. For more information and tickets, call 407-328-0083, or visit the website at

Chasyn and Santana at Slammin' Ladies
7.16.12 - Sunday, Chasyn and Santana were over at Slammin' Ladies Slam Shack. Chasyn refereed matches, while Santana participated in 6 matches. Santana competed against fellow future star Sara Del Rey as well as past start and former WWE Women's Champion, Leilani Kai.

Be a part of the next set of tapings. For information on your own customized matches, visit

Chasyn Rance Defeats Jayson Falcone to Advance
7.16.12 - Saturday night, Chasyn moved one step closer to becoming the first Belleview Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. He defeated Jayson Falcone with a few kicks followed by the Sensational Spike. Chasyn will be competing with J.D. Amazing in the main event of the next event on Saturday, August 25, 2012 to see you will fight for the championship.



Saturday, July 14, 2012
6668 SE 110th St (C-25)
Belleview, FL 34420
Doors Open 6:30pm
VIP Entrant 6:15pm
Event Starts 7:00pm

Belleview Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round 1

Non-Tournament Matches
Also Appearing: GORILLA HANLEY and more!

General Admission Tickets: $10, VIP Tickets: $20
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200

The Students Defeats The Teacher
7.8.12 - Last night, Chico Adams was victorious in his number 1 contenders match against Chasyn Rance. In the main event of last night's I Believe in Wrestling event, Chasyn squared off with Chico. Originally, the two spilled out to the crowd, Chasyn flew threw the chairs, they fought with chairs, and the referee counted them both out. Chasyn argued with Commissioner Josh Rich to restart the match. The fans started chanting "Start the match over" and Rich obliged. Chasyn set up Chico for the Chasyn Driver but it was reversed, and Chico finished off Chasyn with an S.T.O. to become the new number 1 contender to Ray Beez's Florida Heavyweight Championship. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Friday, August 3, 2012.

Tomorrow Night - Rance vs. Adams II
7.6.12 - Tomorrow night, I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo. Chasyn Rance will be squaring off against the rookie, Chico Adams, who last month retired his long time partner, Mister Saint Laurent. Chasyn and MSL had just beat Chico Adams and J.D. Amazing to retain the AWA World Tag Team Championship. MSL wasn't satisfied with the beating he gave Chico and wanted to retire him. MSL challenged Chico to an impromptu retirement match which Chico won.

Chasyn Rance gets his revenge on Chico Adams tomorrow night in the main event. Originally, Chasyn was scheduled to face Lince Dorado. However, Lince is touring Mexico and California, and Chasyn's championship match can wait. Chasyn is looking forward to teaching Chico another lesson much like their last encounter at Pro Wrestling Xtreme.

NWA National Heavyweight Champion Defeats Chasyn Rance
7.5.12 - On Tuesday night, Chasyn Rance debuted for Florida Underground Wrestling. The new owner, Ronald J. Niemi IV, came to the ring to introduce the new FUW Heavyweight Champion who is also the NWA National Heavyweight Champion, the Tokyo Monster, Kahagas. Kahagas defeated Bruce Santee five days earlier to become new champion.

As Niemi introduced Kahagas, Chasyn Rance's music hit and he approached the ring. Chasyn grabbed the microphone to introduce himself to those that may not know him. For those that do, he said how he does everything in style and what better way to debut for FUW then fighting for the heavyweight championship. Niemi made the match up and it was on. Chasyn went for a handshake but Kahagas whacked him in the face. The two started to brawl in the ring which spilled to the floor. They eventually made it back into the ring where Chasyn took back over, but Kahagas was able to fight back and hit him with a variation of the Michinoku Driver for the win.


Chasyn & Santana Return Without a Scratch but Millions Without Power and At Least 13 Dead
7.1.12 - The event was cancelled. There was no power as violent storms knocked out power for millions. Chasyn and Santana were in on a connecting flight when they heard about it. They continued to their destination to meet with the promoter and other wrestlers. Very shocking and sad news.

Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett Head to West Virginia
6.26.12 - This coming Saturday, June 30, 2012, Chasyn and Santana head to West Virginia for American Pro Wrestling Alliance. Chasyn will be competing in a 3-way with Bobby Shields and another, while Santana takes on recent TNA Impact Gut Check competitor Taeler Hendrix. Also on the event, their heavyweight champion Onyx, Billy Gunn, The Stro, Sonjay Dutt, Robbie E, Robbie T, Luke Gallows, Mike Knock, Irish Airborne, and many others. If you're in the West Virginia or Pennsylvania area, come check out this event at 6pm on Satuday in Weston, WV.

Today Marks 13 Years Since Chasyn's First Professional Wrestling Match
6.25.12 - 13 years ago, Chasyn Rance debuted as El Lobo
. This 13th year will hope to be a lucky and prosperous one.

Chasyn Rance Debuts in Nashville
6.24.12 - Friday night, Chasyn Rance debuted for USWO taking on L.T. Falk.
The fans in Nashville did not care for Chasyn at all and love Falk. The two went back and forth for about 11 minutes. The two appeared to have this won a couple different times but the match ended when Falk hit Rance with the Unprettier for the 3-count.

Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett Head to Tennessee
6.15.12 - Chasyn and Santana head to Nashville and Memphis next week. Chasyn will be taking on L.T. Falk on Friday for the United States Wrestling Organization. Falk is son of famed USWA referee Tony Falk. Saturday, the duo will be at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling. Like Slammin' Ladies but a different atmosphere and roster. Book your own match!

Slammin' Ladies - Book Your Very Own Match Today!
6.12.12 - Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett finished up an over 14 hour schedule at Slammin' Ladies. Chasyn refereed around 10 matches between the best female wrestlers on the independents as well as a few current TNA Impact Wrestling Knockouts. Chasyn also competed against Santana with former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Daffney as the special guest referee. Slammin' Ladies will be doing another filming very soon so don't miss out on your chance to book your own match.

Team Vision Retain AWA World Tag Team Titles - MSL Retires
6.4.12 - Saturday night could be the last time the AWA World Tag Team Championship will ever be defended. Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent successfully defeated the team of J.D. Amazing and Chico Adams. Chasyn pinned Chico following a flying mafia kick off of MSL's back to Chico sitting on the top rope, hit him with the Chasyn Driver, and pinned him while J.D. was unable to breakup the pin. Following the match, MSL challenged Chico Adams to a retirement match. Chico caught Mister Saint Laurent in a rear naked choke forcing him to tap out. MSL took of his boots and left them in the ring. This plans to be the last match of MSL's career.


Lince Out, AWA World Tag Title Match In
5.27.12 - Unfortunately, Lince Dorado will not be appearing this Saturday at the I Believe in Wrestling event in Orlando, FL. He will be elsewhere. In the meantime, Chasyn will still be in a championship match. However, it will be his AWA World Tag Team Championship on the line as he and Team Vision partner, Mister Saint Laurent, take on the the team that beat MSL and Tony Torres last event, J.D. Amazing and Chico Adams. Both are students of Chasyn's but both are hungry for gold. This will be Team Vision's first title defense since beating the Latin Assassins, Mike Cruz and Gus Money, in January. Team Vision have held the titles since they won them back on April 18, 2008, and they don't plan on losing them to J.D. and Chico. This will be the main event of the evening.

Lince Dorado will be at the following BELIEVE event on July 7 to defend the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against Chasyn.

Chasyn Rance Losses to Santana Garrett in his CWA Debut
5.26.12 - Yesterday, there were no female opponents available for Santana Garrett in Starke, FL. Chasyn came out to fill the spot. The two had a great match that the fans loved. They roughed each other up a bit but still left together. Coastal Wrestling Association runs every few weeks so if you're in the area, check them out.

Chasyn Rance vs. Lince Dorado for the Championship
5.21.12 - I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Saturday, June 2, 2012. In the main event, Lince Dorado defends the Florida Cruiserweight Championship against the former 3-time champion Chasyn Rance. This will be their second meeting. The first time they squared off, Dorado came out on top. Chasyn's looking to even the score and take the title back on June 2.

Two Year Anniversary for Chasyn & Santana
5.13.12 - T
oday marks the two year anniversary of the Hottest Couple in Wrestling Ever since they first started dating each other. They had met three months prior at an event they were both wrestling on. After those months of training as well as hanging out, things developed further. The two are very happy and look forward to their future together in and outside of the ring.

Hottest Couple in Wrestling Ever Head to TN
5.11.12 - The Hottest Couple in Wrestling Ever, Santana Garrett and Chasyn Rance, head to Memphis, TN at the end of June. They will be doing a special filming of exhibition matches for Magnificent Ladies Wrestling similar to Slammin' Ladies. Fans can put together their own dream matches with the participants for the weekend. Also scheduled to compete are Barbi Hayden and Ken Carson, another couple in wrestling that try to claim they're the best. Visit their website for more information on this filming and how to be a part of it.

Also, Slammin' Ladies has another shoot coming up in less than a month. As mentioned 2 1/2 weeks ago on this site, just below, you can book Chasyn to wrestle, referee, or manage in these exhibition matches. Santana will be wrestling as well as many others including TNA Impact's Angelina Love, Lacey, Su Yung, Allysin Kay, April Hunter, MsChif, Rain, Sara Del Ray, and more!


Chasyn Rance Defeats Aiden Altair but Suffers a Concussion
5.7.12 - Saturday night, Chasyn squared off with Aiden Altair who wrestled for the first time without his mask; he lost it the previous month in a match with Lince Dorado. Chasyn has beaten Altair in the past and that night, he pinned him again following the Chasyn Driver. However, midway through the match, Altair kicked Chasyn in the temple and gave him a concussion. Upon being kicked, Chasyn fell to the match, head first, but still instinctually kept kicking out. There's a chance that a more skilled referee would have stopped the contest but this one continued to let it go, and Chasyn still came out the victor.


Saturday, May 5, 2012 - Orlando, FL
Saturday, January 7, 2012 @ 8:00pm / Doors open @ 7:30pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

Florida Heavyweight Championship vs. FOW Heavyweight Championship
RAY BEEZ (champion) vs. TOMMY VANDAL (champion)

Florida Cruiserweight Championship vs. FOW International Championship
LINCE DORADO (champion) vs. JOHNNY VANDAL (champion)




General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets are available at:

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance Defeats Tim Zbyszko
4.29.12 -
Last night, PWX had their one year anniversary event. To kick off the show Chasyn squared off with his student, Tim Zbyszko. The two had a very competitive match. Tim attempted his dad's dreaded sleeper hold, but Chasyn reversed it by running up the ropes and flipping over Tim into a pin for the win. PWX returns July 28, 2012.


Chasyn Rance vs. Tim Zbyszko this Saturday in Orlando
4.26.12 - This Saturday, Chasyn Rance steps in the ring with another one of his students, son of his long time tag team partner and Living Legend, Tim Zbyszko. This will be Tim's third match and both are pumped for this match. Chasyn has been working hard to make all of his students the best with the added guidance from Scott Hall and Larry Zbyszko, these students are getting excellent training. Tim will be stepping up and Chasyn plans on running him through a clinic. This will be an exhibition match as Chasyn doesn't care to try to hurt his students but would still like to have a competitive match up.

