#476 - 2019
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 175, 20, 485) Florida-based wrestler and trainer defeated Chico Adams for the SCW (Florida) championship in August 2018 ... Won the 2018 BELIEVE Orlando Cup tournament, topping Aaron Epic in the finals ... Went undefeated in singles competition throughout the evaluation period with a 33-0-2 record ... Key moves are the Chasyn Driver, superkick, and suigar hold.
#1 - Seth Rollins

#485 - 2018
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 175, 19, 374) Head trainer of the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando ... Prevailed over Aaron Epic in a bloody bout to win the RIOT cruiserweight title for the third time ... Made his NJPW debut at New Japan's Daytona event ... Won the vacant Champ7 tag team titles with Faris Hakeem ... Had singles wins over Adam Rose, Craig Classic, Colby Corino, and Mr. 450.
#1 - Kenny Omega

#374 - 2017
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 175, 18, 356) Florida-based cruiserweight is the head trainer of the Team Vision Dojo and I Believe in Wrestling School ... Scored singles wins over C.J. O'Doyle, Chris Silvio, and Maxx Stardom this year ... Wrestled several intergender bouts against his students, including Amber Nova and Salina de la Renta ... Finisher is the Chasyn Driver seesaw piledriver.
#1 - Kazuchika Okada

#356 - 2016
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 173, 17, 330) Florida veteran is the head trainer at the Team Vision Dojo ... Defeated Jody Kristofferson for the Orlando Pro Wrestling heavyweight title despite suffering a torn MCL ... Also held the RIOT Pro Wrestling cruiserweight title ... Should probably stay away from Intergender matches, having lost bouts to Santana Garrett, Angel Rose, and Nova Girl.
#1 - Roman Reigns

#330 - 2015
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 175, 16, 378) Held the FIP Florida Heritage title from May 2014 to February 2015 ... Won the BELIEVE Couples Cup Tournament with partner Santana Garrett ... Defeated Trevor Lee in EVOLVE ... Wrestles for Ring Warriors as the masked El Heroe Byronico ... Trainer at the Team Vision Dojo ... Finisher is the Chasyn Driver piledriver between the ropes.
#1 - Seth Rollins

#378 - 2014
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 167, 15, 399) Florida-based veteran captured the RIOT Pro Wrestling cruiserweight title, the Southern Championship Wrestling cruiserweight title (twice), the Belleview Pro Wrestling tag titles with Santana "Brittany" Garrett, and the Full Impact Pro Florida Heritage title during the evaluation period ... Also won the 2014 Florida J Cup ... Had a lengthy feud with Jesse Neal this year.
#1 - Daniel Bryan

#399 - 2013
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 173, 14, NL) Rance may be cocky and controversial, but he has a way of winning championships ... Won the SCW cruiserweight title from Lince Dorado in July 2012 ... Was awarded the USCW cruiserweight title in January ... Held the USWA junior heavyweight championship from September through April, when he was forced to vacate the belt because of a scheduling conflict ... Lost a hair-vs.-hair match to Jesse Neal.
#1 - John Cena

#373 - 2010
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 189, 11, 378) "The Independent Sensation" has won several championships over the past year, but his highest profile gig was as a contestant on VH-1's Tool Academy ... Quit the show in the first episode of season three ... The man who calls himself "Not Cocky" despite all evidence to the contrary, currently holds the AWA tag team title with Mister Saint Laurent ... Won the DCW junior heavyweight title in May in a three-way with Gus Money and Cameron Matthews ... Protégé and tag team partner of Larry Zbyszko ... Florida mainstay has also competed in ROH ... Finishers are the Sensational Spike and the Chasyn Driver.
#1 - A.J. Styles

#378 - 2009
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 189, 10, 402) "Not Cocky" spent much of the past year defending the AWA tag belts with Mister Saint Laurent ... Teamed with Larry Zbyszko and Seth Springer to become AWA six-man tag champs ... Beat Aaron Epic for the SCW Florida heavyweight title and Southern light heavyweight titles, despite competing with a broken toe ... Wrestled in both ROH and FIP and feuded with Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens ... So Cal Val frequently serves as valet.
#1 - Triple H

#402 - 2008
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 181, 9, 465) With Mister St. Laurent, defeated Team Macktion to win the AWA tag team championship ... Still the defending AWA Southern light heavyweight champion ... Known for his Chasyn driver maneuver ... Had his ankle broken by Erick Stevens, but rehabbed quickly and returned to the ring ... Part of the 2007 "Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup," defeating Chi Chi Cruz and Adam Flash before losing in the semifinals to Matt Cross ... Currently feuding with the Briscoes and Delirious.
#1 - Randy Orton

#465 - 2007
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 187, 8, 450) Formed a group with Steve Madison as the YRR (Young, Rich, & Ready for Action) in Florida's FIP ... Recruited others such as Kenny King and Sal Rinauro and ran through FIP's roster, taking wins over Sean Waltman, Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, and Colt Cabana ... Competed for TNA, facing stars such as Monty Brown and LAX this past year ... Participated in the first YaPro  Cup, defeating Nooie Lee and Jerrelle Clark before falling in the finals to Erick Stevens ... Captured the AWA World-1, CQPW championships and reclaimed the Sunray cruiserweight title this past year.
#1 - John Cena

#450 - 2006
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 185, 7, 330) Florida standout has been competing not just in the American independents, but abroad in the U.K. as well ... Popped up in TNA's X-Division, losing a three-way dance to Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal ... Accompanied to the ring by the lovely So Cal Val ... Injured at the hands of Low-Ki and Homicide, he spent three weeks on the sidelines ... Spent a good portion of the last year feuding with Larry Zbyszko ... A regular with Full Impact Pro, he's been chasing tag team gold there with Seth Delay ... His signature maneuver is known as the "Sensational Spike."
#1 - John Cena

#330 - 2005
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 182, 6, 392) Rance spent all of last summer competing in Stampede Wrestling alongside the ever-controversial Teddy Hart ... Bills himself as the last student of the Hart Foundation and the last person to win a shoot fight at the famous Hart family Dungeon before the house was sold ... Beat Ashe Samuels in the first wrestling match to be held inside an eight-sided ring in Calgary ... Currently holds a half-dozen singles championships and competes from New Jersey to Florida and throughout the Midwest ... Signature move is the sensation spike, a variation of the emerald erosion and his incredible Chasyn driver (a piledriver through the ropes) ... Occasionally accompanied by "So Cal Val" Valerie Wyndham.
#1 - Dave Batista

#392 - 2004
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 171, 5, 464) The "Independent Sensation" unified six junior heavyweight championships in Florida this year ... Formed The Straight Edge Army with C.M. Punk and Nosawa in MLW and feuded with Raven and his not-so-straight edge faction ... Usually uses the emerald frosien as a finishing move ... Suffered a nasty gash in his head that required 11 staples, but was back in the ring three days later ... Managed by Mr. Saint Laurent.
#1 - Chris Benoit

#464 - 2003
CHASYN RANCE (5'6", 171, 4, NL) Defeated Kid Lethal for the Southern Championship Wrestling cruiserweight title ... Won a battle royal to earn a shot at Future Stars of Pro Wrestling champion Bonez the Cutthroats, but lost the title match ... His nickname, "The Independent Sensation," is appropriate because he has appeared in a tremendous number of Florida promotions, wrestling 100 matches during the past year ... The Warlord, Naphtali, David Babylon, Bruno Sassi, and Kahagas were among his foes ... Previously known as The DTW Ninja, The Kempo Kid, and El Lobo.
#1 - Brock Lesnar