Tim Zbyszko have been training at the Team Vision Dojo since September 2011 and just recently had his first match and his first win over Gorilla Hanley. He's looking to make a big impact in wrestling as fast as possible and the PWX event is a great stage to do that on. Come check out this event at the Florida National Guard Armory this Saturday.


Slammin' Ladies Results
4.25.12 - Chasyn Rance competed for Slammin' Ladies yesterday. He faced off against Mercedes Martinez as well as Santana Garrett. The match with Santana lasted near 15 minutes and it was the match of the day. These matches are specially filmed exhibition matches where the fans are the matchmakers. You can put together your own match by picking your favorites women wrestlers from the listing and can also have Chasyn in intergender matches as well as having Chasyn referee. The next filming will be in early June. Get your orders in quick!


Chasyn Rance Suffers a Bone Chip Training Cody Hall
4.17.12 - Chasyn has been dealing with a pain in his hand since last Wednesday while training with Scott Hall's son, Cody. Chasyn was helping Cody with some basic wrestling holds and while trying to maneuver Cody around, accidentally clipped Cody in the teeth with his right hand. Its been bugging Chasyn since training and had it checked out today while at Oviedo Family Chiropractic. There is a bone chip in his proximal digitus II phalange. Nothing can be done but ice. Chasyn won't be missing any time away from the ring.

Results from Saturday's Events
4.15.12 - Yesterday, Chasyn picked up a win over Maxx Stardom and Chico Adams in a three-way at the Future of Wrestling event. After Chasyn mafia kicked Maxx from the top rope to the floor, he hit Chico with a super kick followed by the Chasyn Driver for the win. Later that night, Chasyn competed against Blain Rage in a tournament that saw Chasyn picking up the win. However, after the referee raised Chasyn's hand, he also raised Blain's hand. Chasyn gave Blain a brain buster and hooked him for a pin. Unfortunately for Chasyn, his shoulders were down as well. The referee ruled it a draw and CWE owner, Chris Quinones, announced that both men will advance in the tournament. They'll be facing different opponents at the return event in Stuart, FL on Saturday, May 12, 2012.

Become a Professional Wrestler - Train with the Best at the Team Vision Dojo
4.12.12 - The photo below was taken from last night's training session at the Team Vision Dojo. If you have the aspiration of becoming a professional wrestler, referee, manager, or valet, here's the place to do it. For more information, call 407-334-2200.

Two Matches This Saturday
4.10.12 - This Saturday, Chasyn Rance will be competing for Future of Wrestling at 4pm at the VFW #2500 in Hollywood, FL and at 8pm for Championship Wrestling Entertainment at Cruisers Tavern & Bar in Stuart, FL. Both events should be good and if you're in the area, come check them out.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Tony Torres
4.8.12 - Last night, Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent were schedule to defend the AWA World Tag Team Championship against Maxx Stardom and Adrian Marx. However, the team of Maxx Marx did not show up. Chasyn faced off against seasoned veteran Tony Torres. Rance picked up the win in just under 8 minutes via Chasyn Driver. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Saturday, May 5, 2012.


Chasyn Rance & Mister Saint Laurent to Defend AWA World Tag Team Championship Tomorrow
4.6.12 - Tomorrow night, the AWA World Tag Team Champions, Team Vision, Chasyn Rand and Mister Saint Laurent, will be defending their championship. Their opponents from South Florida have yet to be named but with a reign of almost 4 years, the champions feel confident against whomever they face. The event takes place tomorrow night, April 7, 2012 at the Team Vision Dojo located at 6923 Narcoossee Rd (Unit #620), Orlando, FL 32822. Doors open at 7:30pm and the event starts at 8:00pm.


Disappointed Results for the Hottest Couple in Wrestling Ever
4.2.12 - This weekend's results weren't the greatest for Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett. On Thursday night, the Bastards, Jesse Neal and Christina Von Eerie, were able to pick up the win over the Hottest Couple in Wrestling Ever. This was Chasyn and Santana's first loss as a tag team. The match got out of control at the end when Jesse inadvertently landed on Santana doing a dive while he was aiming for Chasyn. The video will be posted very soon so check back. Also, Santana suffered a loss to Angel Rose the following night at the Independent Championship Wrestling event in Miami, FL. Chasyn accompanied Santana to the ring while the Golden Sheik accompanied Angel. There was a referee down and some chicanery. Check out the video on Santana's YouTube as well as some of her other videos.



Hottest Couple vs. Bastards
3.26.12 - This Thursday night, WWE WrestleMania weekend kicks off with NWA Ring Warriors at the Fort Lauderdale National Guard Armory. Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett, known as the Hottest Couple in Wrestling Ever, take on Jesse Neal and Christina Von Eerie accompanied by Derek Drexl collectively known as the Bastards. The pairings of Rance and Neal, and Garrett and Von Eerie have been going at it all over South and Central Florida and finally they're all in one match together. This will be one you don't want to miss. Also, former WWE Diva and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame "Sunny" Tammy Sytch will be the special guest referee. That match plus many others featuring World Championships on the line this Thursday from the Fort Lauderdale National Guard Armory.

Rance vs. Amazing Off For Now
3.25.12 - After it was announced, J.D. Amazing realized his leg was not quite ready to return to action. He'll make his return the following BELIEVE event. Chasyn's opponent is now to be determined.

Rance vs. Amazing at BELIEVE
3.22.12 - It was announced yesterday on the BELIEVE Newsletter that Chasyn Rance will be accepting J.D. Amazing's open challenge at the next BELIEVE event. Chasyn was lobbying for a rematch at the Cruiserweight Championship but Commissioner Josh Rich denied his request. Chasyn plans to take out the undefeated J.D. Amazing and get right back into the title picture. The event takes place at the Team Vision Dojo on Saturday, April 7, 2012. Results
3.20.12 - Divina did not make it out to the filming unfortunately but was replaced by former WWE Diva, Savannah, also known as Angela Fond. She competed agaisnt Chasyn as did Jessie Belle Smothers. These matches and many others can be viewed at:

Chasyn Rance vs. Divina a.k.a. TNA Impact Wrestling's Rostia & Jessie Belle Smothers
3.17.12 - On Tuesday, there will be one more taping this month for Slammin' Ladies. Chasyn will be taking on Divinia better known as Rostia from TNA Impact Wrestling as well as Tracey Smothers' daughter, Jessie Belle. Check out these matches as well as hundreds of others featuring the best female wrestlers.

Chasyn Returns to Slammin' Ladies
3.10.12 - This coming Tuesday, Chasyn Rance returns to Slammin' Ladies where the best unsigned female wrestlers from all over the world as well as signed TNA Impact Wrestling Knockouts compete where the matches are all decided by the fans. Chasyn will be refereeing these matches as well as competing in a few of them. Its too late to order your own match this month but check it out for future events.

Chasyn Rance Unsuccessful in Championship Attempt
3.4.12 - Last night, Chasyn ended up on the losing end of the fight for the cruiserweight title. Lince Dorado was able to pin Chasyn after Chasyn fell on the top rope and then Lince covered him following a shooting star press. Chasyn is protesting the loss and is looking to get a rematch as soon as possible. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Saturday, April 7, 2012 and will hopefully have another match up between these two. The match was great by the best two wrestlers in Florida that went 16 minutes 39 seconds.

Chasyn Rance vs. Lince Dorado for the Florida Cruiserweight Championship this Saturday!
2.27.12 - This Saturday, March 3, 2012, Chasyn Rance faces Lince Dorado for the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship. The title has been held by Chasyn on three previous occasions over the past 10 years, and he is looking to add a forth reign to the title's history. The match will be the main event of the evening and is happening at the Team Vision Dojo. For more information, visit the I Believe in Wrestling website.

Chasyn Rance Preparing for Upcoming Matches
2.17.12 - Chasyn has been feeling much better as of late. Currently, he's preparing for his championship match versus Lince Dorado in Orlando, FL on 3/3/12 and his tag match with Santana versus the Bastards in Fort Lauderdale, FL on 3/29/12.

Chasyn & Santana Discuss Ring Warriors
2.7.12 - This video was recorded hours before the Wednesday, January 18, 2012 NWA Ring Warriors event where Chasyn Rance took on Jesse Neal and Santana Garrett took on Christina Von Eerie. Several videos have been shot and others will be posted too. The two couples have a match coming up on Thursday, March 29, 2012 in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the National Guard Armory.

That match is part of the kick-off of WWE WrestleMania weekend. Events will be going on all weekend in South Florida. From NWA Ring Warriors to Dragon Gate USA, CZW, Evolve, Ring of Honor, $5 Wrestling, Wrestle Reunions all the way to WWE WrestleMania and WWE Monday Night Raw!

It will be a big and busy weekend in South Florida. Other events will be going on as well. Check back from updates.

Potentially, Chasyn and Santana have matches for International Wrestling Council the early afternoon of Sunday, April 1, 2012. For those who don't get tickets to WrestleMania and want to watch it locally down south, this will be the event to check out. Check back for more information.




Chasyn Rance vs. Lince Dorado Postponed
2.5.12 - Chasyn Rance pulled out of his match this past Saturday claiming a back injury. While fans may not have believed the injury was legit especially after Chasyn took a shot at Lince after his match with Sugar Dunkerton, Chasyn has been seeing a couple massage therapists and getting more than regular chiropractic adjustments as of late. Chasyn will be taking time off until March 3, the next I Believe in Wrestling event when he will take on Lince Dorado for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Chasyn Rance vs. Lince Dorado
2.2.12 - Lince Dorado will be defending the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship against former 3-time champion Chasyn Rance. The match takes place this Saturday, February 4 at the Team Vision Dojo.

Results from this Weekend
1.30.12 - Still AWA World Tag Team Champions, Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent, Team Vision! The duo who have held the titles for almost 4 years were successful in their defense against the Latin Assassins. Chasyn was also successful against Chico Adams whom he beat in less than 4 minutes. The Slammin' Ladies event went very well and you can see the results on their website.

Busy Weekend in Orlando and Valrico
1.23.12 - This Friday night, Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent, known as Team Vision and the AWA World Tag Team Champions will be defending the titles against the AWA Florida Tag Team Champions, the Latin Assassins, Gus Money and Mike Cruz. The event is being run under the International Wrestling Council banner and being held at the Asociacin Borinquea de la Florida Central which is on the land that once held the infamous Eddie Graham Sports Complex. The event starts at 7pm. Visit Chasyn's facebook for more information:

Saturday night, Chasyn will be competing against one of his students, Bobby "Chico" Adams who recently switched from the Funkin' Conservatory to the Team Vision Dojo. A very humble student as he wrestles as Bobby Adams on the BELIEVE events. However, his Chico Adams persona still is a mystery as the quiet, polite student at practice is very abrasive and rude and went behind Chasyn's back to get himself booked on the Pro Wrestling Xtreme event. This prompted Chasyn to call Frank Goodman and get himself booked against Chico Adams to teach him a lesson. The event is being held at the Florida Armory and starts at 7pm.

Also, Chasyn along with Santana Garrett (who will also be competing on the IWC and PWX events) will be competing in multiple matches handpicked by fans for Slammin' Ladies. Matches include some of the top female wrestlers in the United States as well as TNA Impact Wrestling Knockouts. To get involved and book your own matches, visit their website:

Long Week Comes to an End
1.20.12 - Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett are back in Orlando after a long week. The past two nights were big events where the hottest couple in wrestling took on Jesse Neal and Christina Von Eerie in singles matches on Wednesday night for NWA Ring Warriors and look on Jake Slater and Jamie D. in singles matches last night for United States Championship Wrestling.

Chasyn Rance ended up losing to Jesse Neal following an full nelson slam, but Santana defeated Christina Von Eerie the following match with a handspring moonsault. After the women's match, Christina attacked Santana which led Chasyn to the ring for the save but that led to Jesse heading in to make sure nothing happened. NWA Ring Warriors' management set up a match for their return on Thursday, January 29, 2012 with a mixed tag featuring Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett vs. Jesse Neal & Christina Von Eerie.

Last night, Chasyn successfully defending the USCW Cruiserweight Championship against Jake Slater. Slater, who appears to be closer to a heavyweight, lost after he took to long showboating and Chasyn reversed a pile driver into a double leg take down following by a jackknife pin for the win. Santana beat Jamie D. to become the new USCW Women's Champion. However, the referee didn't notice Jamie D.'s foot on the rope until after the three count, restarted the match, and Jamie D. choke slammed an unsuspecting Santana to retain her title. Chasyn and Santana then headed back to Orlando with some bumps and bruises and a 1-1 record each.

Busy Week Cut Short
1.14.12 - Unfortunately fans, Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett did not appear at last night's First Class Championship Wrestling event and as of now, it is looking unlikely that they will make it to tonight's Independent Championship Wrestling event. Santana has bad flu like symptoms and needs rest. Chasyn is taking care of her while he too has a small case of the bug. Fortunately, modern medicine should see them through this quickly and easily. Santana will be facing Christina Von Eerie Wednesday night in Fort Lauderdale, FL for NWA Ring Warriors, and then Chasyn and Santana will be in Arcadia, FL for United States Championship Wrestling on Thursday night. Check Chasyn's Twitter account for updates on their trip.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Gus Money and Challenges Lince Dorado
1.8.12 - Last night, Chasyn Rance faced Gus Money in the opener at the I Believe in Wrestling event held at the Team Vision Dojo. A back and forth match saw Chasyn defeat Gus Money with the Chasyn Driver. Later that night, Lince Dorado defeated Aaron Epic to retain the Florida Cruiserweight Championship. On Saturday, February 4, 2012, Chasyn Rance and Lince Dorado will square off for the first time. Tickets are available online.

Saturday, January 7, 2012 - Orlando, FL
Saturday, January 7, 2012 @ 8:00pm / Doors open @ 7:30pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship
LINCE DORADO (champion) vs. AARON EPIC (challenger)


General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets are available at:

(Card Subject to Change)

New Year, New Champion!
1.4.12 - Thanks to Mister Saint Laurent for his strong negotiating skills, must like Larry Zbyszko being reinstated as the AWA World Heavyweight Champion after never losing the title, Chasyn Rance is once again the USCW Cruiserweight Champion. Chasyn Rance won the title on April 24, 2004, defended the title for several years, and was stripped on December 8, 2007 for not making a mandatory title defense. Mister Saint Laurent however filed that Chasyn Rance was never informed nor asked to make a title defense. There was a tournament held to crown a new champion and the title has changed hands multiple times since then. However, none of that matter know as every new champion from December 8, 2007 and on has been whipped cleans, and Chasyn Rance is still the USCW Cruiserweight Champion.


Happy Holidays!

12.19.11 - Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Be safe this holiday season and be on the lookout for big things from Chasyn Rance in 2012.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Aiden Altair
12.18.11 - Last night, Chasyn Rance opened the I Believe in Wrestling event to taking on Aiden Altair. This was Altair's 10th match and held his own. In the end, Altair took too long to deliver a drop kick off the second buckle which gave Chasyn plenty of time to recover. Chasyn pinned Aiden Altair following the Chasyn Driver. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Saturday, January 7, 2012.


Saturday, December 17, 2011 - Orlando, FL
Saturday, December 17, 2011 @ 8:00pm / Doors open @ 7:30pm
Team Vision Dojo
6923 Narcoossee Rd - Unit #620
Orlando, Florida 32822

SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship
Q.T. MARSHALL (champion) vs. RAY BEEZ (challenger)

SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals






General Admission Tickets: $10
For More Information, call (407) 334-2200
Pre-order tickets are available at:

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance Gets Counted Out in FOW International Heavyweight Championship Match
12.11.11 - Last night, Chasyn Rance competed for the FOW International Heavyweight Championship, a title he won back in 1999 that he never lost. The match was contested under "Bull in the Ring" rules with 6 competitors where anyone can tag anyone and can only win when everyone else has been eliminated via pinfall, submission, or disqualification. Competitors aside from Chasyn included Chris Jones, Anthony Michaels, Wayne VanDyke, Erik Storme, and champion Maxx Stardom. Chasyn and Chris went back and forth quite a bit in this match which culminated to the two diving on all the other competitors in the match. Both Chasyn and Chris were legal and ended up both being counted out to be eliminated from the match. Coming out of this, Chasyn still wants to win the title he never lost, face Chris Jones again, and compete for the FOW Heavyweight Championship. FOW returns to Hollywood, FL on Saturday, February 21, 2012.

Future of Wrestling - Saturday, December 10 - Hollywood, FL
12.1.11 - Hardcore Holiday is just 9 days away ... Saturday December 10th 7:30PM at the VFW Post in Hollywood. Located at 814 South Dixie Highway. The building is on Dixie Highway between Hollywood Blvd and Pembroke Rd ..

Take I95 to Hollywood BLVD -OR- The Turnpike to PINES BLVD (Pines Blvd IS Hollywood Blvd out West off the Pike)

Go EAST on Hollywood/Pines to DIXIE HIGHWAY and go SOUTH.

The Building is on your right.

As always ... ALL seats are only $10.00

The Building sells the usual concessions plus Beer and mixed drinks.

One of the most innovative and anticipated matches of the year takes place in just a little over a week. Its that time of the year! The X-TREME

For the first time ever on an FOW show, a Bull in the Ring match will be held and it will be for the International Championship. 2 guys in the ring at one time, able to tag in and out to anyone of 4 others who are placed one in each corner. What makes this match a must see is that it features not only FOW talent based here in South Florida, but talent from the Tampa area and from the Orlando area. Maxx Stardom defends his title in this elimination style match against Anthony Michaels, Chris Jones, Wayne Van Dyke, and former FOW Light Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, Milo Beasley, and finally the last time this guy was in FOW he was a 16 year old rookie, now he is a seasoned world class athlete Chasyn Rance!

Angel Rose takes on Santana Garrett in a lovely ladies match.

The debut of the FOW logo T-shirt and another big FOW raffle with bigger and better prizes.


Mike Cruz Defeats Chasyn Rance
11.20.11 - Unfortunately for Chasyn, Mike Cruz defeated him in 17 minutes 30 seconds with a Swanton bomb. It was a back and forth main event contest that Cruz happened to be the better man last night. Cruz now moves on to face Lince Dorado in the finals on Saturday, December 17.

1 Weeks Until Chasyn Rance vs. Mike Cruz
11.12.11 - We are one week away from Chasyn Rance vs. Mike Cruz in a highly anticipated match up. Its currently slotted for the main event spot on the I Believe in Wrestling event next Saturday. Visit the BELIEVE website for more information including location, time, and ticket price.

Chasyn Rance to Face Mike Cruz in Cruiserweight Championship Semi-Finals November 19, 2011
10.25.11 - After Chasyn defeated Jerrelle Clark, he moves on to face Mike Cruz in the semi-finals of the Super Six Cruiserweight tournament. Chasyn will not be taking any other bookings between now and Saturday, November 19, 2011 as he wants to focus specifically on Mike Cruz and winning the SCW Cruiserweight Championship for the fourth time.

Chasyn Defeats Jerrelle Clark
10.23.11 - Chasyn Rance defeated Jerrelle Clark last night to advance in the Super Six Cruiserweight tournament. Mike Cruz is next.

Chasyn's Losing Streak Ends
10.16.11 - It was a long couple of days for Chasyn and Santana but a successful one. On Thursday night, Chasyn and Santana faced the team of former NWA World Women's Champion Malia Osaka and "Gorgeous" Gary Garvin. Chasyn picked up his first win since May as Santana pinned Garvin. The next night, Chasyn defeated Cameron Mathews as Chasyn put up his spot in the Super Six Cruiserweight tournament as he pinned Cameron with the Chasyn Driver. Later that night, Mike Reed interfered in Santana's match with Cherry Layne which prompted Chasyn to come out. The match was changed to a mixed tag match, and Chasyn and Santana were victorious again. Then for Chasyn's fourth match in three days, he teamed with Ace Slater against Anthony Michaels and Shane McLane. In this match however, Slater was pinned by Michaels causing Chasyn's team to lose. A disappointing way to finish off the weekend but still positive as Chasyn looks to have gotten his groove back. Next up, Jerrelle Clark in the Super Six Cruiserweight tournament next Saturday.


Chasyn Rance and Santana Garrett All Over Florida this Coming Weekend
10.10.11 - Chasyn and Santana will be in North, Central, and South Florida this weekend for three big events. Thursday night, the duo will face the team of "Gorgeous" Gary Gavin and former NWA Women's World Champion Malia Hosaka in Callahan, FL for United States Championship Wrestling. The next night, Chasyn will be taking on Cameron Mathews and Santana will be taking on Cherry Layne in Orlando, FL for Orlando Pro Wrestling. On Saturday night, the two will be down south in Coral Springs, FL for Coastal Championship Wrestling. No matches have been announced for either of them yet.

Chasyn Rance Vacates SCW Southern Cruiserweight Championship
9.26.11 - It was announced that there would be a Super Six Cruiserweight tournament beginning October 22, 2011. Rance vacated the title in favor of the tournament as he had not defended the title since winning it in 2008. Furthermore, the title was renamed the SCW Florida Cruiserweight Championship.

Mike Reed Defeats Chasyn Rance
9.25.11 - Last night for I Believe in Wrestling, Chasyn suffered another loss. He squared off against Mike Reed with Cherry Layne in his corner. After some distraction, rope holding, and tight pulling, Chasyn lost again. A loss is a loss and he's not looking for any excuses. Chasyn will hopefully be able to turn it around in three weeks as he has three big events.

Chasyn Rance's Losing Streak Continues
9.24.11 - In the past month, Chasyn has suffered 5 more losses during the Orlando Pro Wrestling events as well as not winning any battle royals that have happened in the main event. Chasyn has lost to other veteran wrestlers as well as students of his who haven't even been able to come close to beating him in the past. The losses could be attributed to Chasyn's personal life but will hopefully get over this hurdle soon. Tonight, Chasyn faces Mike Reed for I Believe in Wrestling.


Q.T. Marshall Beats Chasyn Rance
8.21.11 - Last night, Chasyn Rance suffered a loss to Q.T. Marshall in Chasyn's I Believe in Wrestling return. They fought hard back and forth but that night, Q.T. was able to pull out the win. Q.T. manipulated the referee in the end and was able to win without getting disqualified.

Chasyn Rance Returns to BELIEVE
8.17.11 - This Saturday, Chasyn Rance returns to I Believe in Wrestling. Chasyn will be taking on Q.T. Marshall. This is the first ever singles match between these to former Florida Heavyweight Champions.

Chasyn Rance Loses to 2 Girls
8.14.11 - Two weeks ago, Chasyn made his returns but fell short of a win over Santana whose father refereed the match. Last night, Chasyn lost to Jelena. Santana will be facing Jelena next week at BELIEVE.

The Spirit Kid's Last Match
7.3.11 - Last night marked the end of the Spirit Kid before Chasyn takes the mask back off. Chasyn faced Blain Rage and Gabriel Xavier in another three-way.
Rage won with a pin over Xavier.

Chasyn Rance Returned to South Florida
6.26.11 - Last night, Chasyn Rance returned to South Florida as the Spirit Kid and faced off with Shane McLane and Danny Emrby in a 3-way. This match marked Chasyn's 11th year since his debut as El Lobo wear he dawned the same mask he's been wearing as the Spirit Kid. Shane McLane ended up stealing the win in this match but fans were still happy as the three had a fantastic match.

Santana w/ Scott Hall Defeats the D.T.W. Ninja w/ Chris Carson
6.5.11 - SCW returned last night and saw owner Chris Carson accompany Chasyn as the D.T.W. Ninja to the ring as Rance took on girlfriend Santana Garrett who was accompanied by wrestling legend Scott Hall. Check out Last Call with Scott Hall for the video clips.

BELIEVE 6-Man Tag Action
5.27.11 - Last night, Chasyn Rance as the Spirit Kid teamed with students Aiden Altair and Alby Gonzalez to take on students David Duperon and "Handsome" Jason Hanley along with "Hot Shot" Mike Reed who also frequents the I Believe in Wrestling School / Team Vision Dojo. Rance's team was victorious and you can view the video here to the right.

The Spirit Kid Defeats Scherer
5.6.11 - Last night, Chasyn defeated his student "Uncanny" Brandon Scherer in Jacksonville, FL. It was a television taping for USCW. Find out local listings by visiting their website.

The Spirit Kid Loses a 3-Way
5.2.11 - Chasyn was pinned in a 3-way featuring Brandon Espinosa and David Vaughn. Larry Zbyszko came on the trip replacing Scott Hall as Hall was in no shape to travel. Larry as well as Santana suffered losses that night as well. Chasyn also competed in a battle royal that was won by former WCW wrestler Rick Fuller.

Wolfpac to the Midwest
4.24.11 - Chasyn Rance, Santana Garrett, and Scott Hall will compete in Caseyville, IL on Saturday, April 30.


Santana Beats the D.T.W. Ninja, the Spirit Kid Beats J.D. Amazing
4.22.11 - Santana beat the D.T.W. Ninja who was accompanied to the ring by "Gorgeous" Gary Gavin for a USCW television taping. Later that night, Chasyn appeared as the Spirit Kid and pinned J.D. Amazing in a hard fought bout.

Chasyn Rance to Make Appearances as his Former Moniker the D.T.W. Ninja as well as the Spirit Kid
4.11.11 - Chasyn will be putting the mask back on to work with his students on events to help get them more exposure. On April 21, Chasyn will square off with both Santana (as the Spirit Kid) and J.D. Amazing (as the D.T.W. Ninja).

Chasyn Rance Taking Months Off
8.22.10 - Chasyn will be taking a hiatus from live pro wrestling events. In the meantime, he will continues to train and remain the head instructor at the Team Vision Dojo.

Chasyn Rance Taking a Few Weeks Off
8.10.10 - Chasyn will continue to take time off. With nagging physical pains, Chasyn is taking it easy on his body until then.

Chasyn Rance Ranked #373 in the PWI 500
7.27.10 - The second part of the PWI 500 list was released today listing the top 301-400 wrestlers in the world. Chasyn moved up five spots this year to #373. This is Chasyn's 8th consecutive year appearing on the prestigious list.

Chasyn Rance Will Not be Appearing at BELIEVE Saturday
7.22.10 - Chasyn has been seeing the chiropractor 3 days a week and receiving his weekly massages but is not quite ready to compete yet.


Saturday, July 24, 2010 - Orlando, FL
Saturday July 24, 2010
Downtown Recreation Complex (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801

Q.T. MARSHALL (champion) vs. ZOE (challenger)







Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 334-2200
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance Feeling Better
7.20.10 - Chasyn injured his lower back but it has been heeling decently. Chasyn is scheduled to wrestle Gus Money this Saturday. Check back a in a couple of days for an update.

Chasyn Rance Will Not be Appearing for Vintage Wrestling this Saturday
7.15.10 - Chasyn Rance will not be appearing this Saturday at the Vintage Wrestling event in Sanford, FL.

Chasyn Rance Injured
7.12.10 - At training tonight, Chasyn was injured teaching his students a few high flying maneuvers. We'll keep you updated on his condition.

Chasyn Rance Pins Biff Slater
7.11.10 - In what some are calling an upset, Chasyn Rance pinned Biff Slater following the Chasyn Driver last night at the SCW event. Biff outweighs Chasyn by over 100 lb. and is a top heavyweight in the state and number 1 contender for the Vintage Heavyweight Championship to be defended next week. With Mister Saint Laurent in Chasyn's corner and the history that SCW holds for both of them, this was a big, important win for Team Vision. SCW plans to return again. Visit their website for more information.

Chasyn Rance & Larry Zbyszko Defeat Tha Nuyoricanz (D. Ramos & Carlos Rivera)
7.5.10 - Fourth of July weekend, Chasyn Rance and Larry Zbyszko of Team Vision took on Tha Nuyoricanz, students of theirs, D. Ramos and Carlos Rivera. This was a different type of match the the Ricanz were used to as they haven't had to face someone with the experience of Zbyszko. Ramos' first match was at this same location in Macclenny, FL with a loss to Chasyn after used the tights to pick up the win. This past weekend was no different as Carlos made the tag to a fresh Ramos who lit up Chasyn and Zbyszko only to have the Team Vision double up on Ramos. Chasyn picked up the win with another handful of tights. USCW has a definite return date of December 11, 2010 but may return to Macclenny sooner.

Chasyn Rance & Santana Tear it Up over the Weekend - Chasyn On 10 Match Win Streak
6.28.10 - This past weekend, FIP returned to Crystal River on Saturday. The only representative of the YRR was Chasyn Rance along with his newest girl, former TNA Knockout, Santana. Santana accompanied Chasyn to the ring as he took on Sugar Dunkerton. In a match that had two totally different styles, it was Chasyn in the end picking up the victory following the Chasyn Driver. FIP returns to Crystal River on Saturday, July 31, 2010.

On Sunday, Chasyn Rance and Santana showed up at the Old School Pro Wrestling fundraiser event helping a family in need after a tragic accident took a young female teenager's life prematurely. It was an outdoor event with live music, food, games, animals, and wrestling. Chasyn and Santana took on the team of "Hotshot" Mike Reed and Cherry Layne.  The match ended when Chasyn hit Reed with the Chasyn Driver. Chasyn and Santana later took on the Dirty White Boy and Wayne VanDyke. The team stayed undefeated as Santana picked up the win pinning VanDyke with a standing moonsault. This match brought Chasyn to a 10 match winning streak. Overall, the event was a success and they are planning more to help out this family in a time of need.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Jerrelle Clark
6.26.10 - Last night, Chasyn's 11 year anniversary match was marked by a win over longtime friend and rival, Jerrelle Clark. The two have been all over Florida and other parts of the country plus Canada together. The two even debuted as a team in TNA a few years ago against the debuting LAX, Homicide and Hernandez. Last night was their first one-on-one encounter since their match in FIP in late 2007. Both had a lot to show to the crowd and what was being called match of the night, Chasyn picked up the victory following a flying mafia kick and the Chasyn Driver. The event was held in Melbourne, FL at the County Line Saloon and returns on Friday, August 27, 2010.

11 Glorious Years
6.23.10 - June 25, 2010 marks 11 glorious years of Chasyn Rance's wrestling career. Chasyn has a lot to show for those years but still plans on showing a lot more. This coming weekend will be a busy one in itself. Chasyn has events in Melbourne on Friday, Crystal River on Saturday, and Sarasota on Sunday. For more information, visit the Schedule section on this website.

Chasyn Rance and The American Marvel Victorious
6.20.10 - CCW returned to the Coral Springs Gymnasium last night for a huge event. Chasyn Rance teamed with the "American Marvel" James Pash to take on the team of Craig Classic and Johnny Vandal. In a fast paced tag team match, it was the team of Chasyn and Pash picking up the win. Pash hit Vandal with an Ace Crusher putting him out of the match. Then Pash hit a 6-1-9 on Craig into Chasyn's spring board missile drop kick followed by the Chasyn Driver for the 3-count. CCW returns to the Coral Springs Gymnasium on Saturday, August 24, 2010 but also have other events prior to that.

Chasyn Rance will be in South Florida All Weekend
6.17.10 - Chasyn Rance will be in Miami most of the weekend for the Florida SuperCon Convention as well as wrestling in Coral Springs on Saturday night. Click on Schedule for more information.

Chasyn Rance with Larry Zbyszko Defeats Nooie Lee at the I Believe in Wrestling Event
6.13.10 - Last night, Chasyn Rance took on Nooie Lee in the semi-main event of the evening. The two fought hard and fast with Chasyn picking up the win at the 4:37 mark. The referee was checking on Chasyn as Nooie was on the apron. Larry Zbyszko tried to pull Nooie down but Nooie kicked the Living Legend off. Chasyn came up with an enziguiri followed by the Chasyn Driver to pick up the pinfall victory. Pro wrestling returns to the Downtown Recreation Complex on Saturday, July 24, 2010.


Saturday, June 12, 2010 - Orlando, FL
Saturday June 12, 2010
Downtown Recreation Complex (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801




Also appearing: RICKY YOUNG, RAY BEEZ, and more!

Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 334-2200
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance Defeats Jason Hanley at USCW Television Taping
6.6.10 - Yesterday, Chasyn Rance accompanied to the ring by J.D. Amazing returned to USCW to take on newcomer Jason Hanley. Chasyn previously competed against D. Ramos of "Tha Nuyoricanz" in his debut match last USCW event. In this match, Hanley outweighed Chasyn by nearly twice his weight. Chasyn's experience overcame in this match as he picked up the win when Hanley missed a big splash and Chasyn pinned him with an Oklahoma Roll. Chasyn returns to Macclenny, FL on Saturday, July 3, 2010. No match has been announced yet. Keep checking back.

Chasyn Rance Wrestling in Macclenny, FL this Saturday
6.2.10 - Chasyn Rance is scheduled to face Jason Hanley in Macclenny, FL this Saturday, June 5, 2010 at the United States Championship Wrestling event. Last television taping, Chasyn defeated D. Ramos in Ramos' debut match.

DCW Explode 6/3/10 Thursday Evening at 8 pm
6.1.10 - Join host Stevie Styxx with special guest Larry Zbyszko and newly crowned DCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Chasyn Rance. Feel free to call in the number is 724-444-7444 and the call ID# is 82844.

Chasyn Rance Wins the DCW Junior Heavyweight Championship
5.31.10 - Chasyn Rance is the new Dynamite Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion as of Saturday night, May 29, 2010 as he won a 3-way match against then defending champion Gus Money and Cameron Mathews. In a non-stop, hard fought match, Chasyn won the title by small packaging Mathews. At the previous DCW event, Chasyn fought Gus to a 15-minute time limit draw. DCW will be back in 3 months and Chasyn will be defending the championship. Check back for a specific date.

Team Vision Retains the AWA World Tag Team Champions at Night of Florida Champions
5.23.10 - Last night in Sanford, FL, Team Vision, Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent, defended the AWA World Tag Team Championship against Biff Slater and Bobby Fonta. The early part of the match consisted of Fonta wanting to dance and Team Vision beating him up. Biff finally came in and started throwing Chasyn around. MSL and Biff went at it all around the ring. Fonta started to climb the ropes to fly onto Chasyn but Maxwell Chicago came running out and shoved Fonta onto the ropes. Chasyn hit Fonta with the Chasyn Driver to pick up the win for Team Vision. Fonta had to be carried out and Biff challenged MSL to a match next event on Saturday, June 19, 2010. MSL promised there would be no interference. Also, Tommy Dreamer will be holding a seminar before the event. Visit their website for more information.

CCW Benefit Event Results
5.16.10 - Last night at the fundraiser for Wayne Hurst, CCW put on a huge event that was hopefully a huge step forward in saving a courage man's life. Chasyn faced his favorite and hardest working opponent "Krazy K" Kirby Mack. The two of them can mutually get along as they are both great competitors but it's always about who is better. In this contest, Chasyn was able to defeat Kirby following the Chasyn Driver. Watch the full match here. Chasyn will be returning to CCW on Saturday, June 19, 2010 in Coral Springs, FL.

Chasyn Rance vs. Kirby Mack
5.11.10 - This Saturday, Chasyn Rance and Kirby Mack will be wrestling each other for Coastal Championship Wrestling at their fundraiser for Wayne Hurst. Hurst donated one of his kidneys to a total stranger and now his other kidney is failing. Chasyn and Kirby, along with the rest of the CCW crew as well as Jimmy Hart, the Dudley's, and D-Lo Brown will be on hand for this event to raise money for Wayne Hurst. The event will be taking place at the Jim Beech Center located at 1820 A.D. Mims Rd, Ocoee, FL 34761.



Sean "Syxx-Pac" Waltman & Zoe Defeat Chasyn Rance & Ricky Young at I Believe in Wrestling
5.9.10 - Last night, Chasyn Rance and his new partner, former WWE Superstar Rick Ortiz, know going by his real name of Ricky Young, teamed to face female sensation Zoe and the infamous Sean "Syxx-Pac" Waltman in the main event for the I Believe in Wrestling event. The crowd was solidly behind Zoe and Pac the entire match. The ending came when Ricky picked up Zoe for a power bomb and Pac pushed Zoe on top of him. Pac hit Chasyn with the X-Factor and the two made simultaneous pinfalls on Chasyn and Ricky. The crowd couldn't have been happier. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Downtown Recreation Complex on Saturday, June 12, 2010.


Saturday, May 8, 2010 - Orlando, FL
Saturday May 8, 2010
Downtown Recreation Complex (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801


Unified Florida Heavyweight Championship
RAYMOND SNOW (champion) vs. Q.T. MARSHALL (challenger)





Also appearing: GUS MONEY, MAXWELL CHICAGO, and more!

Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 334-2200
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance Debuted for the World Wrestling Entertainment
5.5.10 - Yesterday, WWE made their way to North Charleston, SC for SmackDown!, nXt, and Superstars. The opening non-televised match of the night was Chasyn Rance teaming with J.T. Talent taking on Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer. Chasyn started the match with Hawkins. The two went at it until Archer came in. Hawkins and Archer double teamed Chasyn a bit before Chasyn came back and made the tag to J.T. Talent. Talent came in with a few drop kicks but was cut off. Shortly there after, Archer hit his reverse DDT on Talent and Hawkins hit a top rope elbow drop on Talent to pick up the win.

Chasyn Rance Falls to Raymond Snow in a Non-Title Match
4.25.10 - Today, Pro Wrestling Warfare in conjunction with American Lucha Libre ran an afternoon event in Haines City. Chasyn, along with the "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko in his corner, took on Florida Unified Heavyweight Champion Raymond Snow in a non-title match, since Chasyn isn't allowed to challenge for the title until the 120 day period comes up from the last title defense. A very back and forth match almost ended when Chasyn hit Snow with a super kick. Snow managed to kick out, so Chasyn started to climb the ropes. Chasyn went for a cross body block but was caught by Snow and hit his finish, an STO. Snow picked up the win and is now getting ready for BELIEVE in 2 weeks to defend against Q.T. Marshall. As for Chasyn, he will just have to suck up this loss and move on.

Chasyn Rance Defeated D. Ramos in Debut in United Stated Championship Wrestling
4.25.10 - Last night, Chasyn Rance faced one of his students in his first match, D. Ramos. Ramos came to the ring with Carlos Rivera, they are known as the NuYorikanz (New Yorkers / Puerto Ricans). Ramos put up a great fight against Chasyn and appeared to almost have him beat after a pump handle power slam. Ramos went for the Ace Crusher, a move his cousin Homicide from TNA uses, but Chasyn pushed him off and rolled him up with an O'Connor Roll, grabbed the tights, and picked up the win. Carlos jumped in the ring after to protest and challenged Chasyn to a tag match. We'll see if that happens in the future at USCW.

Southern Stampede Results
4.18.10 - FIP crowned a new heavyweight champion last night after the final to competitors in the Southern Stampede fought in the main event. However, that was neither Chasyn nor T.J. Perkins. The two were eliminated one after the other and that set up the card for the night. This set up the BELIEVE rematch at FIP. With no Larry Zbyszko and Rich Young in his corner and the rest of the YRR are missing, it evened the playing feild. T.J. was able to again put Chasyn in his modified Sharp Shooter submission. The pressure goes on Chasyn's repaired ankle, the pressure was too much, and Chasyn tapped out pretty quickly. Said to have been an even better match than two weeks ago. FIP returns to the National Guard Armory on Saturday, June 26, 2010.

Chasyn Rance Competes for the FIP Heavyweight Championship this Saturday in Crystal River, FL
4.13.10 - Full Impact Pro returns to the National Guard Armory in Crystal River this Saturday, April 17, 2010. With their return, FIP will be crowning a new heavyweight champion after disputes with previous champion, Davey Richards. Chasyn will be participating in the Southern Stampede, which is a 12 man elimination match that will come down to two wrestlers. Those two wrestlers will face each other in the main event of the evening to determine the new FIP Heavyweight Champion and Chasyn plans on that being him.

Chasyn Rance Defeats T.J. Perkins - Rance & Rich Young vs. Sean Waltman & Zoe at Next BELIEVE
4.4.10 - Last night saw Larry Zbyszko recruit Rich Young (f.k.a. Ricky Ortiz) as a bodyguard for Chasyn Rance after Scott Hall banned Zbyszko from the last event. Young made his BELIEVE debut defeating Carlos Rivera and helped Chasyn defeat T.J. Perkins when Larry had the referee distracted. Later in the night, Chasyn challenged Zoe and Raymond Snow to a tag match against the new team. However, Hall is giving Q.T. Marshall a shot at Snow's title at the next event, so he called his good buddy and next month at I Believe in Wrestling, Chasyn Rance and Rich Young will take on Zoe and Sean "6-Pac" Waltman.


Saturday, April 3, 2010 - Orlando, FL
Saturday April 3, 2010
Downtown Recreation Center (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801








Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 694-3912
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance Returns from the Dominican Republic
3.29.10 - Chasyn returned to Florida today after 5 days in the Dominican. On Friday night, Chasyn took part in a number 1 contenders match for the DWE Lightweight Championship. All four went at it with Rance and Diablo working together a bit to get rid of their other competitors. Marquez fell out of the ring and out of the match after a super kick from Rance and a Chasyn Driver. Diablo and Rance tried to finish off Tormenta's arm which they started on early only to have Diablo accidently spear Chasyn through the ropes and take a T.K.O. from Tormenta. Tormenta pinned Diablo to pick up the win. Read the full results at:

Saturday's event in Fantino, Dominican Republic was cancelled last minute as their was no power in the city and would have been near impossible to run a quality television taping for the event.

Chasyn Rance to the Dominican Republic this Weekend
3.24.10 - Chasyn Rance will be heading to the Dominican Republic this weekend for events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Santo Domingo. Chasyn has been doing a lot better since his recent injury and is looking forward to heading to D.R. No opponents have been named yet for Chasyn but visit the Dominican Wrestling Entertainment website for other information.

Chasyn Injured - Out of Action 2 for Weeks
3.10.10 - Chasyn Rance has been sidelines with a pulled groin and dislocated hip. The injury occurred Monday night and Chasyn's hip was set back into place on Wednesday. Chasyn's walking around ok but has to take a few weeks off. He'll be missing the Vintage Wrestling King of the State tournament and the CCW charity event being held in Ocoee, FL the following weekend. Keep checking back for any additional information.

King of the State Tournament this Saturday in Sanford, FL
3.8.10 - This Saturday night, in Sanford, FL, Chasyn Rance will be competing in the first King of the State tournament for Vintage Wrestling. Chasyn made comments at the previous Vintage event regarding the tournament:

Chasyn will be taking on Nooie Lee in the first round and plans on beating him as well as his next two opponents in the tournament to reaffirm his claim to being King of the State. The event will be held at the Sanford Salvation Army Gym. The doors open at 7pm and the event starts at 7:30pm.

Zoe Pins Chasyn Rance at the I Believe in Wrestling Event
3.7.10 - Last night, I Believe in Wrestling returned to the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center where Chasyn Rance took on Zoe in a rematch from six months ago when Chasyn put Zoe out of action. In their return match, Zoe got the upper hand after reversing the Chasyn Driver and hitting him with a power bomb and her finisher, the F-Me. I Believe in Wrestling returns on Saturday, April 3, 2010.

Watch the match in its entirety at the following link:



Saturday, March 6, 2010 - Orlando, FL
Saturday March 6, 2010
Downtown Recreation Center (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801


Unified Florida Heavyweight Championship
RAYMOND SNOW (champion) vs. MISTER SAINT LAURENT (challenger)





Also Featuring: Scott Hall

Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 694-3912
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance Falls Short of Winning the Heavyweight Championship
3.1.10 - This past weekend, Chasyn Rance had a few matches in South Florida. On Saturday, he pinned new comer James Lane at a CCW event. The following night in the featured match, Chasyn Rance fell short of defeating J.T. Flash for the SECW South Florida Heavyweight Championship. Chasyn says he'll be back down there to beat Flash in a rematch.

The Celebreality Interview - Chasyn
2.26.10 - Chasyn Rance recently conducted an interview with For the interview, click here.

South Florida Appearances by Chasyn Rance this Saturday and Sunday
2.22.10 - Chasyn Rance will be in South Florida this weekend competing for Coastal Championship Wrestling and Southeastern Championship Wrestling sanctioned by Pro Wrestling International. Click on Schedule for more information.

Chasyn Rance to Participate in the King of the State
2.21.10 - Chasyn Rance made the announcement last night that he will be participating in the Wrestling Vintage King of the State tournament. Rance called out everyone from Nooie Lee to Bruce Santee that he is the best in the state and will prove it on Saturday, March 13, 2010 in Sanford, FL.

New Bench Press Record - 475 lb.
2.19.10 - Chasyn Rance broke his previous record of 455 lb. and Larry Zbyszko's old record of 465.5 lb. today at the gym with a bench press of 475 lb. Bruno Sammartino's old record is set at 565 lb. but Chasyn will almost 100% not be reaching that mark.

Chasyn Rance, Bobby Sanford, & Johnny Velvet defeat Johnny Vandal, Craig Classic, & Danny Embry
2.14.10 - Last night, Chasyn Rance was scheduled for a one-on-one bout with Bobby Sanford but was changed to a 6-man tag team match. The team of Chasyn Rance, Bobby Sanford, and Johnny Velvet defeated Johnny Vandal, Craig Classic, and Danny Embry when Rance pinned Vandal following the Chasyn Driver. CCW's next event will take place on Friday, February 27, 2010 in Dania Beach, FL.

TV Guide - February 8-14, 2010
2.8.10 - Pick up your copy of the TV Guide magazine today featuring Golden Globe and SAG Award winner Julianna Margulies of CBS hit The Good Wife. Also showcasing the opening night of the Winter Olympics, series premier of Survivor, and the season premier of the Tool Academy.



CCW Events - So Fla
2.8.10 - Chasyn Rance will be competing for Coastal Championship Wrestling this Thursday and Saturday, February 11 & 13, 2010.

Thursday's event will be taking place at the Hendry County Fair in Clewiston. The event is free with fair admission. Also appearing will WWE Legend the Warlord, the 6'10" Isis the Amazon, former WWE superstar Chaz, the CCW Tag Team Champions Soul Train, and at least fifteen more superstars.

Saturday, CCW will be in Davie at the Davie PAL Gymnasium right off the Turnpike. Chasyn Rance will be taking on Bobby Sanford. These two last fought on May 28, 2005 with Chasyn the victor.

Also, Scotty 2 Hotty will be defending the CCW Heavyweight Championship against Kahagas, Pablo Marquez defends the SEC Championships against the Blackhart w/ Abudadein, CCW Women's Champion Santana G. defends her title against Jessika Haze, a taped fist match, an intergender match, and TNA's Sally Boy takes on Shane McLane.

4300 SW 57 Ter
Davie, FL 33314

Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurent Defeat Raymond Snow and Zoe to Retain AWA World Tag Titles
2.7.10 - Last night in Downtown Orlando, Team Vision (Chasyn Rance & Mister Saint Laurent) w/ Larry Zbyszko defeated the Unified Florida Heavyweight Champion Raymond Snow and the returning Zoe when Mister pinned Snow after the MSL Driver. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center on Saturday March 6, 2010. Chasyn Rance vs. Zoe and Raymond Snow defends the Unified Florida Heavyweight Championship against Mister Saint Laurent.


Saturday, February 6, 2010 - Orlando, FL
Saturday February 6, 2010
Downtown Recreation Center (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801

AWA World Tag Team Championship
vs. Unified Florida Heavyweight Champion RAYMOND SNOW & ZOE



Also Featuring: Ray Beez, Q.T. Marshall, The James Boys, and many more!

Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 694-3912
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)



Tool Academy 3 - Meet The Cast! (credit:
As promised, below is your first look at the 10 significantly deficient significant others that will begin competing when Tool Academy 3 hits VH1 on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9/8c. Obviously, there are some women entering the tool fold this time of the two toolettes, one is part of a lesbian couple. So thats new! Take a peep, and as always, try to avoid drooling over the tools. click here

The Best of Chasyn Rance Volume 6 DVD Now Available

1.26.10 - The Best of Chasyn Rance Volume 6 in now available. It features matches from August, September, and October 2009 with 3 SCW Florida Heavyweight title defenses and Chasyn's 500th match from Bedford, England. For more information on the DVD and other Chasyn Rance merchandise, visit the Online Store.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Carlos Rivera
1.25.10 - This past Saturday, Chasyn Rance returned to compete on another CCW student event where he faced off against Central Florida's newcomer Carlos Rivera. This was their third bout against each other and in the end, Chasyn came up the victory for the third time. Rivera has a lot of fire in him and he will get even better. We'll see if he can ever beat Chasyn. CCW returns to Davie, FL on February 13, 2010. Chasyn will be squaring off with Bobby Sanford.

Team Vintage Defeats Team SCW
1.17.10 - Last night, Vintage Wrestling presented WrestleBrawl. Chasyn Rance competed in an 8-man tag team elimination match siding with Team SCW for his loyalty to former SCW owner/promoter Chris Carson whom first gave Chasyn a chance when he moved to Orlando 8 years ago. In perspective, it may have been the right side but on this night, it was not. Team Vintage won and Chris Carson lost his last claim to SCW. Vintage Wrestling returns to the Sanford Salvation Armory on February 20, 2010.


BELIEVE XIII - Snow vs. Rance II Results - Scott Hall New Matchmaker
1.10.10 - Last night's BELIEVE event started off with a huge announcement that Scott Hall (a.k.a. Razor Ramon) took over BELIEVE just like he's taken over WCW, WWE, and soon TNA. In the main event, Chasyn Rance received his rematch for the Unified Florida Heavyweight Championship against Raymond Snow. Snow tried to railroad Rance at any point but Rance kept using any trick he could to keep Snow down. It went back and forth and referee Josh Rich managed to get too close to the action and got knocked down. Snow had Chasyn pinned after the Cold Snap. With Josh Rich down, Chasyn's mentor and second at ringside, the Living Legend Larry Zbyszko made his way in the ring and hit Snow with one of the title belts. Chasyn started to make his way for the pin and as Josh was waking back up, comes ZOE to pull Chasyn off of Snow and hit Zbyszko and melee ensued. Snow hit Chasyn again with the Snow Plow as Referee Josh Rich recovered and made the 3-count.

After the match, Zoe challenged Rance and Zbyszko to a tag match at the next event. Zbyszko refused but Mister Saint Laurent came out to accept the challenge. Scott Hall came in to make it official and then mentioned taking the AWA World Tag Team Championship off of the mantle and defending them in the match. MSL accepted it as did Rance but walked away with Zbyszko sternly. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center on Saturday, February 6, 2010.


Saturday, January 9, 2010 - Orlando, FL
Saturday January 9, 2010
Downtown Recreation Center (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801

Unified Florida Heavyweight Championship
vs. CHASYN "Not Cocky" RANCE w/ LARRY ZBYSZKO (Challenger)

Falls Count Anywhere






Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 694-3912
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)

Chasyn Rance, Steve Corino, Pablo Marquez, and More Pulled from Puerto Rico Event
12.28.09 - Promoters of the UWW Breakout event pulled many of the wrestler for their event scheduled for Saturday, December 26, 2009. There was not enough money in the budget to take care of everyone's flight, payment, and expenses. Chasyn is sorry he was no able to be there and hopes the promoters plan better in the future.


BREAKOUT- 26 DE DICIEMBRE, Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico
El evento Breakout; Ultimate World Wrestling se celebrara este Sabado 26 de Diciembre, en el majestuoso Puerto Rico Convention Center (Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico) a las 7:00pm. En su regreso a Puerto Rico: Steve Corino, Tim Arson, Mr. Big & Blitz, el Rey Absoluto de Lucha Libre, Chicky Starr, desde Japon Tokyo Monster Kahagas, desde NWA ON FIRE 7 pies 2 pulgadas Giant Pharaoh y The Great Malaki, Otro Gigante de 7 pies 1 pulgada Colossus, desde la Florida Chasyn Rance y Pablo Marquez, el campeon mundial de DWE Republica Dominicana Rico Casanova, desde Puerto Rico Ravishing Richard, Stefano, Gigante Manson, Sammy Powers, Joe Louis, El Demonio Azteca Kangrena, Litle Ricky Rubio y otras grandes superestrellas. Los arbitros seran Angel"Paco" Nieves y el internacional Eliezer "Pikashu" Rosado. Informacion y boletos 787 225 7148

Te invita La Buya de Mix 107.7 de lunes a viernes de 6:30 am a 8:30 de la manana con Jesus Arroyo, Mickey Dominguez y Ricky Lopez

Manana miercoles estaran M.R. Big, Blits y Ravishing Richard en La Buya de Mix 107.7 a eso de las 7:30 de la manana.

Hit the Ropes Radio Show Tonight featuring Chasyn Rance
12.13.09 - Chasyn Rance will be joining Hit the Ropes Radio tonight, Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 6pm EST. Find out more at their Facebook fan page by clicking here or go straight to their radio page by clicking here.

Chasyn Rance vs. Gus Money Ends in Time Limit Draw
12.13.09 - Last night, Gus Money put the DCW Florida Junior Heavyweight Championship on the line against Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance. This is the first time these two have faced off and unfortunately, they wrestled to a 15 minute time limit draw. After the bell, Chasyn still gave Gus Money the Chasyn Driver and left him laying. Chasyn has asked for a rematch with a longer time limit. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Schedule Change for Puerto Rico Event
12.11.09 - The event originally schedule for Friday, December 18, 2009 has been postponed until Saturday, December 26, 2009. The new poster will be available soon.

Chasyn Rance Defeated "Krazy K" Kirby Mack at Pro Wrestling Uncensored
12.6.09 - Last night, Pro Wrestling Uncensored had their inaugural event in Orlando, FL. Chasyn Rance faced off against long time rival "Krazy K" Kirby Mack. The two went back and forth with the crowd solidly behind Kirby. Chasyn beat on Kirby for a while until Kirby made a comeback with some Krazy Kicks and a Back Cracker but wasn't able to put Chasyn away. After Chasyn used the referee to thwart off a springboard attempt by Kirby, Chasyn clocked him with an enziguiri. Chasyn followed it up with the Chasyn Driver and pinned Kirby to pick up the victory. Pro Wrestling Uncensored returns to the Orlando Fairground on Saturday, March 20, 2010.

December Dates Include Orlando, FL and San Juan, Puerto Rico
12.1.09 - Chasyn Rance will be wrestling for Dynamite Championship Wrestling on Saturday, December 12, 2009 in Orlando, FL. Chasyn's last appearance for Dynamite was a successful title defense against newcomer Carlos Rivera. On Friday, December 18, 2009, Chasyn will be making his way over to San Juan, Puerto Rico to wrestle for Ultimate World Wrestling. These events will take place at the Orlando Armory and the San Juan Hotel & Casino respectively. For more information, visit the Schedule section.

Updates and Schedule for December Coming Soon
11.27.09 - Check back within the week for an update on Chasyn's upcoming schedule. The Full Impact Pro December 12, 2009 event has been cancelled. Another event will be replacing that date and more events will be listed.

TNA's Jesse Neal Replaced Nooie Lee in his match with Chasyn Rance
11.8.09 - Last night, what Chasyn is calling a travesty of injustice, suffered a loss to TNA's Jesse Neal. As last night's event started, Chris Carson came out to address the fans on how this was SCW's night and let the fans know Nooie Lee supposedly suffered an injury and was unable to complete. Trying to announces Chasyn as the victory, Sean Solo made a surprise appearance and made the match of Rance vs. Neal. In the semi-main event on the evening, the two wrestlers squared off and in a battle of who can top that. Near the end, Neal was able to escape the Chasyn Driver and reverse the Sensational Spike into a Backlund Roll for a very close near fall. As Chasyn checked with the referee to make sure it was a 2-count, Rance ate a Spear by Neal which lead to the 1-2-3. Vintage Wrestling returns to the Sanford Salvation Army Gym on Saturday, January 16, 2009.





Thank You Morphoplex Massive & Qivana!
11.3.09 - Thee months later and Chasyn is up another 50 lb. Chasyn added Qivana to his diet and is feeling healthier than ever. Chasyn benched a total of 455 lb today still with the Bruno Sammartino workout.

For information on Morphoplex, Qivana, and/or the Bruno Workout, e-mail:

Click on the photo to the left to see it enlarged.

SCW Fallout Promoted by Vintage Wrestling - Saturday, November 7, 2009
11.1.09 - After Chasyn helped Team SCW with the victory on the last Vintage event, SCW has control over the November 7th event. Chasyn will be taking on the top rising cruiserweight in the state. These two have faced each other twice in singles competition. Once in the opening round of the YaPro Cup and another time in Nooie's FIP debut. Both times, Chasyn came up on the winning end. This match was request by Chasyn Rance just so he can still prove time and time again that he is the best wrestler in Florida especially to all the cruiserweights. Nooie won't be taking this match lightly so you never know. Third time could be the charm.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Lee Darren in England
11.1.09 - On Thursday, October 29, 2009, Chasyn Rance celebrated his 500th match with a win over Lee Darren in the main event of the Premier Promotions event held in Bedfordshire, England. This was a scheduled 8 round match with 2 falls, 2 submissions, or 1 knockout to secure the victory. In round 2, Chasyn reversed a few hold from Darren and scored a tight pin. In round 4, Darren was able to even out the score with a fall following a top rope leg drop. However, in the end it was a super kick that put Lee Darren down for his last fall. Chasyn Rance, your victor. The special guest referee for the evening was England legend, Steve Grey. Another star from England wrestled in the semi-main event as Robbie Brookside challenged for a title unsuccessfully. Premier returns to Bedfordshire in March. Talks of Chasyn returning are going on now and we'll keep you updated.

Chasyn Rance Returns to England for his 500th Match
10.26.09 - Chasyn Rance returns to England for Premier Promotions. In 2005, Rance competed for Premier and went undefeated in his four matches.

Florida Rumble 2009 Results
10.25.09 - Chasyn Rance came into Vintage last night as a competitor for the Rumble but came out as a member of Team SCW with Chris Carson. Although Chasyn didn't win the Florida Rumble, he did secure SCW's spot to be in control of the next event in just two week, November 7, 2009.

Raymond Snow Defeats Chasyn Rance to Become the New SCW Florida Heavyweight Champion
10.18.09 - Last night, Chasyn Rance seconded by the "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko put up his SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship against Raymond Snow. Rance was supposedly not the only champion as Snow put up his people's title called the Hamma Fist Championship. Snow was seeking revenge after Chasyn put Zoe out of action at the last BELIEVE event. Snow tried to get Chasyn but with Chasyn's speed and skill was able to take over on Snow for a bit. Every time Chasyn put Snow down, Snow would keep coming back. Lots of hard shots were exchanged and Larry got involved as well. In the end, Larry distracted referee Josh Rich and attempted to toss Chasyn a roll of dimes. However, Snow caught the dimes and laid Chasyn out with them. Snow went for the cover as the referee turned around and scored the pinfall to become the new SCW Florida Heavyweight Champion. This of course caused Larry and Chasyn to protest and they will be looking to get that belt back around Chasyn's waist. In an interesting note, this is the first title Chasyn has been beaten for in over 5 years. I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center on January 9, 2010. Check back for further updates as the event gets closer.


Saturday, October 17, 2009 - Orlando, FL
Saturday October 17, 2009
Downtown Recreation Center (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801

Unification Match - SCW Florida Heavyweight & Hamma Fist Championship
CHASYN "Not Cocky" RANCE (SCW Florida Heavyweight Champion)
vs. RAYMOND SNOW (Hamma Fist Champion)




Also Featuring: T.J. Perkins, Gus Money, Lou Cypher, The James Boys, Carlos Rivera, and many more!

Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 694-3912
or visit

(Card Subject to Change)

Florida Wrestling Radio 10/12 - Chasyn Rance
10.12.09 - Chasyn Rance will be on tonight at 8pm!

Taken from - by Mister Saint Laurent

i've decided to grant snow's request.

i gave this a lot of thought before finally making up my mind.

chasyn is not the only champion heading into the big title match this saturday.

snow holds a title as well. the hamma fist title. the people's title.

and while the people don't appear to be behind chasyn rance anymore, they've certainly still supported I BELIEVE IN WRESTLING.

i promised everyone i would never create a BELIEVE title and add to the confusion fans face when trying to figure out who the champion is here in florida.

i've kept that promise and always will because the bond i feel with you guys is the only reason i still do this.

and so, even though chasyn was adamantly against it. felt he was above up an old beaten up "belt of the people". etc etc etc

snow's request is granted.


official unification bout.

to many of you this may not mean much, but to some of you it means everything, including snow.

perhaps this is just the first of what will eventually be many unification matches.

see everyone on saturday.


Chasyn Rance Defeats Carlos Rivera at D1PW 3 Year Anniversary Event
10.11.09 - Last night, D1PW celebrated their 3 year anniversary. Chasyn Rance appeared on the very first D1PW event and haven't been back until last night. Rance took on Carlos Rivera in a competitive match. A super kick meant lights out for Rivera and gave Chasyn the win. This was Chasyn's 497th match as he is making his way to that milestone 500th match. Chasyn's next 3 matches will be: #498 BELIEVE in Orlando, FL; #499 Vintage in Sanford, FL; and #500 Premier in Bedfordshire, England.

"North Florida on the Map" Radio Show Tonight & Update to Florida Wrestling Radio
10.8.09 - Chasyn Rance will be on the North Florida on the Map radio show. It is broadcasted on local North Florida radio stations as well as on the Internet at:

Chasyn Rance was unable to appear on the Florida Wrestling Radio as advertised. Chasyn teaches classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. He was unable to step away from the ring. However, he will be appearing on the show next Monday night at 8pm.

Taken from - Florida Wrestling Radio 10/5 - Chasyn Rance
10.5.09 - Join Billy Wood and Mr. Wrestling 19 and a possible cameo from Sean Solo tonight for another edition of Florida Wrestling Radio. Our guests tonight will be none other than Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance, who will be on to discuss the upcoming BELIEVE show on October 17th and his appearance at the Florida Rumble on October 24th. Our other guest tonight will be "The Prodigy" Mike Cruz. This will be Cruz's first time on Florida Wrestling Radio. Tonight, the next six participants in the Florida Rumble will be announced, and we will discuss the KK Ramone situation. We want your questions and comments, so do not hesitate to call. The number to dial is 914-338-1904. Oh yeah, and I will share my thoughts on the "email read around the world" for the first time. It all starts at 8PM tonight!

Chris Jones Defeated Chasyn Rance to Qualify for the Jeff Peterson Cup
10.4.09 - Last night, Chasyn Rance and Chris Jones squared off for their rubber match in FIP. After Sal Rinauro failed to qualify for the Peterson Cup, it was Chasyn's turn. Chasyn had control most of the time during the match but after a failed attempt at the Sensational Spike and a missed super kick, Jones hit Rance with a standing Shiranui and followed it up by a top rope moonsault. Chasyn tried to kick out but didn't make it before the 3-count. Chasyn and Sal will still be part of the Jeff Peterson Cup as they were informed later that night they will participate in a special tag team gauntlet match. The Peterson Cup takes place on November 20 & 21, 2009.

Taken from: FIP Headlines 9.24.09 - JPC Qualifying Matches Announced
9.24.09 - MSL looks to make waves at Fallout 2009

When the announcement of FIPs involvement with the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup this year was made; Mister Saint Laurent immediately was on the phone petitioning to have The YRR represented in the 16 man field.

The JPC brings 16 of the best young athletes in the country down to Florida to compete; well no one deserves a spot in the Peterson Cup more than Sal Rinauro and Chasyn Rance do. The YRR has been a force in FIP for years, and we deserve to be represented in this tournament.

Fortunately for MSL and The YRR, FIP/Peterson Cup officials agreesort of.

Thanks to some heavy politicking by MSL, at Fallout 2009 The YRR will get a chance to EARN a trip to the field of 16 for this years JPC by winning qualifying matches into this years tournament which takes place on November 20/21st, 2009.

In qualifying match #1 Chasyn Rance of the YRR will face former FIP Florida Heritage Champion Chris Jones in a rematch from FIPs Unstoppable 2008 event.

In qualifying match #2 Sal Rinauro will face off against TJ Perkins.

Chasyn Rance Defeats Johnny Velvet & Shane McLane
9.21.09 - This past Saturday, CCW made its way to Davie, FL. Chasyn Rance competed in a three-way match with Johnny Velvet and Shane McLane. In a match that was nonstop from the beginning, Chasyn's speed sent McLane packing and the Chasyn Driver put Velvet down for the three-count. Chasyn was victorious in his 495th match. He'll be closing in on that 500th match soon.

Chasyn Rance Returned to Dynamite Championship Wrestling
8.30.09 - Last night, Chasyn Rance made his long awaited return to Dynamite Championship Wrestling. Rance was schedule to defend the SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship against the Angel of Darkness. However, the Angel of Darkness never showed up and was replaced by Carlos Rivera. Rance has stated before that he'd always been obliged to defend his title because if anyone can beat him, they deserve to be champion. Even if it's their first match, like this was for Rivera. This was a big test for Carlos Rivera and did very well for himself. However, he ate a super kick that put him out and was finished off with the Sensational Spike. Your winner and still SCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance!

Chasyn Rance Retains Against Zoe - Larry Zbyszko Makes a Statement - Snow New Challenger
8.16.09 - The fans made the main event last night as they voted Zoe to challenge Chasyn for the SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship. Chasyn seemed to have the match under control most of the time, but Zoe kept coming back. She rocked Chasyn a bit and almost beat him with a Samoan drop. Larry Zbyszko showed and aided in Chasyn's eventual win. Chasyn hit the Chasyn Driver on Zoe but didn't go for the pin. He lifted her up and gave her the Sensational Spike before pinning her.

Chasyn introduced his mentor, the "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko was full of laughs and stated, "Anybody associated with me winds up a future living legend!" The two laugh over Zoe's fallen body as Raymond Snow checks on her. Snow challenged Chasyn for the next BELIEVE event, and Chasyn gladly accepted saying his fate would be the same as Zoe's.

I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center Saturday, October 17, 2009.


Saturday, August 15, 2009 - Orlando, FL
Saturday August 15, 2009
Downtown Recreation Center (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801

SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship
CHASYN "Not Cocky" RANCE (Champion) vs. ZOE (Challenger)





Also Featuring: Ray Beez, Lou Cypher, Josh Rayne, Simon Sez, and many more!

Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 694-3912
or visit

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2009 PWI 500 - Chasyn Rance Ranked #378
8.9.09 - Up 24 spots from last years rankings, Chasyn comes in at #378 of the PWI 500 for 2009. Topping the list is Triple H. Mentor, Larry Zbyszko, is also ranked on the list this year. This is Chasyn's 7th consecutive rankings on the list. The magazine goes on sale August 18, 2009.

The YRR Defeat the Dark City Fight Club in a Street Fight in FIP
8.2.09 - The YRR confused many people when they demanded a street fight against the DCFC. Last night, Mister Saint Laurent, the advisor of the YRR, came out to introduce the new body guard for the YRR, Zoe. Appearing to be their master plan, Zoe and MSL didn't do much during the street fight. Chasyn and Sal didn't do much either as all they did we avoid the onslaught of Davis and Chavis. Eventually, Dark City grabbed a hold of the two but their real plan was shown as the Shane Twins, along with Ron Niemi and Rain, beat the hell out of the DCFC. One of the Shanes pulled Rinauro over for the cover and your winners the YRR! FIP returns to Crystal River on October 3, 2009.


Thank You Morphoplex Massive!
8.1.09 - Chasyn has been taking Morphoplex for quite a bit now off and on. Now, at Larry's suggestion, he has doubled up on his Morphoplex and just today, did a feat he could have never done before.

With the Bruno Sammartino workout, Chasyn bench pressed 405 lb. That's more than double his body weight. Chasyn owes it all to eating right, world championship advice, and Morphoplex Massive!

For more information on Morphoplex, visit their website at:

Chasyn now off for his street fight as he and his fellow YRR partner, Sal Rinauro, will take on the Dark City Fight Club, Jon Davis and Kory Chavis, tonight in Crystal River, FL. For more information, visit:

Taken from: FIP Headlines 7.23.09 - YRR Demands Special Stipulations
7.23.09 - Apparently Mister St. Laurent and the YRR have a bigger problem with the Dark City Fight Club than we had originally been led to believe. Word inside the FIP offices this week has been a series of demanding phone calls from MSL and the YRR attorneys demanding that the match between The YRR and DCFC be held under no DQ Street Fight Rules.

Kory Chavis and Jon Davis have been running around here for months talking about people ducking them, and who they were going to send to the hospital, and quite frankly, were sick and tired of hearing it. Its time somebody shut these 2 guys up once and for all, and Sal Rinauro and Chasyn Rance are going to do just that, and people see what happens to guys like Kory Chavis who stick their noses in where it doesnt belong. Chavis and his pal are gonna pay for getting in the way of my business with Kenny King.

When the quotes/demands from The YRR were delivered to Jon Davis, FIP officials were unsure exactly what to expect in reply. Davis snarled, Street Fight?? What do you two prima donnas know about fighting in the streets? You want to see what its like to settle $h!t in the streets?? You got it, but dont blame us when its over!

Chasyn Rance, Raymond Snow, & Zoe Defeat HBX & Kentucky Jordan - Zoe Voted #1 Contender
6.28.09 - In the main event of BELIEVE X last night, the team of Chasyn Rance, Raymond Snow, & Zoe defeated the Heartbreak Express and Kentucky Jordan in a crazy, wild, bloody match after Zoe pinned Sean Davis following an X-Factor onto a steel chair. A vote was done at the end of the event to let the fans pick Chasyn's next mandatory challenger. It was announced at Ker's Wing House that Zoe had won the vote and will now be facing Chasyn Rance in the main event on Saturday, August 15, 2009 at the Downtown Orlando Recreation Center.


Saturday, June 27, 2009 - Orlando, FL
Saturday June 27, 2009
Downtown Recreation Center (Next to the Amway Arena)
649 W. Livingston St.
Orlando, FL 32801


"The Living Legend" LARRY ZBYSZKO vs. RAY BEEZ


NOOIE LEE vs. "Sensational" SCOTT DAVIS




Admission: $10, Children 10 and Under FREE
For more information, call (407) 694-3912
or visit

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Taken from: FIP Headlines 6.25.09 - YRR Issues a BIG Challenge
6.25.09 - Things have not been going too well for the YRR of late, but apparently MSL has a plan to remedy that. Yeah the last few months have seen some upheaval within the YRR, but out of the Chaos comes clarity, and my goal for the YRR has never been clearer, get the YRR back to the top here in FIP, and the best way to do that? Why thats simple, you walk up to the biggest baddest guy on the block and you smack him right in the teeth.

Last month in Crystal River Kory Chavis got involved in a matter that was of no concern to him when he stepped in to team with Kenny King against the YRRSo Kory Chavis, you and your partner Jon Davis are about to get your comeuppance. Chasyn Rance and Sal Rinauro are going to walk up to you two goofs, and smack you right in the teeth, and theres nothing you can do about it.

Kory Chavis responded, Chasyn Rance and Sal Rinauro are going to do WHAT??? There gonna smack WHO in the teeth??? I sincerely hope for your sakes that Saint Laurent has made certain you are current on your health insurance, because that guys mouth just guaranteed you a trip to the hospital on August 1st boys.

10 Year Anniversary
6.25.09 - Today marks 10 years since Chasyn's first match where he donned the El Lobo mask. If you're in the Central Florida area, make sure to check out the BELIEVE event this Saturday to see 10+ years in the making.

Chasyn Rance & J.P. Ace Defeat Simply Irresistible (Kentucky Jordan & Q.T. Marshall)
6.20.09 - Last night in Zephyrhills, FL, Chasyn Rance pinned Q.T. Marshall after a Misawa type enziguiri to pick up the win for their team. For more information, visit

Florida Independent Rankings
6.15.09 - has their voting threads open to rank the top heavyweight, cruiserweight, and tag team wrestlers in the Florida. Visit

Kenny King & Kory Chavis Defeat Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinauro
6.7.09 - Last night, Kory Chavis stepped up to team with former YRR member, Kenny King, to take on his recently defunct partners in Chasyn Rance and Sal Rinauro accompanied by their advisor, Mister Saint Laurent. In a match that involved lots of wrestling as well as brawling it was King picking up the win after hitting Rance with the Coronation. FIP returns to Crystal River, FL on August 1, 2009.

Taken from: FIP Headlines 6.2.09 - MSL pulls power play for this Saturday!
6.2.09 - FIP officials were just informed this morning by the attorneys of the YRR that Jason Blades contract was still technically controlled by the YRR and that Mr. Saint Laurent, the YRRs enigmatic senior advisor, has pulled him from this weekends FIP event. When contacted in an effort to remedy the situation MSL gave the following statement: Mr. Blade failed to terminate our legal representation in a timely manner and now has to live with the consequences. I will have him tied up in legal proceedings & out of FIP for a very long time! It seems that Kenny King will not have his longtime championship partner at his side to battle former stable mates Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinauro. When informed about the situation King said If I was those three chumps I wouldnt want to face Jason & myself either. Its all good though. I of all people know how they operate. Hell, I already beat them in a handicap match & Ill do it again if I have too!


Best of Chasyn Rance Vol. 4 Now Available
The Best of Chasyn Rance Volume 4 is now available to order. This is a collection of Chasyn's best matches from September 2008 to January 2009. The matches on the DVD consist of Chasyn and Mister Saint Laurent defending the AWA World Tag Team Championship against the Heartbreak Express in a tables match and Bumz 'R Us. Chasyn and So Cal Val appearing on the last SCW event. Chasyn teaming with Pablo Marquez to take on the New Heavenly Bodies. Chasyn also faced former WWE superstar Orlando Jordan in an SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship defense with So Cal Val in Rance's corner and Creamsicle in Jordan's corner. And last but not least, the AWA World 6-Man Tag Team Championship is decided between the teams of Chasyn Rance, the Living Legend Larry Zbyszko, and Seth Springer as they take on the Heartbreak Express and Nick Fame. The DVD is available to order online. Just visit the Store section of this website. The DVD is also available at most wrestling events that Chasyn Rance will be appearing on. Check on the Schedule section of this website to see all upcoming events the Chasyn "Not Cocky" Rance will be appearing on.


Chasyn Rance Defeats his Student, Zoe
5.31.09 - Last night at Vintage Wrestling in a special Teacher vs. Student Match, Chasyn Rance took on Zoe. In a match that started off turned into brawling which turned into Chasyn almost knocking Zoe out. Zoe was able to kick out of a pin after an enziguiri and avoided the Chasyn Driver, but Chasyn out wrestled her in the end and picked up the win. Vintage Wrestling returns to the Sanford Salvation Army Gym on July 11, 2009.

Team Biff Defeats Team Scott - Chasyn Rance Surprise Last Partner
5.30.09 - Last night, Da Biff and Leon Scott had a 5-on-5 war games style match set up at Pro Wrestling Eklipse. The two were going back and forth on picking team partners only to have the last ones as a surprise. Chasyn Rance was the last entrant on Da Biff's team that also consisted of J.P. Ace, Luis Matos, and Bobby Fonta. On Leon Scott's side, along with himself he had Simon Sez, QT Marshall, Mike Cruz, and his surprise partner, Nick Fame. Bobby Fonta and Mike Cruz started it off for five minutes before another participant came in every minute. One after another everyone entered and they fought all over the building. Once Chasyn came in as the 10 participant, pins and submissions became legal. At one point, Biff launched Cruz over the top rope onto almost everyone else. As the wrestlers started to recover, everyone was trying to get the win. Chasyn hit Simon Sez with a super kick but before he could make the pin, Nick Fame tossed Chasyn over the top rope. Seconds later, Fame walked right into Da Biff who finished him off with a T-Bone suplex and made the pin. Chasyn, Biff, Ace, Matos, and Fonta celebrated in the ring.

This Weekend's Events in Zephyrhills and Sanford, FL
5.27.09 - On Friday night, May 29, Chasyn will be stepping back into the Pro Wrestling Eklipse ring at Jo Bob's Elite Fight Club located at 4797 Allen Rd, Zephyrhills, FL 33547. On Saturday night, May 30, Chasyn will be wrestling in Sanford, FL (just north of Orlando) at the Vintage Gold Lust. The event takes place at the Sanford Salvation Army Gym, 700 W 24th St, Sanford, FL 32771.

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